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The next assault by COSLA

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by amysdad, May 18, 2011.

  1. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Think this one's going. I'd say there's a possibility it will be linked to point 2.
    Authorities which don't already run McCrone this way are looking at how to implement this without using supply / visiting staff, for example through a 4.5 day week for kids, or by manipulating lunch hours / breaks / start & finish times. As a result, the "time and place" then becomes irrelevant for the latter, and politically inconvenient for the former (newspapers would report this as 'teachers taking half day off' - not something councillors want to see in the run up to elections.)
    This is effectively cutting out a promotion path for teachers - and unless authorities are going to move en bloc from the Faculty model it will effectively kill off promotion prospects for most teachers.
    There are some benefits in outlining what you are not required to do - at a completely different level, this is how the Scottish Parliament works as the areas it doesn't cover are the areas enshrined in law. By virtue of that, anything not included in the areas of "non-duties" must therefore be considered in areas of "duties"?
    I guess that everyone's reading this as eating into holidays, but the way it's worded it could equally include additional in-service days, taking teaching time away.
  2. Not really. It says EXTENSION of the teacher year.
  3. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    No surprises there then. COSLA has long had an anti teacher agenda. They don't consider us a profession. They want us to be line managed like all the other local government workers. The bean counters are in charge and they're looking for their pound of flesh. Teachers have been molly coddled / considered a special case for far too long is what they think. They expect our unions to either belly up or be totally incompetent when required to defend their members. (Did anyone mention U*+son?)

    My main concern is that the SG will announce a "radical vision" for delivering education, taking it away from local authority supervision and replacing that with God knows what .

    ... seatbelt ... bumpy ride
  4. I feel slightly relieved that I have now left the EIS and may not be forced to suck up these changes without a fight.
    Sadly, its what we all expected and I'm pretty sure that the reduction to 40 days annual leave will be thrown in, for good measure.
    What was the point of McCrone? Well, if they want to tear it up, then I will not be doing anymore pointless end-ons!
    A work-to-contract would be the best way forward hmmm . . . I forgot - my former union and some of its members will just roll over and accept this too and screw the rest of us!!!!
  5. Which they've already prepared for, by categorising what used to be holidays as school closure days. So they've got, what, about 26 days to play with here?
  6. I've been warning about this for weeks ever since I saw my employer's (Renfrewshire) submission. COSLA want to take back all they think they lost to McCrone (not me the other one) and to get things they never had. I've been warning about the risk of fragmentation in the face of another assault. It will come shortly and as teachers and I hope union members we need to be ready for it.
  7. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Can you post a link for this info please? I have found this page


    but no reference to the informaton you posted?
  8. I'm going to point out here that there were about 3000 submissions to McCormac. How many teachers are there in Scotland? I'm not holding out much hope here.
  9. If you search for "Teachers Pay Negotiations and McCormac Review Update" as on the link above on Google it links to the following:


    Which has been removed now. Hmm!
  10. misterroy

    misterroy New commenter

    google the link above and those of you that use gmail can view it using the quick view tab. It may work for others too.
  11. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Did anyone manage to download a copy before a rat was sniffed?

    Would appreciate a copy if possible?

  12. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Here's a cracker ...

    The Curriculum for Excellence is about broadening and deepening the learning opportunities
    for pupils, and providing young people with relevant skills that will help them in later life. We
    therefore also consider this review an opportunity to re-assess how we want to define a
    teacher?s relationship to non teachers who have particular skills or expertise that will benefit
    school pupils (e.g. artists, sport coaches, and members of the business community etc). We
    believe that the review should not be shy of considering the role that non teachers can play in
    the class room and beyond.

    This should not be viewed as de-professionalisation of the
    teaching profession but as an opportunity to strengthen links to the community and to provide
    learning opportunities for pupils that may not exist otherwise.

    Aye! Right!
  13. Hhhm, sounds like non-teachers teaching classes..... cynical? Me?
    Not liking some of these 'proposals'!
  14. I like this one:

    " The three parties agree to regard these objectives as having been met if the number of

    FTE teachers in publicly funded posts in Scotland reported in the census taken in

    September 2011 is at least 51,131"

    What's to stop councils from getting rid of staff after the September census is administered e.g. supply teachers who are suddenly needed at start of term but then..... not.......
  15. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    Under conclusions in the first section.....
    re SSTA and NASUWT legal action....
    21.........."This is a risky strategy for these unions and hopefully is no more than sabre rattling"
    Having read this whole document they'll be more than sabres being rattled should many of the COSLA McCormac proposals be accepted.
  16. This document needs to be well circulated - I've just sent copies to everybody I know - just to remind us of the quality of the people who claim to employ us.
  17. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    I could only print off a copy of this but would like the pdf file to circulate. Does one exist?

  18. categed

    categed New commenter

    Aparently "Once you're there - click print and save as .pdf" can't tell you if this works or not as I viewed it in google and I can't do anything other than view it.
  19. categed

    categed New commenter

    make that apparently (sp) [​IMG]
  20. You can download a PDF here http://reclaimeis.org.uk/cosla1.pdf

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