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The Nativity Play 2009

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Hedda Gabler, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. OMG My little boy is doing 3 nativities this year! The first is his nursery and reception - he just has to sing. I am so sick of "Donkey Plodding all day long eeyore.". The 2nd is his creche - he's a shepherd or as creche wrote it "shepard" (glad they don't teach spelling!) and the 3rd is at his church where he is the red king and he is bringing "sankenfrein" to Jesus! This of course is always assuming that he doesn't get confused, muscle in on the 1st one and provide a sheep in the 3rd!
  2. Just had ours last week.
    At rehearsal we realised that the anatomically correct doll Baby J needed a nappy as Mary kept flashing him at the prospective audience.
    On the day I told the children to sing loudly and smile broadly. So i did the mouth and tongue stretching exercises with them.

    lo and behold! Angel Gabrielle turned round during the performance and took over. She put her fingers each side of her mouth and stretched her smile (just like I had). The rest of the angels obeyed. Great - except the audience could see the whole thing..
    When doing the recount and asked 'what did you enjoy most?' Joshua (Joseph) said, "Sitting on the hay and getting my legs prickled."
  3. I have to admit that this is one I read in a book full of similar hilarious tales about little people. But it still makes me laugh.
    A little girl was proud to announce that she'd be chosen to be the Angel Gabriel in the school nativity play. Mum dutifully helped her learn her lines and told her the 'Jesus Story' so that she'd understand the whole thing.
    The night of the performance arrived, all the family proudly awaiting her appearance on stage and her first lines ... Mary, you're going to have a baby and call him Jesus ..... but don't get too attached to him, he'll be dead by Easter!!!!
  4. Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud! From a few years ago, my funniest story was when one of the wise men at rehearsal said to Joseph, "Your costume looks like pyjamas" and quick as a flash, Joseph answered, "Of course it's pyjamas, it's night time in Bethlehem, EVERYONE is in Pyjamas!"
    And there was the time the inkeeper announced "You may sleep in the stable, but it's really just a wendy house with a cardboard door"
    And when Mary said she didn't like the name Mary, could she be called something else instead?
    Looking forward to watching 3 plays over the next week, from 'The other side'!-
    We have several Christingle services at Church-Brownies, beavers, and the Church's own on Christmas eve. and have been for at least 15 years.
  5. I got a book a few years ago with stories like this. It's called "A Wayne in a Manger"

    One of my favourites was this one

    Joseph walks in

    "Hello Mary" he says cheerfully

    "Hello Joseph" Mary replied

    Have you had a good day?

    "Pretty good really" she told him nodding theatrically

    "Have you anything to tell me?"

    "I'm having a baby.... oh and it's not yours!"
  6. We have been practicing our nativity and the angel says to everyone "Jesus smells of dog" should of been Jesus the son of God!
  7. Our very nervous Mary sat in the stable twisting baby Jesus' leg around and around until it popped out of the socket! Mary ran off the stage in floods of tears. The innkeeper had a basket of rolls to give to the tired Mary but he got a little peckish whislt waiting and shared them out between the other innkeepers! Angel Gabriel got on stage and was supposed to tell Mary she was going to have a baby but announced that he needed a wee NOW! Oh and I mustn't forget when the shepherds had a fight over who was going to give the lamb to Mary and ended up pulling each other's tea towell headresses over their eyes and then there was the time when the donkey thought he was in the grand national and galloped at break neck speed around the hall with Mary and Jospeh running after him!
    Just three days to go until this year's production and more amusing memories are created!
  8. jain1966 - loved this story!

    One of the SA's at our school often gets words mixed up, a real Mrs Malaprop. On Friday she was searching for suitable fabric for Mary's headcovering for the forthcoming Nativity. When we saw her on Monday she announced "I've got a blue panini for Mary." We were only puzzled for a moment then replied "I think you mean blue pashmina." That is, after choking with laughter on our coffee. She really cheered us up.

