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The mission to create a searchable database of Earth's surface | TED-Talk

Discussion in 'Geography' started by AndrewvanZyl, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. AndrewvanZyl

    AndrewvanZyl Occasional commenter

    Published on Aug 13, 2018
    What if you could search the surface of the Earth the same way you search the internet? Will Marshall and his team at Planet use the world's largest fleet of satellites to image the entire Earth every day. Now they're moving on to a new project: using AI to index all the objects on the planet over time -- which could make ships, trees, houses and everything else on Earth searchable, the same way you search Google. He shares a vision for how this database can become a living record of the immense physical changes happening across the globe. "You can't fix what you can't see," Marshall says. "We want to give people the tools to see change and take action."
  2. wildpinkflower

    wildpinkflower New commenter

    Sounds unimaginable. I know the children we teach today will mostly have jobs that don't even exist today. This could very well be one of them (coding the program that would allow this). I found this to support your video https://en.tiny.ted.com/talks/will_...eate_a_searchable_database_of_earth_s_surface
    Imagine the atrocity that would come alongside the privacy violations. They would need something to overcome that, surely. We just don't have that technology yet. Amazing stuff though, isn't it! Thanks for sharing.

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