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The Open School and blended learning

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by novorapid, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. novorapid

    novorapid New commenter

    Blended learning and the schools equivalent of the Open University: The Open School are the way forward.
    The online Open School would be a relatively low cost and swift response to produce and deliver courses, resources and assessment tools through schools and teachers. Currently we have thousands of teachers preparing much the same lessons and carrying out much the same assessments, a waste of time and energy when teachers can do so much more to teach and tailor learning to the needs of individual students.
    It is very likely that COVID transmission will peak again in the Autumn and schools may close. It's highly likely there will be future pandemics and it's very evident that in the UK we have an education system that's firmly rooted on a Victorian Factory Batch Production Model and until COVID has hardly used the potential of ed tec effectively or efficiently. Despite all this little has been done to effectively prepare for the future or bring the UK Education system into the 21st Century. Finding or building more space in and around school buildings isn't a practical option.
    There have been significant advantages and positives from teaching via Teams not least finding that many students who previously in school would have held back, have come forward, chatted and asked questions. It's allowed me to tailor learning to individual needs far more easily to these students than ever before. Students are also learning how to take more responsibility and ownership for their own learning.
    Students need social interaction and access to hands on activities in workshops, laboratories and for sports, with a proportion of students at home it would be far easier for these activities to take place preserving social distancing.
    Since lockdown a tsunami of resources and courses have arrived in teachers' inboxes, so much so they have become spam, The Open School would filter these and provide an opportunity for the ed tec suppliers who object to the BBC's inputs to become contracted independent producers. QED
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