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The Nativity Play 2009

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Hedda Gabler, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. By any chance have you seen the Flint Street nativity?
    I'm gonna be Mary ... the prettiest has to be Mary... it's the Law! Love it :O)
  2. My year 4 students were lucky enough to see a Musical Nativity Play put on by year 2 this year. Needless to say, my students were singing the songs for the rest of the day. The best rendition was slightly altered from the original "Born in a barn, a Bethlehem barn, a beautiful baby boy," to "Born in a barn, a MEXICAN barn...."
  3. What a giggle the previous 5 pages of posts have been!!!
    Our Nativity dress rehersal to the school went swimmingly well today compared to the ones I've read!! We had a couple of stars in the centre of the stage picking their nose and tasting their findings and having a good fiddle in the front of their tights...parents may be all teary eyed for the wrong reasons on Thursday night!!!!
    One of our pupils is hearing impaired with other difficulties. He managed to break free from his support assistant and ran around the hall yelling during a quiet time in the performance. He managed to navigate his way through the audience and ran to the stage where the music player is...he wanted to dance next to it!!!!
    I love Christmas!!!!
  4. Use glow sticks as they did at my son's school - much safer, unless they eat them!
  5. lucie19

    lucie19 New commenter

    My youngest started FS this year and far from being dissapointed with his role he proudly announced he was going to be an accellerator. It took us quite some time to work out he meant narrator but he still insists on the car part.
  6. KMD


    Nothing hugely funny from the performances although the 'star' did insist at going at breakneck speed round the church leaving the wise men and camels still struggling to get out of their seats by the time she arrived at the stable.
    There was also the Y2 boy doing a reading - his partner usually took custody of the words but for some reason she didn't for one performance when it came to the crucial point she could be seen nudging him and hissing 'where are the words?' cue Y2 boy looking panic stricken, patting pockets and looking around him. Then, light dawned and he remembered that he'd put them for safekeeping under the carpet on the pew he was sat on. However, despite realisation he still couldn't get at them because he was sat on them.
    My favourite bit this year though came during the getting dressed bit for one performance. My Y1s have been absolute stars at helping to dress the reception children - I barely did a thing. However, as we stand up after the register Mary's sash falls round her ankles hobbling her without her noticing. Luckily I spotted it in time and was re-tying a little tighter with one of my Y1s looking quizzically. "What's that for?" she asked, "Is it to hold the baby in?"
  7. My children's C of E primary school used to hold regular Christingle services in the 1970s. Hymn sheets and Christingle candles are a dangerous combination and I recall a particularly anxious time during the fireman's strike in 1977 when we thought we would have to call out the Green Goddesses.
  8. BoldAsBrass

    BoldAsBrass Occasional commenter

    I have wept reading these...........my dress rehersal went very well today, not sure what that means for tomorrow. I was very worried about one of the Kings, who couldn't stop trumping before we went into the hall for a final run through. I suggested he didn't have beans for tea tonight!, much to the amusment of the other Year 2 around him - cue me having to silence 30 kids quickly. Hold your tongue 2mora Mr B [​IMG]
  9. You should go to the children's society website as they have all the bits except the oranges and it is all free except the candles which are very resaonable. You might be too late for this year though!
  10. Having had the courage of my SEN convictions I had given our school "thug" the role of Innkeeper, hoping to increase his self-esteem and improve his social relationships (previously all based on fear!) Remaining determinedly silent throughout rehearsals, we despaired of getting him to say anything. We encouraged him to just say "sorry" or "no room here" etc etc. However, on the day of the performance he blossomed before the audience, marched out of the 'door' and proclaimed to everyone "Folks like you who leave it to the last minute make me sick, now *** off" 20 years later I still haven't managed to top that one!
  11. My daughter was in preschool when she was Mary. The 'baby' was strategically placed behind her chair - the assistant enthusiastically pushed it through - it shot off the stage into the audience and my daughter, looking shocked said "Wow, that was quick!" which left the audience in hysterics!
  12. so glad that didn't happen to my real baby last year [​IMG]

    The shepherds had a fight round the campfire in one I saw some years ago now. It started with a bit of a shove because one was in the others space. I got told off for laughing (sorry but it was very funny!)
  13. I'd just like to say owww about all of the recent additions to this - I've got a busted shoulder which I can hardly move, and every time I read one of these and start laughing it moves it and makes it hurt!
  14. suesplays

    suesplays New commenter

    Don't suppose I'll ever forget 'The Missing Star' which, unfortunately on the night was just that! About five minutes into 'the production' my head of year started pulling some exremely weird expressions which translated into 'Where's the .... star?" and could yours truly go and find it? Not the most discreet of exits I've ever made - bit difficult when you're sitting on front row facing audience, mid way between angels and shepherds .... who could have no idea why Mrs Russell was making this unscheduled exit (was it going that badly?!) Thankfully, missing star was found - under pile of clothing, in classroom but not before somebody else from the cast had to come and rescue me .. as I found myself locked outside, and unable to get back into the hall!! Star got 'hurled' at startled angel, just in the nick of time, who duly delivered lines with heartfelt relief. Nothing to that of red-faced returning teacher - whose return was accompanied by profuse sweating and panting! Ah the joys of Christmas productions - maybe one day I'll write a collection of plays ....! (In the meantime, for free guaranteed stress-free Christmas Carol Assembly, seek me out on this website!)
  15. suesplays

    suesplays New commenter

    Just thought. How about putting these stories together in a collection and offering them to a publisher? I'm sure any right-minded publisher would jump at the suggestion. All contributors would have an equal stake in the returns. Just a thought. If you think its a good one, contact me! Sue Russell
  16. Go and watch "Nativity!" at the cinema for good advice on health and safety (especially the bit where they chuck the Angel Gabriel off the church tower on a rope...)
    OSTED weren't in the house...
  17. Haven't worked in Primary Education for over 10 years now but still have found memories of Nativity plays. Perhaps the most memorable performance was the one when Mary's waters broke......sorry, when Mary wet herself just as she and Joseph sat down in the stable!
    When I was training, more years ago than I care to remember, our lecturer told the lovely story of a nativity where Mary said, "Joseph, I'm going to have a baby," and Joseph dramatically put his hand to his forehead and replied, "Oh, my God, not again!"
    These stories have made me smile, giggle and even laugh out loud on a dull morning.
    Thank you.
  18. I mean... OFSTED
  19. Going back a few years we did a play aptly named 'The Grumpy King'. The little angel chosen to play the part was seriously into method acting and came out with the line "F*** off!" at one point. How we laughed.
  20. During last year's nativity tableau at the church, the donkey wet himself. Unfortunately the stage was on a slope-I have never seen angels move so fast!!

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