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The People's supermarket

Discussion in 'Personal' started by modelmaker, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    We were discussing this on the cookery forum a few weeks ago. To be frank, I found it an interesting notion and was disappointed the foodies expected it to fail and looked at the programme in greater contempt than they do with Come Dine With Me.
    The simple truth is, as the programme outlined, it's complete idiocy that supermarkets control what we eat in the way they do. Why waste so much? Why not offer home grown things like veal or rabbit instead of deciding it has to be shipped to the continent?
    Who's been able to buy a pig's head of late to make brawn? Supermarkets are sh!te. Thet promise greater choice but don't actually deliver it.
  2. Oh, honestly, MM, you are either a great big fibber or just plain stupid.
    If you hate us and the forum so much, bog off.

  3. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I watched it and was amazed at what stores throw in the trash rather than reduce the price. It makes no sense at all. Unless the thinking is everyone will wait until it is reduced and impact on profits? Surely it would pay to just reduce the stuff though.

    Interesting concept though looking at the one in the States.
  4. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    This is what gets me with the Tesco express is it? They claim it is not to push small businesses out of business but to promote competition, but you look at these stores and the prices are so incredible and can offer so much more range even at a massive loss in the beginning, it is anti competition in a very aggressive manner. No small business could make some of those losses just to drive others out of the area.
  5. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    <a target="_blank">https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/465224.aspx?PageIndex=1[/URL]
    Put some meat on the bones woman, read your own your contribution and come back. Apart from manashee and myself, it was largely ignored.
    World wars and World cups have been lost through such irrational and unjustifiable contempt.
  6. I haven't seen the programme - it clashed with somwthing Mr C wanted to watch. How did they get it started? Where did the produce come from?
    I am in favour of the idea; I hate waste and excess packaging. I have been known to remove it at the checkout - very popular that makes me too........
    I try and buy as much as possible at the farmers' market, but they only come round once a month and all the others are very far flung; otherwise I buy at farm shops where possible and I can be sure the produce really is local.
    PS MM, I'm pretty sure I contributed to the thread too - I most certainly did not hold it in contempt! Naughty!
  7. He was spending a lot of time in the programme visiting local farms to collect all the 'rejects'. It was ridiculous this episode with brocolli that had been deemed too large and a whole orchard that had been rejected because the supermarkets decided they no longer wanted those kind of apples.
  8. Oh that makes my blood boil! Supermarkets claim that the "housewife" wants straight cucumbers or perfectly round tomatoes etc..... how do they know? Nobody has ever asked me! There has to be a market for 'substandard' produce and people willing to buy it. I would.
  9. We watched the first episode but what struck me having seen countryfile this weekend is that rural communities have been doing this kind of thing for years!
  10. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    Agreed CQ,I was under the impression that although we all liked and embraced the idea, it would be a difficult concept to put into practice.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    The Tesco Express we have here only stocks the higher priced products, I can't just pop in to buy the value products, have to drive 10 miles to a big one to do that.
  13. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    The Tesco Express we have here only stocks the higher priced products, I can't just pop in to buy the value products, have to drive 10 miles to a big one to do that.

  14. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    That sounds about right...I was in favour of a People's Supermarket - but couldn't see how it work either in Crudsville where the people wouldn't accept it, or where I now live where Tesco would oppose it.

  15. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    I watched this but thought he was trying to do too much, with trying to make a 'people's supermarket' whilst also looking at waste and then at the 'rejects' but I was impressed to see the last one and how he had managed to get it up and running, but I wonder if it's like lots of these things that sound good in principle but, without the dedicated support of the people it cna easily fail. I was appalled by the waste at the farms though, how on earth can broccoli be seen to be too big? Barking!
  16. I know!
  17. I thought it was great. Would definitely be part of it if there was one round here. Have already started to avoid the supermarket as much as possible and shop at smaller shops. Unfotunately, there isn't much choice on our high street which is mainly charity shops, pound shops and empty units covered with fake views of real shops!

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