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The Negative impact of the EBAC on Drama and The Arts???

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Dramitage65, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if any other Drama Departments have had their year 10 uptake reduced this year after the introduction of the Ebac? We're down to one group of 14 having had two GCSE groups of 20 two years ago? My school is very academic ( 89% 5 A-C) and parents are concerned about their children having a qualification that in the future may have Kudos. Coupled with compulsory ICT, PE and RE and Fast tracks in Maths and MFL Drama and Music seem to have lost out!!
  2. We've got a really weak group coming in next year - slightly lower on numbers, but not a single kid who is an A or B candidate. I don't know if that's EBAC, so all the more able kids have gone for a 'proper' subject and we've got the ones who won't get a C in anything else, or it might be a yeargroup blip. Only time will tell I guess.
  3. Yes! Able students poached by SMT and parents flattered into feeling their child should swap options and take the Ebac.
    Still got 2 groups this year but next year ... not so certain
    Then of course is the knock effect on A Level
    happy days ...
  4. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    I have 2 groups but a number of my a* students were told they couldn't do it despite it being their first choice......I argued and got parents to write in...now they are doing Drama!!!!
  5. got one group of 9 students! lowest ever. This year had 46 in Year 11 and 30 in Year 10. YES it has had a huge impact. probably 3 times or so that number said they would have chosen it if they had more choice. Frankly don't know what to do. Have got 2 BTEC groups though as well.

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