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the lonely life of the head of PDL

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by budge, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. budge

    budge New commenter

    We call it PDL at my school - personal development learning, pshe, finance...all the important stuff, and I am lucky, I have a small team of staff who do actually give a ****. Just had ofsted - finished on thursday afternoon and after the initial elation of escaping unharmed, not being seen or scrutinised the reality of the situation has sunk in NOT A SINGLE PDL LESSON WAS OBSERVED. No-one bothered to speak to me about anything. This was a full ofsted - none of your light touch nonsense, the real macoy. In the post mortem meeting on Friday morning with the head telling everyone how wonderful we all are I've never felt more alone - I felt as thought the whole process had had nothing to do with me. All the the other departments have their little gatherings (of course all of my team belong elsewhere first). Nothing new I know - we all suffer the same but to be totally sidelined was hurtful and hard to bear. My head was sweet - I had a bit of a sob on his shoulder - he said all the right things and they were true...underpinning everything etc...and trust me, I have no actual respect for the ofsted process - it actually says a hell of a lot about it that they ignored a whole department, but somehow that's not the point. We work so hard don't we? An acknowledgement that my department actually exists would have been nice!.
  2. What a missed opportunity for them. I guess it shows that that particular team didn't fully understand the role of PSHE/PDL but scrutinise what they say about behaviour/ safety/ moral etc and that will be your contribution. Can you ask your head to feed this back at the feedback meeting? Anyway congratulations on having and inspirational department and keep flying the flag!
  3. Hi Budge,

    It can be a lonely life as smal dept. team leader- posts such as that above really miss the point. So many teachers work so hard and their efforts are not always acknowledged or indeed recognised by students,parents or colleagues. In times of pressure and scrutiny it is important not to feel isolated, irrelevant or indeed purposeless.
    It is interesting how quiet this forum is in comparison to the others- maybe due to a further sense of withdrawal due to negative and biting comments which just appear hostile such as that from newposter.
  4. newposter

    newposter Occasional commenter

    Come on, I know PSHE is wet but that's just impossibly sensitive! Haven't you another 'be nice to each other' assembly to prepare? I'll be going to the mentors about you...

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