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The Rivals revision day

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by tangerinedream, May 22, 2008.

  1. Simulate the costume then. Wrap the woman tightly up so they feel like a corset is on them (or even make them imagine it) and get them to make fans (tell them they have to bring some bright paper or a pattern or something. (just fold em up) Make them walk in little dainty lady like steps.

    Get the men to stride arround, swishing cains and looking down their noses, get them to swap gender roles too (just for a laugh... but then point out they do need to do that in the exam sometimes!)

    Once you have the Georgian Archetype, then work on the individual characters, Jack's military swagger, his dad's gout and self important bustle, Faulklands melodramatic tension, Lydia's flowing, flowery self absorbtion, Julia's attentive scurry etc etc.

    Have lots of fun with them, make the characters almost Berkofian in size (no text yet you note!) then do some simple interactions between servant and master, make them see that rich vein of resentment and inequality, make the men hit the servant's with cane for spilling the tea and the woman shriek at them for being 'ghastly' and suchlike.

    That should give them a sense of style and context (throw in references to pocket watch, stack heels, them funny reading glass things I have forgot the name too, lap dogs...)

    Set each group a challenge (how many have you got?) to maintain that style when you introduce a piece of text, give them 40 minutes to make a vulgar and lively version of the text. (Jack deluding Mrs M is brilliant cos they can make it really crude and cringy, So is his dad's horrible mysoginistic speech 'the lips Jack, oh the lips!)

    Then give them a quiz on the key terms you want them to know, maybe giving them a cue sheet with lots of answers (i.e. what G describes the period in which the play is set.. moving to more difficult ones)

    Have you got the video? - maybe introduce that then, in realation to a specific question - get them to make notes on the answer from the video, but then talk about how that scene/scenes could have been more vivid - Again, maybe a practical challenge - refer back frequently to the attitudes and fans, canes etc whilst doing that second practical session.

    As an alternative ,get them to do a 'big brother interview' with the characters 'So, fag, tell us what you really thought of JAck?" "well, it's like this, he's wonderful, the best clothes, the most style, he's a real gentleman etc..." Give them marks for the accent and attitude.

    Do the lucy transformation scene as a group, that's a good key point that you can make fun. Make her 'mask of silliness' utterly silly and then turn her controlling, you direct they follow. Almost as if choreographing..

    Hope that's a few thoughts for you...

    ******, I just realsied I need to write my own revision session!!! he he, genuinelly...

    Unseen paper. Meh.
  2. Thank you tangerine dream that is an amzing response I owe u big style!!!
  3. armandine2

    armandine2 Established commenter

    ... having seen the Rivals last weekend I'm not sure it has aged very well, though a menacing trigger did go someway towards tension, more pickle than pineapple perhaps.

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