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The Magic Box by Kit Wright

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Opera Diva, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. I already have lots of resources for this.

    Last year the children made their own boxes and filled them with their wow sentences etc...

    If you have used this poem - what have you done that was different and rather special?

  2. Have just googled (is that now a verb?!) the poem, never used it before but it's lovely. What yr group have you used it with? We will be doing our poetry unit in about 4 wks (yr 5) after our myths and legends. Would be a lovely thing to do and really like the idea of physically putting things in a box.
  3. The UNIT in GFW is aimed at Y3 - but that's really irrelevant.

    I have a less able Y4 class - it worked very well last year and some of their ideas were very thought provoking.

  4. I did this last year with my very challenging year 4's and the results were great. I love the idea of making their own boxes and putting their wow senetences in (just starting with VCOP) - I shall certainly be trying that this year.
  5. Do you have any success stories of creativity to share?

    I'm thinking about making a hugh box - big enough to fit me in!!!!!
  6. I have sent a copy of the poem to Greenmonster who says he has just the thing to make an IWB version! ;)
  7. I've used the poem before and the kids have loved it. Got some really god results at the end of it. Love your idea of actually making a big box!
  8. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    Opera, I'd put you in my magic box!

    I did a lesson where I changed it to "My Secret Box", just to make it a bit different.
  9. Greenmonster has just emailed me - 2 mins and he'lll send me the IWB version - am waiting in anticipation!
  10. jmb


    Can't wait to start poetry this term now. Thanks for the inspiration
  11. have emailed you Greenmonster's Magic Box IWB
  12. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Is it going to go on the fiery ideas website? I am doing this on Thurs/Fri and would love a version for the IWB. I use it with year 5 and guard it jealously so earlier years don't beat me to it.
  13. can i get the IWB version too please? my yr3 class would love this!!!
  14. its only monday and already i'm forgetting things like my email address!!! its evelynmakinson@hotmail.com

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!! :*)
  15. Would love an IWB copy chatty_teacher@hotmail.com

    If it's smartboard is it possible to change to promethean easily? Or at least powerpoint!?
  16. Monsieur 'awk - thank you for putting me in your magic box - I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. ellie28

    ellie28 New commenter

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