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The Rainbow Fish - Anyone have a powerpoint version?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wwvirgin, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Thank you sooo much its brill and will be a valued resource. CHEERS! :eek:)
  2. Always feel really cheeky.....
    Please can you send it to me too? Just got and interactive w/board and am trying to build up resources Thank you xxxx

  3. Hi I know it's a long time since this post was started but I am doing the Rainbow Fish in litercy and PE so would be grateful if someone who has received the PowerPoints could sent them on...please??

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Don't you think this is wrong? It is usually forbidden to reproduce authors' copyrighted stuff in any form, and it is even more illegal to distribute it or use it.

    Watch you don't get caught - you never knowwho is reading this thread.
  5. Gertie's comment is totally valid.
    I did a search and found some interesting bits on the web, including a powerpoint that you had to be a member of the group to receive so am not sure if it is the book. I did find this page which has lovely bits for the book- maths , speaking and listening and art- well worth looking at.
  6. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

    Fab site tiredteacher!.....Am thinking I'm going to use this in Y5 before they start their befriender training.....off I go to buy the book!
  7. Do you still have a powerpoint of the Rainbow Fish? Could I please have it? deegrass@hotmail.com

  8. Please could I have a copy aswell if it is still about?


  9. I would really love this, I use The Rainbow Fish loads.
    Mant thanks if you can send it to me x
  10. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

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