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The Shirt Machine

Discussion in 'Primary' started by greenpaddy, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    I have an observation on Tuesday and am doing the first lesson in the shirt machine. I was just thinking before we watch the video of showing a picture of the door of the shed with the signs on it, discussing in partners what they think might be in the shed and why they think this (5mins) ! Then watch the video twice, as they never can get it all in the first viewing (10 mins). After the video role play how they might explore the shed and the machine, look for facial expressions and body gestures (10 mins). Then in pairs brainstorming the ledger - what might be inside it, how does the shirt maker feel about the ledger etc. (15 mins)
    Plenary Share notes and ideas as a class, create a class brainstorm (10 mins).
    If you have done the shirt machine before, I would appreciate some comments on my ideas. Many thanks.
  2. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Curriculum subject?
    Learning intention/objective?
    (This may be obvious to some, but I am not at all familiar with The Shirt Machine.
    Personally I wouldn't do something for an observation that requires the children to sit passively watching something for 10 mins, but that may just be me.
  3. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    It is the explanation texts literacy year 4 and Shirt Machine is one of the suggested routes within the Literacy Strategy.
  4. I've used the shirt machine, and it did work well, but I'd agree with the comment about not spending 10 min of an observed lesson watching a video. I can't now remember the details of how I used it, but I don't think we watched the whole video to start with, just the first bit, which built up their anticipation for the rest later in the week. Think I got them to close their eyes and imagine holding the ledger - what did it feel like, look like, smell like etc - some good language came out of that. Good luck anyway!
  5. Oops - meant to say too: what is your learning objective for the lesson?
  6. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    <font face="Times New Roman">Learning Objective: To be able to recognise the structure and language features of an explanation in oral explanations.</font>
  7. Sorry, but I don't think your LO fits with the lesson outline you've given.
  8. Then I would say your lesson ideas don't fit at all. How will they achieve that objective if they aren't identifying language features in an explanation?
    JSY x

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