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The influence of temperature on industrial washing machine bearing lubricating oil

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by afdff, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Here, in a nutshell: the influence of temperature of industrial washing machine motor lubrication.

    A normal starting, allow bearing grease without difficulty, the lowest temperature; The temperature of the high temperature limit, grease selection reference. Grease has a certain temperature range. In the definition of grease temperature range has the following several concepts: the low temperature limit. For the soap base is dropping point, above this temperature grease consistency decrescent, into a fluid.

    Second, the lower the consistency of the grease, high temperature when the choice of the grease. The consistency of the grease and oil viscosity is affected by temperature. The higher the temperature. Also the lower the viscosity of base oil.

    Three, grease consistency is high, low temperature when the choice of the grease. When in low temperature. Starting torque. The bearing or possible noise in bearing raceway and rolling body table looks tired. Therefore, in order to adapt to the environment of low temperature operation, should choose to run the motor in the low temperature environment low temperature grease, grease or less consistency.

    The national institute of lubricating grease (NLCI grease is divided into different levels to mark the consistency of the grease. Often used in the industrial motor grease is 2 and 3 fat. The grades of the grease, the greater the different according to the needle of the grease.Wind power gear box bearing applications.

    The higher consistency, bearing the starting torque. Small motors, the bearings, small motor power is not big, so you need to choose the low consistency 2 fat.

    Due to large bearings, corresponding to the power of the larger motor. Bearing load is bigger, the proportion of the starting torque of the grease of the bearing friction is relatively small, so choose a relatively high viscosity of no. 3.

    As the change of temperature, in addition. Base oil of grease will precipitate from the soap base, which have the effect of slip on the surface of a bearing by the north. Base oil itself also has its own consistency, called the base oil viscosity.

    Such as oxidation resistance. There are many factors influencing the performances of grease, grease additives in can have very big improvement effect on the performance of the grease. General industrial motor applications, temperature, speed and load is to consider the most basic model selection of the grease.

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