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The Second World War

Discussion in 'Primary' started by coopervj, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. coopervj

    coopervj New commenter

    I am struggling for ideas for a 20 minute task to do based on the war with a year 4/5 class. I have access to a few pieces of wartime memorabilia. Any ideas would be appreciated? Thanks x
  2. RGJM2012

    RGJM2012 New commenter

    Rose Blanche is a short text from a German child’s perspective. You could read an extract from that up until rose finds the children being held captive and then get them to write a descriptive piece based on the picture from that page of the children stood in their striped clothes with the star emblazoned on them.
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  3. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Start with what you want them to learn.
  4. TheSedgetable

    TheSedgetable New commenter

    If you have enough memorabilia for each table, you could have them as a table to try to draw and deduce some facts behind them. I did this during my PGCE year and it engages the children in the period of history but also interested in the facts behind their items. If you have the resources you could give them some time to deduce then research time on an iPad/computer too! If the lesson allows time to present back this is interesting too, allowing the children to learn about all of them, but there isn’t always time for this in short history lessons!

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