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The song game.

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by snowboarder, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Diamonds are a Girl's Best friend - from Gentlmen Prefer Blondes
  2. You're my best friend- Queen
  3. Best of my love - the Eagles
  4. My Love is Your Love - Whitney Houston
  5. Love is Blindness- U2
  6. Love is All You Need - Beatles
  7. You mean- All you need is love
    Need your love so bad-Fleetwood Mac
  8. Love to Love You Baby - Donna Summer
  9. Baby, You're a Rich Man - The Beatles
  10. I'm a man- Traffic
  11. I'm a loser - Beatles
  12. I'm a little teapot (3 year-olds)
  13. Crazy Little Thing called Love - Queen
  14. I think you missed a page, Paloma
    I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen
  15. Rocket Man - Elton John
  16. Man on the Moon -- R.E.M
  17. Wera6

    Wera6 New commenter

    Moon River - Sinatra
  18. Me, Myself, I - Joan Armatrading
  19. All by Myself - Eric Carmen
  20. All Night Long - Lionel Richie

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