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The lies of teaching..

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by best75, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I just completed my PGCE in ICT and like many of you, I do not have a job for September. I came straight from university to do the PGCE as I did not want to waste any time, however this means that I do not have much experience working.
    Before I started the PGCE I was very hopeful and excited about becoming a teacher, and was told that it should be pretty easy to find a job if we do all the right things! However the reality of the situation is very, very different. Only a few people have a job for September in my class, the rest of us are drowning in hopelessness, not knowing where to turn or look.
    I have given up hope and started to look for other jobs, but most of them require experience in other fields which I do not have. I'm wondering why I spent all that money on my degree and PGCE when I could have spent those 4 years working, and actually have money saved up in the bank rather than being in debt.
    I am also tired of hearing the question 'Have you found a teaching job yet?'
    and having to explain that in fact there are no shortages in teaching,
    there's too many of us floating around and hence why I do not have a job.
    If I find work in another field, I am pretty certain they will ask me why I decided to go into a totally different field after completing a PGCE and I am unsure as to how I would answer this question!
    After a while If I decide to come back to teaching, I am pretty sure they will think I am unemployable due to not having recent experience in teaching.
    Why did the government give out all those bursaries? I received £9000 as ICT was (?) a shortage subject. How is it possible? Why is the government STILL training more teachers than needed? (I know the number of places have been cut down, but not enough).
    Basically I just feel a bit useless at the moment, feel like my life is on hold, and I'm in a catch 22 situation! I do regret going into teaching and I think everyone should be informed about the reality of the situation and not the way it is portrayed by the government and others!

    I am also going to advise those who want to go into teaching not to (at this stage).

  2. I totally agree as I am in the same boat pal. [​IMG]
  3. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    My partner did his PGCE and then decided that teaching wasn't for him... in interviews, no-one asked him that question! However, you could always talk about how the skills you learnt are transferable... e.g. being able to present to teachers/students, meet deadlines etc..

    Good luck!
  4. *Why did the government give out all those bursaries? I received £9000 as ICT was (?) a shortage subject. How is it possible? Why is the government STILL training more teachers than needed?
    Personally I suspect it is a cynical ploy by the ConDem coalition to reduce school budgets by flooding schools with cheaper NQTs. But at least you have more hope than those of us jobseekers further up the pay scale! Every recent interview I have attended has consisted of appointing prospective NQTs. Good luck!
  5. I agree with the OP. I have just completed PrimaryPGCE as a mature student. Gave up my self employed role to do so and now am unemployed (I have never been unemployed).
    The Uni I trained at are taking on even more students in Sept. Why????? There are not enough jobs to go round.
    I've had one interview and was the oldest there. The job went to someone who had already completed their NQT year, as its actually cheaper for the school to do that.
    I'm now hoping for supply work but there's not much of that either.
    Interview for JSA next week - I never thought it would come to this. [​IMG]

  6. A lot of PGCE courses are taking more students next September. Meanwhile I have heard a lot of the B ed courses have had their intake reduced, or completely cut for next September.

    In my opinion there should be a complete freeze in all but those subject areas where there is a genuine shortage. Anyone believing that the situation will have picked up by this time next year is severely deluded. There will be even more people looking for jobs, and I really do not see how the number of positions will have increased within 12 months. So there are two options: Spend the next 10 months doing whatever is necessary to make you a more attractive proposition to schools, or, find a position outside of teaching.
  7. Too true superkev. Nice name by the way. [​IMG]
  8. Possibly can do other courses, but I need to earn a living. Trying to get a driving license as well, which I know will help me quite a bit in driving to further away places.
  9. Snap. Well, I'm a Primary teacher but we got a bursary to train. And universities (and colleges, and late night garages) across the country are doling out teaching qualifications. Why?! Stop?! [​IMG]

  10. Only suggestion is working as an education specialist in other sectors. I just spent 3.5 yrs working as an area leader for a national singing programme basically setting up CPD and getting people to lead it etc. I am looking for similar roles as schools manager for arts organizations and charities etc. Try museums and leisure centers depending on subject as their school programme worker etc.charities like nspcc and barnardos sometimes advertise for case workers for projects etc. The childrens society was one I looked at last year.

    I will warn though I am now doing supply and trying for a part time job in one if these other sectors as interviews have gone against me due to being out of teaching for too long ( and bei g on M6 after a short time on the leadership spine).

    Job centre call me in next week for interview and will now make me look for minimum wage jobs. Gave applied for some at banks, shops etc but keep getting turned down. For me JSA runs out soon and then I am meant to pay my mortgage with fresh air!!

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