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The really tough 'SONG GAME' - no cheating!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by taster, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Like a rolling stone (Dylan, again!0
  2. Papa was a rolling stone (The temptations) (this has got to be getting easier?)
  3. Like a rolling stone,
    Bob Dylan (?)
  4. Oops cross posted, so
    Papa don't preach, Madonna ( which of course has only one word match)
  5. Don't let it bring you down - CS&N

    Couldn't think of 2 words!!
  6. Bring it on home to me, Sam Cooke
    Dont bring me down
    ( which I am not sure is actually a song title btw)
  7. Home, Home on the Range - was it from a musical?? Can't remember
  8. schoolmarm

    schoolmarm New commenter

    band on the run ( both song title and description of Yr 9 leaving my lesson ! )
  9. A Night On The Town - Bruce Hornsby and the Range
  10. A town called malice - The Jam
  11. My kind a town: Sinatra
  12. My man is a sweet man - Millie Jackson
  13. sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey The Hollies?
  14. oops the searchers
  15. mr2


    Saving All My Love For You (?)
  16. I'll pick a rose FOR MY Rose
  17. Every ROSE has it's thorn - Poison (just the one word here)
  18. shadocg

    shadocg New commenter

    EVERYthing I DO, I DO It For You (DO I get a double prize for having TWO pairs? ;-)
  19. Da Do Ron Ron - The Crystals (only one match - sorry)

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