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The Scottish Education System - what's wrong with it ???

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by gnulinux, May 17, 2015.

  1. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Occasional commenter

    You voted SNP. Now enjoy .....
  2. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

  3. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Established commenter

    What's wrong with it?
    Curriculum for Excellence, that's what.
    Or, as someone said elsewhere, maybe part of a bigger societal problem where parents merely look upon schooling as a babysitting service.
    Remember there's an awful lot of people out there who blame us for their own weans being lazy and thick (but confident, remember!).
  4. Marco82

    Marco82 Established commenter

    From the minute he was appointed Swinney has sought to deflect criticism by saying he is only just in the job and needs time to make a difference. This is the standard, lame excuse by bankrupt politicians and ignores the inconvenient fact that his government has been in charge for years now. He has to be held to account for his party's past and present failures and should not be allowed off the hook by pleading that he is the new kid on the block. It is surprising, though, that the EIS has sought to put such a gloss on these figures.
  5. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

  6. Effinbankers

    Effinbankers Lead commenter

    Can't believe Carole Ford gets dragged out as a voice of reason

    She was president of the heedies union. Don't recall her moaning too much about CFE when she was picking up her 80k

    And a failed Lib Dem candidate (lost her deposit)
  7. Marco82

    Marco82 Established commenter

    What has that got to do with the facts s revealed yesterday or our own daily experience of education? Your devotion to the nationalist cause is blinding you to reality.
  8. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    Hear hear!!!
  9. Marco82

    Marco82 Established commenter

    Higher German reading exam contained two glaring mistakes in the translation part worth ten marks. In the grand scheme of things not the end of the world but an indication of the way standards at teh SQA have fallen and continue to fall. No serious organisation would tolerate such amateurishness.
  10. brothermunro

    brothermunro Occasional commenter

    As a flight of fancy I once wondered if I could swap from N5 to GCSE. I found what I needed (the equivalent of the course and unit support notes) on the AQA website very easily. In fact all the information I needed to run the course was in a single PDF! SQA are a joke. One in bad taste. (And no I don't work for them so I can criticise them as much as I like)
  11. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    The SQA are essentially unaccountable and they know it. If you criticise them they will just batten down the hatches. If you, as a teacher, try the Public Petitions route v the SQA they will ultimately be protected from proper scrutiny by the likes of Salmond. Even LA's, who pay for the SQA's 'services', appear not to have the right to criticise them.

    Mistakes in exam papers and the marking schemes are all too common across a range of subjects and levels. The sad fact is that it is teachers (employed by the SQA) who have made these mistakes.
  12. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    An SQA spokesman said: "The National 5 computing science exam paper met our course and assessment specifications and allowed candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. The anecdotal feedback we have received from teachers and candidates has been positive."

    Do you believe any of that???
  13. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    And now severe teacher shortages in Aberdeen - which is currently like a ghost town! Nice new bridge over the Don though - just 30 years too late and currently er pointless.

    Teaching has been made so unattractive, largely down to the SNP Govt, over the last few years that even ex oil folk would rather do something else than teach.
  14. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Are they qualified to teach? Do they want to apply to qualify?
    Flere-Imsaho likes this.
  15. BillyBobJoe

    BillyBobJoe Established commenter

    Given how well remunerated oil workers generally are, I'm not surprised they don't want to take a pay cut to become teachers. I don't know where "even" comes into it; why should oil workers in particular be keen?
  16. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Established commenter

    As little as five years ago I would have recommended anyone to go into teaching. Now I'd recommend the exact opposite. I've told my own children to keep away from teaching unless it's a really desperate, last resort.
    Fancyfeather2001 likes this.
  17. Fancyfeather2001

    Fancyfeather2001 New commenter

    This is a poor comparison. You're comparing 15 year olds to university (often Post Graduate) level students. I agree with the original poster, N4 qualifications are meaningless to the type of General/Foundation level who gets waved through them. Bring back Standard Grade and give the kids something to aim for. I've had enough of this "draw a poster for your assessment" nonsense.
    ps- Weren't crit lessons are essentially exams?
  18. Fancyfeather2001

    Fancyfeather2001 New commenter

    Too many PE teachers in management positions.
    bigjimmy2 likes this.
  19. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    So, Computing Science teacher numbers down by 25% in the past decade. And who exactly is to blame for that???
    Apparently there are just 598 teachers actively teaching Computing Science - despite 2698 being registered to teach the subject.

    The SNP led Government? say that there are problems 'recruiting' CS teachers. That is clearly not true. At least the numbers don't lie - 2100 CS registered teachers have chosen not to teach the subject. There has also been a suggestion that some LA's have deliberately gotten rid of Computing so that they could use the computers in the Computing Dept for other purposes, e.g. teacher no show -> put kids onto the 'Internet' to er... amuse themselves.

    So, why do qualified and registered teachers of Computing Science choose not to teach it?? How about ... Little or no meaningful in-service training? No technical support? No curriculum development support? Excessive workload? Poor pay?

    There appears to be a growing trend that prospective CS teachers are doing their teacher training(if you can dignify it as such) in Scotland and then hopping over the border to Ingerland where conditions, salaries etc. are far better.

  20. Marco82

    Marco82 Established commenter

    Watch out, Sturgeon is to announce her five year plan of government today which is to have education at its heart. Why can't they leave us in peace and get on with improving the economy instead? Of course, pretending to be doing something in education is a good displacement activity and it helps create the illusion that our rulers are doing something useful. Meanwhile, Scotland remains blighted by poverty and inequality, low wages, zero hours contracts, dead end jobs, few if any decent apprenticeships. At the same time our banking and finance elite continues to pay itself vast unearned bonuses, big firms avoid taxes and our politicians ensure gold plated salaries and pensions, earn fortunes from the public purse that will ensure their own and their offspring's financial security from now until kingdom come. But don't worry, the same people who have been in power now for - how long? - are on the case and are going to close the so called attainment gap between rich and poor by a few petty changes to the education system. Never mind the fact that private schools exist to ensure the continued domination of a small clique, that apparently is not a problem. Just change the education acronyms, invent some more meaningless slogans - the four capacities, ring any bells? - fiddle about with the assessment system, spend millions on self proclaimed education gurus - what does the likes of Keir Blooomer if that is his name base his expertise on, where is his 'impact' - and, hey presto, all will be well. Can't wait to see the results.
    bigjimmy2 likes this.

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