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the rejection letters start rolling in ...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mrs Mo, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Just had 3rd rejection letter from a job I applied for - admin job for a local charity. I had all the skills, experience, even exp of working for a big charity, fitted the job spec almost exactly; spent hours on the application ... never even got an interview. "We had over 100 applicants and some very strong candidates..."
    Had an interview last week for 1 yr temp position - haven't even heard back yet so assume it's another "no."
    Got another interview on Friday - part-time admin/sec role. They want us to give a presentation! For a part-time admin job! What the f*** ?
  2. Oh, it's so tough just now! We're living in a time where all jobs are hard to come by. Commiserations on the jobs missed out on, and good luck for the interview to come. Even though a presentation for a piddling part-time position seems a bit much...
  3. You have all my sympathy. I've not even been afforded the courtesy of rejection letters, just a resounding silence as the tumbleweed rolls across the dusty road.
    And I know that just means I wasn't suited to the job, or their ideal candidate, or something, but a couple of the ones I've applied for I could have done with my eyes shut & one hand tied behind my back. It's very demoralising.
    Keep plugging away. When you do finally land one, hopefully it will be the one that makes you glad you didn't get any of the others.
  4. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Me too. But stil they have a <strike>cheaper</strike> better suited candidate!
  5. I honestly think most jobs which are advertised already have a name penciled in. You have to be a totally outstanding to get a look in and perform like a super star at the interview.
    I have spent hour after hour on applications....8 hours,10 hours total waste of time.
  6. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Aww mo try not to get too down, though I know its hard. I had a rejection letter today too, was just glad they'd made the effort to respond as that's rare these days!Lets hope fate deals us all something better.
    Fingers crossed xx
  7. oh yes - i have rung up and asked this - my, they get cross, whilst simoultaneously admitting there is a bum firmly on the seat
    mrs mo - everything possible crossed for you
  8. It is quite demoralising. But don't give up - when I was looking for work again having spent time at home being "Mummy", it took me 47 applications before I even got an interview. And of those 47, many didn't even have the courtesy to send a rejection letter [​IMG]
    Good grief - that's right daft.
  9. Yep - it seems to be the way, quite often. I have to admit, we try to fill some jobs with internal candidates - but then we don't advertise "outside" if we intend to do that.
  10. if it isn't employment law here, it's certainly internal procedure in many organisations that you advertize come what may
  11. Which is a stupid waste of money if you are going to employ an internal candidate anyway!

  12. yep - and of everyone else's time [​IMG]
  13. I can think of at least five separate occasions in this employment when it has been openly declared that x was going to be given the job "but we are legally obliged to advertise it anyway". Those poor candidates - their hopes raised and dashed, their suits pressed, their presentations laboured over, their time and petrol wasted. It really really annoys me.
  14. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    If your really good they hunt for you ....the rest of the poor sods dont even get a look in!
  15. Is this a regulation in education?

  16. If your really good they hunt for you ....the rest of the poor sods dont even get a look in!

    Oh dear, I dont stand a chance then. Dont have any in-demand skills - only a degree, A levels, typing, IT skills & admin experience. Half the world probably has these skills and probably to a higher degree than me. Damn.
    Would love to retrain but I dont know what to do. Applied for nurse training a couple of years ago but had to withdraw when it became obvious I wasnt going to get the childcare I needed as my daughter was "too old." I thought I'd wait a couple of years until she was in her teens and didnt need child care, but now I've got lumbered with caring for my mum too! So may as well forget that idea now. Dont know what else to do, but I really despair.
  17. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Yes CQ, I believe it is.
    Now that I've moved back home to Scotland, I'm dreading getting my career (??) back on track.
    As a secondary school MFL teacher, I was able to walk into the job of my choice down South ... or at least that's how it was a few years back.
    There's a huge teacher surplus up here and I'm sure most teachers stay in their posts until retirement!
    .... to say nothing of the snobbery that exists here towards the English system of education (I'm England trained and qualified).
    All the best with the job hunt, OP. Chin up and all that!
  18. Well, you would have to be registered with a headhunter for that.
    I wonder if you did a survey of teachers on here, how many were "hunted"?

  19. What is your degree in?
    The trick is to tie that in with your other transferable skills and link that in to the specific job you are applying for.
    Maybe we can help you, you never know...
  20. It's going to be tricky - my degree is in sociology; the job is a p/t dept secretary in HE in the engineering faculty. I have no background in engineering, or working in HE and indeed no experience of some of the software packages they list on the job spec, so was a bit surprised to even get asked to the interview! I do feel perhaps they;ve asked me merely to tick the equality & diversity boxes - I'm the token "over 45."
    I have to give a short presentation on myself ... dont really know what to do. I was going to do a powerpoint presentation but keep it informal and base it around my life experiences (I've travelled a lot and lived abroad - I'm an army wife - and have consequently had lots of different jobs, including working as a TA, so am therefore adaptable and flexible). I dont see the point in harping on about my qualifications and training as they will have all this on my application form. Anyway, all my quals and training are from years ago, so hardly "recent."
    I havent had a high flying career, and dont have any professional qualifications, so I;m a bit limited with what I can actually talk about. I just want a part time job that I can fit around my caring responsibilities! I didnt know I would have to a bl**dy presentation, a test and an interview in order to get a poxy part time admin role!

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