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The outrageously bad Get Set website (Olympics 2012)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by just_keep_swimming, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else find this website ridiculously hard to navigate? There are some useful ideas and resources (esp the videos) but the Blogging is just a waste of time. As far as I can see, in order to become a Get Set Network school (and therefore have a chance to take part in the Ticketshare next year) you must first start a blog. Which we have done. But can I find the log now that we've uploaded it?? If I can't find it, how will the kids, staff, parents and public find it to read? What's the point in writing a blog that no-one reads??
    Or am I missing something really obvious??

  2. Hi
    I agree its tricky to find things. I took an age to find the over the rainbow actual animation rather than the transcript! Have you logged on and then gone to the My Space tab at the top? If you do that the blog should be down the page on the right hand side.
  3. Ooh thanks! Will have a look! Doesn't help that I've forgotten my password I suppose - note to self: get that sorted ASAP!
    Does that mean that the only people who can access it must have a log in - i.e. every pupil??
    You would think that it would have made sense to have a BlogSearch button! Their site search facility is rubbish!
  4. Logged in with my friend's ID and that worked - thanks!

    Seems I was right about only people with a log in being able to view it! Taken from the Your Space section of the Get Set website:
    "Your space is a safe, protected place. Only the Get Set team at London 2012 and students and staff that attend your school or college and are registered with Get Set can see ‘Your space’. "
  5. Hi
    Yes, we are trying to work our way round this one at the moment I think. All the staff are using the same log in and the children look at in on the IWB in class. I assume everyone from the same school has to use the same log in?
    It seems that they have not thought it through quite doesn't it, as it seems odd that the children would have to use the same log in and password.

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