  9. At least she knew he was in the Nativity some of ours asked at school today "Whose Jesus?" Maybe we need to elaborate the Nativity in class rather than just acting it.[​IMG]
  10. Y3 child (yes not quite Early Years) writing about the Nativity (we'd made origami books as one of those "20 minutes between play rehearsals" fillers). Summed it up quite succinctly:
    Mary and Joseph was a nice couple. Joseph was a carpenter and Mary stayed at home. Sometimes she tidied up a bit.
    (I assume the rest of the time she spent watching Loose Women and Jeremy Kyle) It was just the phrasing of it all which reduced me, the head, her previous teacher and her mum to fits of laughter when we all read it.
  11. I am a PGCE student and have just finished my placement and if I can't teach anything else I can definately help organise a christmas nativity. Some of the funny things that have happened:
    the donkey said "I'm getting really tired now". One of the angels had the sun in her eyes and she said "i'll have to remember my sunglasses next week"
    One of the sheep wanted a speaking part and kept saying the shepherds lines! and trying to get kids not to do actions when they aren't supposed to is impossible, won't ever do that!!
    Anyway, for all of you that have still got Nativities to go, Good Luck.
  12. I was introducing the story of the Nativity to the children using the powerpoint from National Grid for Learning. I got to the part where Gabriel appeared to the shepherds.
    Me: " What do you think gabriel said to the shepherds"
    "Sit on the carpet and listen" replied one little boy who has real difficulty sitting still.
  13. Christingle Services have been around for absolutely ages. I well remember holding one when an organisation we work with (Newport And District Christian Education Council) celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 1981. We had 150 children and adults with lit Christingles all lined up on a church staircase, which wound through several flights. That took some organising, I can tell you!
    John Spurrier-Davies
  14. Ours is next Friday (nursery) and I'm stressing!! Having an AM and PM cast, children in different days etc is a ngithmare to organise, not counting all the huffs "I don't want to be a donkey" "I need my sparkly shoes to be a star...." It seemed a good idea at the time of deciding to have the 3 year olds (pre schoolers have the speaking parts) be donkeys, cows, camels etc and to do a short "dance" in the instrumental bits......now I'm not so sure!
    Funniest bit - we were practicing the Kings giving the gifts to Mary & Joseph...they forgot that had lines...
    Me: "What do you say?" (to the king)
    Mary & Joseph in unison "Thank you!"
  15. A boy and girl angel right in the front row decided to have a "who can sing the loudest" competition in our performance to parents today. [​IMG]
  16. BoldAsBrass

    BoldAsBrass Occasional commenter

    Just to let you know ALL my Kings fell up the steps into the stable - gifts flew everywhere, red shampoo fizzed all over from a detached bottle top, there were bruised knees at the end ............. but the audience thought it was hilarious, even more so when the Innkeeper launched a pillowcase of hay at the baby Jesus 'for Him to lie on'
    Working back in an Infant school has really lifted my Christmas spirit - Juniors are not as entertaining [​IMG]
  17. Watmore

    Watmore New commenter

    One of my kings crowns was too big and fell down over his eyes, he started to wiggle to try and get it out of his eyes. Second king thought he was supposed to be dancing so dropped present and joined in the wiggling. Third king then decided he must dance too, dropped present and off went an impromptu king dancing session!! Mary then announced in a loud voice "what on earth are you idiots doing the baby needs presents!!!" Not a dry eye in the house.....................the joys of Reception!!
  18. This week we had a 3 year old dressed as Father Christmas marching around the setting getting crosser and crosser, when asked what his problem was he replied " I NEED a garden centre to sit in and I haven't got one!"
    The modern Father Christmas....what happened to the North Pole?
  19. My own daughter (now almost 20) was quite a hit in her kindergarten Nativity play -not only did she pick up and enthusiastically brandish Baby Jesus by the feet - she also gave the three Wise Men an absolutely filthy look when they dared to step on her line. The venom from my dear daughter was almost palpable as she stared down the three Wise Men (or 'Wise Guys' as she referred to them) and continued to deliver her lines with great aplomb and conviction! . I say ' You go, Girl!' Much hilarity from the parents and other audience members. Talk about your reality check and what is truly important in this scenario. Great stuff!!
  20. I was taught to teach in the era of child led, integrated day, innovative education. As a result my Mary in my very first nativity production not only 'divorced' Joseph in favour of the Angel Gabriel but refused Jesus as the baby's name in favour of Darren which she liked better.. To crown it all she preffered Boots baby cream in favour of myrrh (much to the confusion of the poor little king) ... I expected instant dismissal as Chair of Governors and Head of Education was present... I have put my teaching experiences in 'Tales out of School' jeannettemellwood@blogspot.com

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