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The PTRC - Free Resource Giveaway

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ResourceCentre, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. ResourceCentre

    ResourceCentre New commenter

    This weekend we are giving away a free resource to every person who visits our site. This is how the offer works.
    Simply visit our site before midnight on Monday and choose any resource £1.99 or less. Then email your chosen resource to primaryresourcecentre@yahoo.co.uk We will then email you the resource completely free of charge.
    The offer is open to one resource per household and the offer will close at midnight on Monday 7th March 2011.
    At the Primary Teacher Resource Centre we have a wide range of resources to brighten up your classroom as well as prepare your class for the forthcoming SATs. We are adding resources all the time.
    Check us out at www.primaryresourcecentre.com
  2. ResourceCentre

    ResourceCentre New commenter

    Hopefully up to date!
  3. Thank you for the offer, but there is very little there for £1.99 or less so I didn't find anything of use.
    Maybe others will though.

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