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The Secret Garden - Y5 older lit

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Pinklady82, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Pinklady82

    Pinklady82 New commenter

  2. There are basic plans for The Secret Garden in Scholastic 100 Literacy Hours.

    We did Treasure Island.
  3. MzB


    I really struggled with this to be honest and so did class! Ended up using the ladybird version and showed the film.




    These are some of the websites I used. May have some other stuff. Also used a book by Hopscotch titled Literacy for low achievers in yr 6. Some handy stuff in there.

    Im moe of a Black Beauty Person!!!!

  4. Pinklady82

    Pinklady82 New commenter

    Thanks so much! It is a tough little unit to get your head round huh?!

    I quite like book itself and want the chn to watch the film also, I'm just wondering how I will get them to write another chapter etc in to the story...

    I though of Black Beauty but I'm not really a fan of animal books..

    hmmm.. the thinking and planning continues! x
  5. I have some literacy planning for Treasure Island if that helps - we did 3 weeks on it and it went down really well with the children. Culminated in a pirate day!
    mail me if you want it! Won't be offended if not your thing!!
  6. Pinklady82

    Pinklady82 New commenter

    Oh that would have been excellent but we've just started The Secret Garden! - argghhhh.. I'll email you x
  7. hull_lass

    hull_lass New commenter


    Im in the middle of plannig this for Y6 - creative curriculum linked to all subject areas (can't wait!).

    I've been to the websites, but not impressed! Does anyone want to share plans/ideas (I can differentiate using Y5 ideas!). Im going to have a medium term plan by this weekend, and short term planning before the end of term.

    Can anyone help? It seems a shame for us all to be struggling. My email is jgreen21@rbksch.org if you're interested in joining me!
  8. Did you get any plans for the Older Lit unit using The secret garden? Am trying to work it out for next week and am confused on objectives, etc. Plus am being observed on Wednesday. Help!
  9. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  10. I'm just starting The Secret Garden and having the same problems. Does any one have any plans for it?
    Many Thanks Karen

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