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The Nativity Play 2009

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Hedda Gabler, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Donkey plodding, donkey plodding on the dusty road,
    Donkey plodding, donkey plodding with his heavy load,
    Or-ee-or-ee-or-ee-or, never ever moans...
    Can't get this one out of my head! Ours just keep singing ee-or long after they are meant to. Other than that they have been suspiciously good in rehearsal this year. Waiting for it to all fall apart on Monday, performance for school!
  2. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Also Msz - big news, enjoy your big change, don't disappear from here.
  3. Yes, best of luck with your new post Msz.
  4. Some great posts...
    we are doing a nursery nativity, something that was supposed to start off as a few songs has turned into a full blown west end production!!!
    We had a dress rehearsal on Friday and we had a shepherd constantly with his hands down his tights, he then proceeded to rub all of the sheeps heads!!!
    We then had innkeepers whipping each other with their belts! We had a crying soldier in jeans and vest, he'd had a big paddy as he didn't want to wear his outfit!
    Not to mention the 3 kings who 2 are non English speaking. We had 'God for the baby', 'incense frank for the baby' and... 'murder the baby' and this is being performed in the church!
    So cute though!
    The funniest nativity story was a colleague's 4yr old daughter coming home v upset as her friend was an angel in the play but she was only a radiator. Mum v confused later found out she had meant narrator!!
    C xx
  5. I had to veto one shepherd's choice of prop for his costume one year. Being from a farming family he showed up - tea towel and dressing gown... and cattle ***.
    Also had to stop the brother of said child wanting to hang his conker from a bit of barbed wire as string wasn't strong enough.
  6. <font face="Arial" size="2">Nativity rehearsal today, we are all exhausted, so quickly in hysterics when it all went Jeremy Beadle.
    <font size="3"> </font> First on are 39 three year old snowflakes - thus 'herding puppies', its a similar skill - they sing a counting song and 'dance' which involves going round and round, they started staggering and falling over like very short drunks through spinning too fast, nearly falling off the stage.
    <font size="3"> </font> Next on are the angels, except Angel number 1 who has gone to the toilet. Angel Zoe continues to tell tales loudly on all the other angels from the back of the stage, and attempts to push them to the right place on stage (she's very grumpy because Bethany gets to be Mary every time.)
    <font face="SassoonPrimaryInfant"> </font> When the shepherds get up to go on stage one of them has left a big puddle and the sheep are trailing through it leaving wet footprints.
    <font size="3"> </font> Enter 3 kings with assorted pages and a princess, page number 3 aims a drop kick at the frankincense.
    <font size="3"> </font> Narrator number 1 starts building his part - "hang on I've got a lot more to say than that", thought he was going to tell a few jokes - he was also holding his script above his head to read it at one point.

    The show must go on!

    It'll be all right on the night
  7. One little boy was an Innkeeper and when asked "is there any room at the inn?", replied "Yes, come in!"
    Poor Joseph didn't know what to say or do!

  8. Friend of mine witnessed a classic.... Joseph sweeping out the stable with an old-fashioned broom...during which the course of, he managed to hit the Donkey right where he'd keep his nuts if he was a monkey...
    The audience was naturally, hysterical. As was the donkey, but for a different reason.
  9. Shouldn't that make it more authentic since maybe they didn't speak hebrew since they were from the "east" lol... I loved reading all these stories and it just reminds me why I am NOT an EY teacher... but they are precious to watch :D good luck everyone
  10. Not from this year, but from the time, many years ago, when my own children were young.
    My son really did walk up the inside of his shepherd's costume - they had to walk up a short flight of steps.
    Also from that era, the time came for the birth of baby Jesus, the lights were dimmed and what was supposed to happen was that Mary would bring out the doll which had been strategically hidden in some straw.
    Unfortunately this was the second performance and a helpful parent had tidied away baby Jesus between the two performances. There was a pause and then lots of straw could be seen flying in the air accompanied by wails of 'Ive lost Baby Jesus'! Mass hysterical laughter from the audience, many of whom had probably had the I've lost the baby' nightmare at some point.
  11. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    As nutella would say, I'm snorting with laughter.
    My dad, who was an HT in the 70s and 80s, loved to tell us about his trendy HT colleague who decided to do an improvised nativity play. Everything was going well until Joseph barked at Mary [yes, and I know this is sad really]
    "Oi, Mary, can't you get the b ugger to shut up?"
  12. These are all priceless - thank you!
  13. Just finished first dress rehearsal for nativity. All was going well, even though the shepherds were hitting each other with their crooks, and the angels fell on their faces as they tripped on their matching outfits from the local store as they climbed on the stage. Then on came the shepherds for their scene. All matching (as with the angels,) apart from JP whose mum was a little more enterprising and had made his costume. His tabard type outfit started to migrate centrally and reveal a vast amount of flesh and some rather brown underpants. He then looked at me and winked. Exit one tearful and hysterical teacher who could no longer lead the singing and had to hide in the kitchen. Once I had the tears and shaking under control I returned to find him theatrically trying to hide his modesty. Mum is sending in some trousers for the performace!!!
  14. Mass tears and tantrums from one child after parts were announced- she did not want to be an innkeeper! What did she want to be? an angel? no! a shepherd? no! what did she want to be?
    Baby Jesus!
  15. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Swaddle her!
  16. we had 'Away in a manger, no crisps for a bed, the little maltezer lay down his sweet head'! more practice needed I think . Last year, one of the stars did the most snottiest sneeze, all over the side of the stage, all down his costume & over my hand........nice one! 'I have gold, I have myrrh, and Frank sent this' is a classic as well as the time one of the Kings gave baby Jesus a box of empty tea bags.....he got bored, so unwrapped his present! Our FS play is wednesday....Joy of Joys :)
  17. Thank you for all your posts, they have cheered me up immensely on a rainy day and given me loads of material. I am setting my Year 9 Drama class the task of producing a nativity in which they play reception children performing a nativity!
  18. Little hint, when kids manage to flip a computer screen upside down or sideways, Ctrl Alt Up key.
    My kids manage to do it all the time.
  19. Oh I ache and tears are running down my face. Thank you soooo much!
    I'm a junior teacher, but we usually incorporate a nativity within our Christmas performance and even that can cause hilarity - not least because Josephs of junior age don't want to touch Marys with a barge pole, let alone put an arm round the poor girl and help her along.
    My favourite EY story was from an Infant colleague, albeit quite a few years ago, about a Joseph who greeted the innkeeper with "I am Joseph and this is my wife the Virgin..................................
    Megastore" !!!!!
  20. A few years ago Mary decided she had too much to carry so she took the presents and left baby Jesus. At the next performance after being told she must take baby Jesus, she still considered she had too much to carry, so she piled up the presents and dragged baby Jesus out of the hall by his hair!

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