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The new tes jobs home page - is it just me..

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by supply slave, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. JGX,
    Hopefully I'll have more info for you tomorrow. We're working on it.

  2. Fao Gail

    Despite my OP and many mesages in support it seems theat we will not get our map view back. If TES didn't have a virtual monopoly on teaching jobs I would vote with my feet - as it is I'm stuck. Give us back what we want please.
  3. I hate the new search system! I am a secondary maths teacher but fancy a new challenge- using the old system I would look at all jobs in my region and then see if anything took my fancy.
    Now I have to seach once for secondary maths, again to look at primary vacanies, a third time for special ed, a forth for heads of year etc! Its ridiculous!!!
    Please please change it back tes! I am now using local authority sites to job search instead as its much quick to see everything available in my area.
  4. Logged on to search for jobs in West Sussex (I teach a few subjects over several stages). So stressful, I'm giving up. What a waste of time.
  5. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    I have complained.
    The first reply I received was from some supposedly-managerial *** who clearly had not read my email, and was simply bleating like some stuck gramopohne record or brainwashed sales goon that the new system is so much easier. He ended-up offering to let me send him my search criteria. What could be simpler than wanting to see all of the jobs in one region or county?
    Anyway, I phoned, and got the name of the Head of Digital Media, one Andy Moore at:
    I have forwarded my original email, plus goon's reply, and await Andy's response.
    I am actually somewhat angry about this, especially in the current job climate. If this is TES's way of trying to get more information from us about our searches, it's a pretty shoddy, cheap trick, at a time when the press is under intense scrutiny for prying. If it's supposed to be an inprovement, then I could provide a number of former A Level students who have a better idea of making software that meets the end-users' needs better, and provides better affordance and intuitice usability [i.e. their work provides an interface where it is clear how to use it, and it does what it says on the tin / what the user actually needs].
    What do I know? I'm only an ICT/Computing teacher with 15 years or so experience in industry, 10 years in the classroom, 15 years writing Web sites, and a still-up-to-date degree with specialisms in software design and technical writing.
    Sorry, TES, the new jobsearch facility is total garbage. Do not dictate to an intelligent, literate audience how you think we should work. Provide us with the tools to allow us to do what we need to do. [and employ someone who can procide functionality and flexibility above and beyond bright ideas with no knowledge or research to back them up, next time you want to bu99er about with the Web site!]
    Basso / Tony [DipComp, DipIT, BSc(Hons), MBCS, MISTC]

  6. Hi
    To search for all jobs in a specific area, you can enter the county in the top search box eg West Sussex then press the ENTER key which will bring you the result:
    You can then narrow your search further by clicking on the links on the left hand-side.
    We recommend that you save your search results which will help you find results quickly thereafter. You can also set up job alerts which will send you an email when results are found.
  7. Scifihel

    Scifihel New commenter

    Hi Bev,

    First of all - we are not numpties when it comes to using the internet, and a few people have already told us how to do this. I can do keyword searches. That is not the problem.

    The problem is that I live close to the border of 3 counties, but could work in 5. I could do searches for these 5 different counties, but that brings up jobs further away than I could travel. Also, some of the searches will bring up results in other countries (try "Cambridge" or "Norfolk" and see what you get).

    Saving searches still results in the same problem - jobs which are too far away.


    Just telling us to do keyword searches over and over and over is very frustrating as it shows that you are either missing the point, or ignoring us completely. Also, if there is no intention to bring this facility back, then you could do us the courtesy of letting us know.
  8. I m sure that this is repetition, but I also wanted to pipe up...
    I emailed the help desk and noted that I wanted to be able to do a geographical search and was told that I could do so via the keyword search. I wanted to note that this does not work for me, as I am based in the North East, when that is typed in as a key word search, it popped up regions from Cambridge and London as well as Scotland as they happened to have those words in the adverts.
    Can you please just change it back? I am scared that I am missing out on jobs this week!
  9. Hello,
    We are listening and we do hear the numerous requests for location search.
    Please bear with us while we do a bit more work on possible solutions. As soon as I have more information I will let you know.
    In the meantime, thank you for bearing with us.
  10. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I tried this with an area notorious for not having many jobs andd was surpised to see jobs from overseas pop up.
  11. Hi
    Can you let me know what geographical search you were doing and we'll look into this. Email me at gail.robinson@tes.co.uk
    Many thanks
  12. HI....Just to add to the comments..From using tesjobs daily, I have stopped visiting the site at all due to the new format....just want to easily be able to search all jobs in a county (as I have taught in all of the following: primary, independent senior and primary and state secondary). The old way was ideal.........really disappointed as I loved to get a quick overview of jobs in the area

  13. fluffyowl

    fluffyowl New commenter

    Please change it back! I am working overseas (no chance to buy the TES) and am looking either to move back to the UK (any area) or another international school, have experience in History, Geography, Humanities, English and SEN, it's impossible to find anything without doing a million searches.
    Also, can I ask why? Who told you to change it? I thought there was a crisis on?

