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The new BTEC Quality Review & Development visit - Advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by allens, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Has anyone yet had their first annual visit from their Centre Quality Reviewer? Did they measure against all the objectives and make sound judgements? Was it a positive experience? I am due a visit on the 26th January and need to complete the engagement document - is it best to judge highest or in the middle??
  2. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    All high- I put some middle cos not embedded and was told we would have action/sanction- so changed them on the day. No great challenge on the day
  3. How long did your visit last?

    We run 2 courses, on one school site and with a small amount of pupils (25 in 2 yeasr groups).

  4. We're having ours on the last day of half-term. My Head of Vocational has said that all Lead IV's available will be spoken to. Ours is on a training day so apparently all lead IV's will be in with assessor person to answer questions.
    Some of us have done the OSCA, others waiting to do it this window or next.

    Good luck!

  5. Thank you- will feedback to forum after visit -
  6. The visit went well. The assessor needs to question and be reassured systems are in place for IV'ing, accreditation and certification. He went through the standards with myself as QN and I brought in my Exam Officer who is vital. He then met all the programme leaders and double checks that they have follow IV'ing, moderation, entry and certification procedures. He will question the new Lead IV role and how is this different from our IV roles, 4 years until the next one....!?


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