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The most significant project I've seen in Secondary Maths for years...

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by mature_maths_trainee, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter


    This guy understands the idiocy of Levels, and rather than blindly following a pre-defined SoW and complaining that the students 'haven't been properly prepared for it' by his Primaries, is actively changing something that is directly in his control (the Year 7 / KS3 SoW) to meet the actual needs of his students. And he's implemented it efficiently, at a good scale, and in a reasonably rigorous manner.

    This guy's succeeded in doing exactly what I failed to achieve several year ago. Well done to him.

    I think and hope it will become a commonplace approach in some years' time.


  2. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    You're right MMT, that post does contain a lot of valuable stuff and appetisers!

    I'm going to find out about that QuickKey for a start! Love that idea!!!!!
  3. headofmaths

    headofmaths New commenter

    Agree, Quickkey looks really interesting, and this is exactly what I was saying about my GCSE class recently that we are teaching higher level work when the foundations are shaky at best.
  4. This looks like a nice project for R.


    (I've been looking for a fairly unique data set idea for a while).

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