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The people and the parliament were not asked

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Joe_Pubes, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

    An eminent professor of history and former communist has warned that Germany will soon cease to be due to his government's policy on immigration. In an interview with the Huffington Post Germany, Prof Jorg Baberowski, said in an interview with the left newspaper The Huffington Post Germany.

    “Even 9/11 wasn’t immediately perceived as a turning point. But I do believe that something fundamentally new is happening that will change our country very much. Germany will no longer stay out of wars and conflicts. And the Germany that we know it will disappear by the mass immigration.”

    Criticising the government's immigration system he said, “It is absurd that a Russian academic has trouble obtaining a visa, but Pakistani migrant workers, who come without a passport to Germany, have all options open. We do not control immigration.You can not just open the borders and let the immigrants move in. For this we will have to pay a high price”.

    Rounding on Merkel in particular he said, "Because she has opened the borders and welcomed everyone welcome, Merkel has become the [activist] in Europe. It was not wise to take selfies with refugees who were sent all over the world, and it was not wise to call out to the world that it could at any come to Germany…

    Of course, the chancellor knows what she has done… Citizens have to deal with the consequences of this policy now, they are not even asked whether they want to deal with them. The Chancellor has not even asked the Parliament.

    “The borders should now be closed. That would be a clear signal to the European neighbours, to take part in coping with the crisis. But it will happen? I doubt it.”

    Prof Baberowski also blamed the mainstream media who, he said, are uncritical of the government and deliberately manipulate the public by posting pictures of women and children who make up a tiny fraction of the almost largely group of single young men. Calling the media “obsequious” and “uncritical” he said, “Journalists are obsequious and [provide] uncritical reporting, they do not provide critical questions, but see themselves as an extended arm of the Chancellor and their strategy.”

    “They make policy with pictures of children, and women who have cracked voices and use emotion and resentment. This is very poor journalism we experience day after day for years. Which television journalist can actually still differentiate between reporting and commentary?

    Citizens are suspicious, they turn away, because they believe that politicians and journalists want to generate opinions and manipulate moods. In East Germany, many people respond with greater sensitivity, because they know what is a dictatorship and how to live in it.”

  2. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  3. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  4. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  5. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  6. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  7. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  8. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Orwellian states slowly coming
    Cantandmorecant and Joe_Pubes like this.
  9. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  10. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

    With people like her in charge it sure is.
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  11. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

  12. Cantandmorecant

    Cantandmorecant Lead commenter

    She won't be smiling now when she sees the mess they leave behind.

  13. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    God rest ye Jerry mentalmen
    Let nothing you dismay
    For Christ give it a rest, you fools,
    It's almost Christmas Day.
    Election time is years away and no one gives a sod
    About the hiding you'll get next time around,
    Comfort and joy,
    Oh tidings of comfort and Joy
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  14. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    Hot on the heels of Sweden I note....

    Which, when I looked this morning, was still there...

    I wonder if Germany will disappear before Sweden? Or whether your hysterical poundshop Russell Grant foresight will again prove to be, er, lacking...

    BTW, a comma sometimes helps a lot
  15. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

    Says the 50p Jeremy Corbyn.

    I agree. You should learn to use it.
  16. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    josienig likes this.
  17. Joe_Pubes

    Joe_Pubes Senior commenter

    She obviously must be in wanting to foist her own German guilt onto the rest of the country and take it down with her.
  18. Condell_for_PM

    Condell_for_PM New commenter

    She is a progressive, which means she wants to see her own country and culture destroyed and a barbaric one take its place. She is more dangerous than a certain failed Austrian artist I could name.
  19. Horatio_Blows

    Horatio_Blows Senior commenter

  20. IceCreamVanMan

    IceCreamVanMan Occasional commenter

    The people and parliament weren't asked?

    Well, nobody asked YOU either! If all you can do is post videos and bully people, you are actually the same as what you are 'warning' us about.
    sabrinakat likes this.

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