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The Naughty Bus

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by GemsEYFS, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    Hi, we are using the naughty bus this half term in Nursery, we are going to be focussing on developing imaginative thinking with ideas of where the bus could go, why he went what he found there etc... Then writng our own bus tickets, role play bus and bus stop, real bus journey, writng letters to ask the bus to be good on our bus journey,

    I have quite a few good ideas, but it is the first time i have used this text, and i wondered if anyone has used it with Foundation stage and ideas of things that you did! The more ideas the better ;-) I have looked at the devon site for a few ideas too, and the drama ideas listed in the resource section on here. But anything else on actual phsical activites would be great.

    thank you
  2. oliverferret

    oliverferret New commenter

    We did this a couple of weeks ago. It's a fantastic book which all of the children loved.

    We did hot seating and writing re "I drive straight past them", we went on an imaginary bus journey picking up passengers and dropping them off (1 more/1 less), we recreated scenes from the book, photographed them and put into them photostory with children's recorded captions - some of the children's photos were fantastic. Lots of small world play including a toy bus with baked beans and chips. We discussed the print. We made a map of the bus' journey and described the journey (lots of positional language). We made a bus out of old tyres, blocks and boxes.

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