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The role of form time and PSE - your views please

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by j_pink, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    Hi I would really like to know your views on Form time and the role of the form tutor.
    Do you enjoy being a form tutor? Is there anything brilliant you are doing in form? Maybe you don't enjoy form time.
    I am welcoming all views and opinions, either by posting below, following the above link to my questionnaire or simply by sending me a private message.
    You would be making an NQT very happy![​IMG]
  2. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    Bump thread!
  3. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    Thanks for everyone completing this: I really need a few more responses if you would be kind enought to help it only takes 2 mins - thanks a bunch!
  4. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

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