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The positivity thread for all things supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by twigs74, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. twigs74

    twigs74 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    Having only been on here for a short amount of time - and recently being new to the supply teaching profession - I have found these forums to be a great help. Sadly there has been some negativity and nastiness on here of late which is such a shame when surely we should all be in it together and here to support one another?

    Hence this page. I know many people are seriously struggling to get work this year and I truly wish you all the best in the hope that things pick up a.s.a.p.

    I have been very lucky so far I feel in that I'm averaging 3 days a week and already have 4 days booked for next week, so I thought I'd set up this thread for anyone with anything remotely positive to say to keep our spirits high, help each other out whenever necessary and spread a bit of joy if need be.

    It could be anything - from a great school you have worked in, a wonderful day you may have had, one pupil saying something nice to you, staff being helpful...anything positive really!

    I must say I am loving supply so far and feel grateful that I live where I do as work is coming in thick and fast now and I've had to turn other jobs away due to pre-bookings (I am general day to day supply by the way) so I hope a positive thread would be nice for anyone with anything nice to say on here.

    Please could comments be positive though - there are loads of other threads with more negative stories to report - and I fully understand the need for them to be on here too as a place to rant, vent some anger, etc.

    Thank you everyone and very best wishes!
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I must be missing something here because I've not particularly felt and overwhelming nastiness between posters. Certainly there's a feeling of frustration amongst those commenting on the supply forum, and anger at the way that some agencies are treating excellent and qualified teachers.

    I have had a positive experience through my agency, and feel I've been treated and paid fairly. I no longer work with two agencies whose practices when unfair and unprofessional.

    Perhaps others have felt more negativity. Maybe I don't read thoroughly enough.
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  3. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    Same here.
    I also had two agencies that tried to pull the usual tricks re phantom bookings/trying to get me to CS rates/attempted pressure to go with a UC, so I ditched them. The one I am still with has never quibbled about PAYE, still with paid me for the one booking with them when I turned up to be told the school no longer needed anyone that day, has paid an acceptable rate and increased it as soon I was asked for by name and have been fair and honest with me..
  4. pixiewixiepixie

    pixiewixiepixie Occasional commenter

    Same here. Nothing but happiness about being supply and am happy to share the reasons why. I only do longer term contracts though, not the day-to-day stuff. I don't recognise the nastiness you talk of, just people debating. By all accounts from the limited data available, supply is booming this year, although a few posters have yet to realise they are a business and haven't adapted their business model, then blame others! Nope, ditch the agency after setting up on your own, skill-up, adapt and it's all good news. :)

    "and have been fair and honest with me.."

    Really? How do you know ....
  5. pixiewixiepixie

    pixiewixiepixie Occasional commenter

    Had a lovely day today. Really nice classes, lots of group work that went well. Was 'dropped in by' in one lesson and all was well. Came home with no marking, no work to do, no preparation and am going down the pub tonight. Thank you Dave Cameron. I'd never be here if it weren't for you. :)
  6. emmalcm1

    emmalcm1 Established commenter

    I can't say I've noticed any nastiness either, I find this part of the forum very supportive, especially when I've had a bad day. I find it really helpful to be able to share experiences both good and bad.

    Anyway...after a bad day on Friday, I had a much better day today. It was a good start to the week with kids who were mostly settled and worked well :) I also covered an art lesson which I enjoy doing (although it's not my subject). Often when I cover art the kids tell me I should be an art teacher so I must be doing something right! haha
  7. pleasemiss__

    pleasemiss__ Occasional commenter

    @pixiewixiepixie is this a short or long term assignment? What's your take on marking usually?

    I currently supply at a lovely school with a kind, human head of department and some great kids. I have freedom to really teach and have fun :)
  8. pleasemiss__

    pleasemiss__ Occasional commenter

    Ps: @pixiewixiepixie please will you share the reasons why you have such positive experiences with supply teaching?
  9. pixiewixiepixie