  14. ihatemondays

    ihatemondays New commenter

    Please bring the map/regional search back. My school have job adverts to post on the site, but are holding off and looking at alternative places to advertise them as your "new and improved" way of searching is so bad.
  15. I have spoken to my local authority and they too are considering alternatives to the TES now, the negativity around the changes has started to spread.

    The simplicity of the previous set up was its strength, I agree the new setup allows me to search for the similar info BUT it takes much too long, several minutes longer, and there is no way of knowing if I have seen ALL potential jobs in my locality. NOT ALL jobs are phase or subject based.

    I don't understand why the TES dont grasp that concept. Before a TES representative replies please read all the posts. They are asking for the same thing.

    To solve the problem allow map view to show more than 100 jobs and give me the option to see ALL JOBS, I will then manually zoom the map into the area i want, and look through ALL jobs, irrespective of phase, sector, subject etc.....
  16. Thanks, but I meant the alterations still weren't going to be good enough....still won't have the clickable map which showed me all the jobs in one area in one go, so decision already made!
  17. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    To paraphrase Ed Milliband's wonderful admonishment of the Prime Minister: "She <u>still</u> does not get it"
    How difficult is it to understand that a significant proportion of us actually want to see <u>all</u> of the jobs in a geographical area, because many of us are qualified, experienced and able to teach more than one subject, to more than one key stage, in more than one sector, and at more than one management level?
    I, for one, do not wish to marginalise or pigeon-hole my career, or be dictated to as to the jobs I am allowed to see. There are plenty of dictatorships to which I could easily emigrate, should I wish for such treatment.
    The so-called "improvements" listed above are a sorry attempt to avoid the real issue, and do not afford any real additional flexibility - in fact, at least half of those claimed improvements are already available [whether intentionally or otherwise] to the computer-literate user of the present [abysmally flawed] offering.
    Again I ask <u>PLEASE</u> restore the simple, elegant functionality to perform a search based explicitely and solely on geographical criteria <u>without the need to stipulate any other search criteria AT ALL.</u>
    Thank you for giving this your immediate attention.
    Basso DipIT, DipComp, BSc(Hons), QTS, DipMus, MBCS, MISTC [and MA (Music, Technology and Education) (in progress)]
    Gail lists:
    Secondary teaching jobs
    Further education teaching and lecturing jobs
    Independent senior teaching jobs
    It is precisely this separation which I, for one, do not want!

  18. jgx


    My wife is a Head Teacher and we were talking about these changes the other night. Her initial response was the classic HT reply "Oh, like all changes, it will take some getting used to but I'm sure it will be OK in the end". . . Then she tried to use the site. . . Her response became, "This is ridiculous, it's bl**dy unusable!! I won't be wasting money advertising with them until they sort this horlicks out". . . TES take note. . .
    Today's changes do improve things - but not by much. I, like many others access the pages on my iPhone. If you do, the left hand menu constantly floats across the page and stops you from being able to read the actual jobs!
    Gail, with the greatest respect, please listen to what your readers and advertisers are telling you and stop flogging this particular dead horse!
    What puzzles me, is that there is a very very simple fix - RE-UPLOAD THE OLD SITE! If your IT bods don't know how to do this, I'm sure that Basso Profundo would be happy to oblige for a small fee. . . [​IMG]
  19. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    BassoProfundo sincerely hopes he is not patronising when he says: Bravo, jgx!
    This is precisely the standard solution to such a problem in the [professional] software industry. It's usually called a roll-back. Competent software houses, and businesses who actually care a monkey's about their customers, effect such a process on the night of the first day they receive such complaints; apologise to their cliants/"users", and sack the offending programmer or team.
    BassoProfundo also acknowledges the compliment and thanks jgx sincerely.
    Have a good weekend - and try to smile your way though the fact that this fudge-up means you're probably missing the job with your name written on it, at probably the worst time TES could have done this to our profewssion in the last 35 years.

    Message to Gail: Stop making excuses in here, or taking a week to respond to our email, and get the problem sorted. jgx has just given you not only the simplest and most elegant solution; it's also a software professional's preferred solution. Roll Back!!! Then be prepared to do the decent thing, admit the mistake, and apologise to us!
  20. haven't scrolled all through these messages, but have to say that "hate it, hate it, hate it!" Have e-mailed tes to tell them this. To put it simply:
    * some people want to search all jobs in a region
    * some people want to search for a specific position by country or by region
    * some people like to browse the jobs!
    We could do this under the old system! It wasn't broke so why oh why have you tampered with it. Listen to your readership! We are the people who use the system - ie, your "customers", so in the interests of customer satisfaction, listen to us please!
    Irate job seeker. Is the Guardian job site easier to navigate?!?

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