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The Road to Gold

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by SolutionsEducation, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. SolutionsEducation

    SolutionsEducation New commenter

    Hi All,

    I'll start off by introducing myself. I'm Mike, one of two people who own and run a small maths tutoring company in Worsley. I still work full-time as a maths teacher in secondary school and work 3 evenings in our tutoring centre.

    Being a small company we are always looking at revenue opportunities, which was led us to start uploading resources. Our company is 18th months old (as of March 2019) and we have been creating and uploading resources for 12 months. Even in this small period of time, we have seen TES Resources change from one where tiers were based on uploads volume to download volume and TES picks (of which we have a couple) get phased out too.

    But our aim is simple, to get to Gold tier. We know we cannot do this quickly, so I want to blog our progress here - and hopefully have discussions, questions and inspiration from the TES community along the way.

    I wont give too much information away, but from September, we have seen our resources increase from 30ish to nearly 50 resources (most paid, some free) and our rolling revenue hit about £700 per annum (still £300 short of the Silver). Our aim was to get to Silver within 2 years (so March 2020) but feel that with your help we might get there sooner.

    So, wo has recently has this journey? And how long did it take you? What tips would you like to share?

    Many thanks

  2. ClassroomChemist

    ClassroomChemist New commenter

    I've been doing this properly since the summer. About to hit silver - i.e. back to the royalty level I was before the changes. My tips would be good covers. This makes you stand out from the crowd (for now)
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  3. myersale

    myersale New commenter

    My advice is to focus on the resources that perform best. If you can find a niche category of resources that have a high demand, try to set yourself up for market dominance in that niche, if possible, by simply producing better resources than the others. Then you’ll soon hit gold. When the new tiers were announced, I thought I’d never hit the ridiculous Gold threshold of 6000 GBP. But within a month I hit silver, and I’m now 2000 GBP per annum short of Gold.
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  4. nwilkin

    nwilkin Occasional commenter

    Quality resources that teachers do not have time to produce themselves, sell well. Don't try to just create easy 1 page worksheets as teachers are less likely to pay for those. Create resources that add value to the teacher.

    As ClassroomChemist said use covers to standout and also use titles people will actually search for rather than quirky titles. This helps the search engine match your resource to the keywords the customer entered. Write descriptions that include key phrases to get them found and also tell the customer why they should buy your resource. Use preview images that tell the customer why your resource will help them.

    If you want to know what my titles, descriptions, cover images and previews look like here is a link to one of my resources. https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/the-purpose-of-the-cpu-12023906

    Use social media to advertise and get involved in conversations to see what teachers are currently looking for.
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  5. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Hi there Mike,

    Congratulations on your success so far on Tes, this will be a great forum for picking up hints and tips from other authors. We have put together the Author Academy to provide authors with a range of ideas to help improve sales and visibility of resources which you may like to take a look through.

    You may be interested in our Authors Train Authors events which will be coming to authors in the new format of a webinar event on 22nd May at which Nichola (who replied above) will be giving some advice from her presentations at the previous events on the topic of using the Tes Tools available on the site.

    Good luck with your sales!

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  6. mrajlong

    mrajlong Senior commenter

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  7. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    I am a children's poet whose work goes into 188 countries of the world from my five internet websites and it is very popular. Of all the arts subjects, I believe that poetry is the one subject that is part of the school curriculum in many countries from preschool throughout to and including secondary school. I'd love to hear from people who might well like to work with me to produce resources for teachers, to go with these poems. The poems should not be used without my consent as I am the copyright holder, but there are 1,360 poems that I've written so far. One went into an opera in Los Angeles, one has been made into an animated film, one has had music written for it and was performed by organ and choir for Remembrance Day in Gloucestershire, and five, so far have had music written to go with them and been turned into song for younger children. So I'm looking for people to partner with me and I know TES would like it too.

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