    pixiewixiepixie Occasional commenter

    Dunno really. Lots of reasons. I like being in charge of my own destiny. If I want to work, I do. If I don't, I don't. As it happens, I landed a one month supply job that has turned into long-term as a result of pregnancy and I'm happy to do that. Only men in the department from next week - in the past, when there was a woman or two, the whole dynamics of the department changed and on the whole, it is never as much fun, always more strained, menopausal and gossipy. The school is what most would call 'rough' and I doubt it's a first choice for many teachers but I have surprised myself by enjoying it. The kids are needy but nice on the whole. The management seem to be on top of behaviour management most of the time and systems do seem to work, mostly. Being on a contract, I have negotiated only to attend one meeting a week, usually the departmental meeting. The money is good. It's close to home and by the seaside. I know a few people from other jobs and I go home full of beans. Most importantly, because I don't have lots of irrelevant school rubbish to deal with in the evenings, and I'm not exhausted all the time. I like to sit down and actually prepare fun lessons and resources - because I want to. I look forward to working, but have also had extra weeks of holiday tagged onto Christmas and half term, to recharge my batteries. The school is accommodating with this, the management sympathetic and appreciative of me being there and so I end up doing the extra when there's a need. I'm a happy bunny at work. Everyone wins, me, kids and the school.

    It's amazing, really. The department is still functioning, yet far less of the data, analysis, intervention plans etc get done - because I won't do it over and above the minimum! How is this possible to teach kids without data, analysis and intervention ......
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2016
  10. pixiewixiepixie

    pixiewixiepixie Occasional commenter

    Why are you happy? Anything to add to your previous happy post?
  11. twigs74

    twigs74 New commenter

    Thanks for the replies so far everyone. Sorry if the negativity comment in my original post came across too strong perhaps - I think I chose the wrong time to read several comments on this forum when I posted my first comment. Glad to see things aren't as negative now at least.

    Great to read some positivity on this forum though too. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

    I've been lucky in that I've had work both today and yesterday and am now fully booked at a lovely school for the rest of the week too. Hope the same applies to others on here!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!
  12. twigs74

    twigs74 New commenter

    Just thought I'd say I hope things have been picking up for people on here of late. It does seem to have a lot to do with the area in which you live so I have discovered. I am definitely very lucky to be where I am as I've now had work every day for the last 2.5 weeks and am booked up until next Tuesday at present.

    Really hope things improve for everyone who is struggling to find work.
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  13. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    I am retired and here in Ontario, Canada, retired teachers may only teach 50 days in a school year so that younger teachers may gain experience. I feel very lucky that I only teach in one school, an easy walk from my home (although I usually drive in winter). My specialty is kindergarten and that is all they call me for. It's a French school and I like to arrive with several French picture books from the public library that I think will interest the children. I also bring a beautiful black dog puppet and the children ask for it when they see me. Two weeks ago I brought a number of cookie cutters (which I brought home with me) and homemade flour-and-salt modelling clay to leave for my class. The 6 classes all have about 25 students, which is a lot for children aged 3-6, but all Ontario kindergarten classes of that size have an Early Childhood Educator working along with the university-qualified teacher. The children are still quite at ease if the teacher is away because they know the ECE so well. In one class I really assume the role of the ECE and she becomes the teacher as she is confident and enjoys the role. My job: :). Noiraud.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2016
  14. Kenmuir1

    Kenmuir1 New commenter

    Supply is an utter joke. A vile and hateful occupation.
    The next time I hear some insipid fool going. "Well I have been lucky this year and have been booked everyday" I won't be able to bite my tongue any longer.
    Anyone who is having a good time with supply is lying, and if anyone says they are fulfilled and getting lots of work in secondary especially, I would be very cautious about believing a word of it. Phoneys and fools, phoneys and fools.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2016
  15. twigs74

    twigs74 New commenter

    Why be so nasty? Phoney and a fool am I? I am no liar. I have had work for the past few weeks every day and have been enjoying it.

    I am sorry to hear others have not been so fortunate and sympathise completely, but your nasty reply was unwarranted and unnecessary.

    Feel free to be negative elsewhere before branding honest people phoney fools.

    How immature.
  16. pixiewixiepixie

    pixiewixiepixie Occasional commenter

    I can't imagine employing or wanting to work with someone who posts endless vitriolic and depressing posts. As has been said frequently, supply is a great choice in certain areas for certain subjects for those who know how to run and market themselves as a business. The are downsides but there are positives too and it just depends what you are looking for. There is a reason why there are lots of vacancies and a reason why spending on supply has never been higher - there is a lot of supply about, in certain areas and subjects and for people with the kind of personality that people want on their team; positive, happy, can hit the ground running, can work as directed but also bring new ideas when requested, nice people.
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