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The Matrix

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by chinchilla, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Similar to my thread on The Truman Show (thanks to everyone who gave me ideas), I have also been asked to develop a course on either religion or philosophy in The Matrix. Does anyone have any ideas or any resources on this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Similar to my thread on The Truman Show (thanks to everyone who gave me ideas), I have also been asked to develop a course on either religion or philosophy in The Matrix. Does anyone have any ideas or any resources on this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. 576

    576 Established commenter

    watch the last 20 mins of Matrix Revolutions. It is a very good depiction of the meaning of the crucifixion on a cosmic scale.
  4. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    have a look on restuff.co.uk there is a few bits already up there
  5. Disc 8 of the 10 DVD Box Set ('The Ultimate Matrix Collection' - £14.99 from HMV Online) has an excellent 1 hour documentary on the Matrix and Philosophy that is accessible and contains wonderful contributions from philosophers like David Chalmers and Mark Rowlands amongst others.

    Here's a review I found:

    Return to Source: Philosophy & The Matrix (61 minutes)?This is a fantastic dive into the mind of The Matrix series, taking you through the ideas behind each film, one by one. A gaggle of philosophers (most of them university professors) and science-fiction authors (including Bruce Sterling and John Shirley) revel in their enjoyment of the chaos of influences and ideas that make the films so rich behind the kung-fu and action sequences. Excitedly, they talk about the importance of Gnostic Christianity, Plato?s allegory of the cave (?The life you?ve led isn?t the totality of what?s possible for you?), Rene Descartes (?What is real??), George Berkeley (?Reality exists only in your subjective experience?), Immanuel Kant (?The structures of the mind bring forth reality?), Friedrich Nietzsche (?We need to wake up from the herd mentality?), Jean Baudrillard (?The map of the real is more important than the real?), and Robert Nozik (?Would you be willing to plug into a fantasy life and not even realize you?re plugged in??). Then they move on to the second and third film?and as one philosopher says, ?The Wachowskis delivered an entertaining action film in the first Matrix, and wanted to bring in more of their riddles, more of their tapestry of ideas, in the second and third films.? Essential to The Matrix Reloaded, according to these enlightened commentators, are the Hindu Upanishads (?All things are united as one and come from the same source?), the New Testament (?The Old Testament made new?), Pierre-Simon LaPlace (?What happens at every given moment is determined by the universe?s smallest parts?), and David Hume (?How do we know the future will continue to be like the past??). Even the rave is explained, for you rave-haters: It?s a celebration of embodiment and sensuality, which is what differentiates the humans from the machines. You might have also been frustrated by the many times Neo, in Reloaded, faces a choice of two options?binary choices?but the idea of his inability to transcend dichotomies is essential to his character: Neo?s a slave to his choices. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is very important to the second film?particularly his ideas about causality and free will. Revolutions is celebrated as a return to enlightenment and at the same time (in the epic battle against the machines) a nod to the Book of Revelations and the Apocalypse. A Taoist sense of balance and harmony is also essential to the final film, and it?s interesting to see how the yin-yang notion plays out. It?s also no surprise that the humans and machines end up coexisting in peace. Key quote in this documentary: ?It?s the perfect movie to build a philosophy course around. Modern philosophy begins with Descartes thinking that we?re brains in vats.? You come away from this documentary admiring the Wachowskis? extraordinary ambition in embarking on a project with such enormous intellectual scope.
  6. I might have something from when I was on my PGCE but I will have to dig for it!
  7. HI
    I teach a religion in the media module in Y9 looking at RE through film, music, TV and sport. I have some stuff on the matrix as i use that with high ability students and Bruce Almighty or Trueman Show with lower ability.
    Do you have an email adress and i will send you what i have..

  8. Hi shellcody,

    i'm teaching RE at a school in london and am looking to introduce a course on Media and Religion. I'm absolutely stuck at the moment and am going crazy trying to find stuff. Would it be possible for you to send me what you have on the subject as well? It wouldn't be too cheeky of me to request this would it?? I'll be eternally grateful. Thanks. My email address is: shakeelzakir@hotmail.com
    Thank you
  9. shellcody-I would really appreciate you sending me some ideas. My address is iloveerik2000@yahoo.co.uk Thank you so much.

  10. I like the films but they make one fundamental mistake:

    When the plug is pulled, we wake into reality, not another false reality which would be the 'real earth'.

  11. shellcody

    could i possibly have your stuff on the matrix et al sent to me....that would be fab

    my addy is solisgazer@aol.com

  12. fpno@another.com

    fpno@another.com New commenter

  13. Could I be very cheeky and add a request for help too shellcody?
    Immense thanks coming your way! :)

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