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The Real Ale Club

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon2113, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. £4 a pint!!! Where the hell is that much?

    Last time I was in No.1 Club in Consett just before Xmas it was £1.65 a pint for Sam Smith's ( not real ale though) Bitter, and pub prices are around £2.60 - £2.70 for TT Landlord and London Pride type stuff and that's ridiculous.
  2. Mad dog

    Mad dog New commenter

    The Crown in Beeston last night

    14 different ales not to mention ciders

    One of them, Axe something or other, came in at a healthy 6.4% - twas like nectar.
  3. OK perhaps £4:00 a pint was exagerating it a bit (but it won't be long).

    tonights sample..
    Marston's strong Pale Ale...6.2%
    Old Speckled hen x2...5.2%
    Keltek Gold from Cornwall ....3.8%
  4. Mad dog

    Mad dog New commenter

    I used to love Hobgoblin, but then someone whispered in my ear that it was 'Dandelion and Burdock with alcohol in' and I've not enjoyed a pint since.

    Burton Ale used to be lovely - not made any more I don't think.
  5. That poacher's choice i had last night tasted a little of dandelion and burdock....a liquoricey, fruity taste. Very nice but a little sickly afer a couple of pints.
  6. modelmaker

    modelmaker Star commenter

  7. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Not a great beer drinker - but our club had Speckled Hen last week, yummy, Spitfire this week - also yummy.
  8. Spitfire is rather nice. Unlike the Keltek Gold I have just supped. Sour initial taste and then nothing....perhaps it was corked...am having to wash my mouth out with a large glass of Glenhoddle.
  9. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Just persuaded myself to open a bottle of Banrock Station Chardonnay......
  10. modelmaker

    modelmaker Star commenter

    I'll tell you something really odd.
    Not so long ago, within the past 3 years probably, my preference to the temperature of real ale has changed, and I don't know why.
    I used to keep it out of the fridge because I felt it enhanced the flavour, or at least I enjoyed it more when it wasn't really cold. Now I store it in the fridge and get frustrated if it's at room temperature.
  11. Not much arm twisting going on there then.
  12. I think that is a crossover from the American/Larger/Ice cold propoganda that is de rigueur for present day quaffing.
  13. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Na, not a bit
  14. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    English ale is best served at cellar temperature and not ice cold. You wouldn't chill a Shiraz
  15. Anyway this a beer thread not a wussy ,girly, pansy wansy,south side of the aisle wine thread ...so naff off and eat cheese.
  16. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Chinese - close
  17. Invasion - imminent.
  18. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I picked up 3 badgers for £3 last week in Tescos (with a £1 off voucher).

    B&M bargains often have real ales on their shelves at prices between 99p and 1.39 a bottle. Wychbolds Goliath is 1.19 IIRC and Jennings 99p. A couple of weeks back they were knocking out 440ml cans of Wells Bombardier for 65p a can. (I bought a dozen). They don't have a tregular inventory though so you take pot luck with what they have but they normally have some real ales (they also have wines at 2.99 a bottle).

    Home Bargains is also a happy hunting ground for real ales and Manns Brown for 99p a bottle
  19. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    On my son's stag do last year we wandered into a pub that sold Butcombes, I managed to keep them there while I supped 3 or 4 pints before it was off again to the loud bars and bottled lager at £3.50 a small bottle!
  20. Right the countdown is ON. It's my turn to be the drinker not the driver so I am off down for a few (though not a shedload) pints of TT Landlord. <P> I don't know how anyone could drink white wine at 5 in the afternoon. Sunday lunch sort of drink that. Still each to their own - though if I ordered a chardonnay down the pub the landlord would have me thrown out. <P><P> And when I get back there's a choice of good malt whisky to be sorted for a nightcap. <P>
    Glen Grant or Macallan or Dalwhinnie or Talisker or Glenlivet or Bowmore? Decisions, decisions.

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