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The School Data Dashboard???

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by jellandy, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. jellandy

    jellandy New commenter

    Heard about this (http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk/) today from my Chair of Govs... shame Ofsted didn't see fit to write to Heads to let us know... or have I missed that one?

  2. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    I know MW mentioned it in his speech, but surely that doesn't immediately make it policy/statutory!

    I must admit when I heard the summary on 'Today' my first thought was - I should be so lucky! Just 1 sheet of A4 summarising data and attendance. I provide much more info to my governors - as I should. I sometimes find it hard to believe that MW was ever a Headteacher . Some of his sweeping generalisations seem to betray a total lack of understanding of schools, or is this a Primary/Secondary thing!

    Edit: ooopps! Just realised I'm taking about something different. Have now checked the link, to find our progress figures are wrong! Arghhh. Oh well, will look at it again on Monday.
  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Interesting use of the term 'expected progress'.
  4. Zeus-ish

    Zeus-ish New commenter

    3 levels progress has been called 'expected progress' for a couple of years now.
  5. Zeus-ish

    Zeus-ish New commenter

    Interesting to see the Grammars in our area in the '4 th quintile' against 'similar schools' !!!
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Oh, I know. It's still interesting nonetheless.
  7. I heard about the dashboard from a general email from the LA to all Headteachers. I shared this with my C of G and SLT- but have not yet looked myself yet. [​IMG]
  8. Saying what? Maybe: "Sorry Mr W but I'm incapable of using technology such as twitter to keep myself informed and insist that you write to me personally everytime you make a decision"?[​IMG]
  9. jellandy

    jellandy New commenter

    It would be interesting to seek parental feedback on such an attitude!
  10. I think they are great!
    I think it is a clear and easy way to 'at a glance' see what Ofsted and other people can see about my school. As HT I am proud of our dashboard, and like the fact I can look at other schools as it gives a good overall picture.
    I do agree that they have not been advertised to the schools individually, but I found out by Twitter (following educational accounts) and have shared it in our cluster straight away. I dont think heads should have to be spoon fed and should be proactive in finding this sort of thing.
  11. Really! Please god, don't try and become an Ofsted inspector, because in many cases the Simplistic indications of the dashboard show nothing about reality, (how would you judge an infant school from it's range of data?). Which, as a head, you should understand, or perhaps, judging by your statement, you don't.
    The published performance data contains all that's on the Dashboard, and more, in very, possibly too, simple terms. The dashboard is a Daily Mail tool for dullards!
    Or perhaps Ofsted could use email to issue alerts, rather than relying on faddy social networking sites that are blocked from schools that take safeguarding seriously!
  12. Saying, why not be open and announce your actions accross a broad range of media, or maybe Ofsted have sold out to Twitter?
    Ofsted reports by tweet, mony saving and as informative as the dashboard!
  13. it was all over the media! At least one of the unions reported on it too:
  14. They do! You have to blooming sign up for them though, can you remember the password to more than one account? [​IMG]
  15. No I cannot!
  16. Re the "faddy social networking sites that are blocked from schools that take safeguarding seriously" quote - Twitter is unblocked at our primary school. Do you therefore assume that we don't take safeguarding or esafety seriously? Surely it's about teaching children to use social networking safely rather than banning them? Or perhaps that's just a "faddy" view ...
  17. I did not say they were not simplistic - why would I not look at the other schools in my area, I am not judging them, simply comparing my data.
    And as for Twitter, we use it effectively as a Primary School (as agreed by Ofsted themselves) and I use it personally outside of school which is where I found out about the dashboards. Sadly I do not sit in my office waiting for the "ping" of my e mails spoon feeding me my job.
    I hope if you have an Ofsted you are bold enough to say to them that their dashboard is a Daily Mail tool for dullards...I assume you will not. We all jump through the same hoops, I just try and look for the hoops and navigate them myself rather than be pushed though them without knowing they are coming.
  18. <font size="2">If an Ofsted
    inspector were to use the Dashboard to judge my school's performance I would
    stop the inspection. As an Ofsted inspector I am bound to use the raise as an
    initial guide and work with the school and its own data to form an informed
    picture, which is triangulated against other evidence. Knowing rather a lot of
    Ofsted inspectors and HMIs, I would expect them to concur with my view and
    would worry if any head cited the Dashboard as a good evaluatory tool!</font>

    Bully for you and your Tweets. I knew the dashboard was coming,
    but do not believe social network sites should be used for official notifications
    or announcements. I am also somewhat concerned at the way DFE and Ofsted
    consultations and dictates are not being publicised as fully as they could. I
    don't think it's a matter of anyone sitting in their office waiting for
    information, neither do I believe that heads should waste their time having to
    monitor endless news feeds just in case something important pops up! I would
    hope time could be spent far more productively looking at ways to develop their

    Surely the performance data tables would be a better bench marking
    tool, which you could contextualise!

    My mobile device pings me my emails, which I answer and read as
    and when. I use my office for sleeping in!

    I do hope that you predict the right hoops to jump through in the

  19. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    I agree Thrupp. Can you imagine lloyds, or Glaxo smith Klein making a policy change and just hoping that their managers happen to pick up the news from the media or twitter?

    Even in my little school I wouldn't just expect staff to pick up info from a parents' newsletter, or notice, I would have the courtesy to inform them.
  20. jellandy

    jellandy New commenter

    ..And so say all of us!!

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