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The Independent Support Group - open to all by mac64

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mac64, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. I'm here and am lonely-can I join in?

    Thank you!

  2. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Wow! it's a growing community. Welcome Becstar and Janels. RE: ISI and OFSTED

    -we've just had a mock inspection. Although the inspector who observed our N & R was not fully EYs he made quite no matter what Dame Judith et al state the ISI at least will want to see a great deal of play based stuff. Of course you still have to please parents, fill books and please smt etc, but outdoor, welfare and play based are areas the inde sector often fail or are considered weak on so now with the EYFS play based must be claerly in evidence. However, that's just one inspectors point of view so who knows. Becstar good luck. Be careful. Choose what's really inportant and as others on the other thread have advised, take it slowly. Possibly focus on two key parts and say you've been in touch with others in similar positions nad these areas (outdoor and welfare) are biggies. Can you adapt the FS co-ord's plans without causing upset? Re assessment, our inspector was pleased with out approach (retrospective comments using class photo diary) which he said we could reduce even further (but our LA is coming in Jan so I'll wait to see what she says). Also loved our children's folders. A4 with large Ci photos, adult directed photos, any formal work, anything the child has asked to put in, parent bits, weekly summary etc. Good for the child, parent becasue we leave available for parent access, and the inspectors as they are a big piece of evidence in themselves. Not sure what else to add. Take small steps. Find out when your next inspection is due (May seems popular this year!) and start a drip. drip approach on key areas. Bear in mind that if the school is providing what the parents want then they will not be keen to change. Also historically what's in today will be out within a few years so think carefully about what's really important. Inde schools survive by b*ms on sits and if they have a successful formula then why should any school radically change their approach? Personal beliefs are important but sometimes you have to compromise a little.
  3. Hello all. Hope you're all enjoying and survivng the end of term........

    Just a quick question about LEAs and moderation pls. What is the official line here? Do we have to

    a: listen to LEAs

    b: comply with their often ridiculous requests for evidence etc etc.

    I've been under the impression that we were operating outside their juresdiction?

    Certainly, when I wanted their SEN support a couple of years back we have to buy it in, therefore I assumed perhaps wrongly that they could only come in if invited?

    Hmmm. very confused
  4. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    I've wondered about that too. Welfare issues are something I imagine all have to conform to the profile scores too but other bits???? I will ask at school. As you point out when we all need services we have to pay for them. It's only as a result of the EYFS opt out fears that I think money has become more available for the inde sector. We were told of a grant and quickly applied have been given some money. If we take any form of Gov et al money does that mean we have to comply with all they throw at us?
  5. The LEA have just started to be a little heavy handed with us over moderation, so I think if push comes to shove the LEA might think that Indes have to comply, because of nursery grant for children.

    In comparison to some prep schools locally, I have always thought we have been quite middle of the road- access to outside, qualified staff, play based- so we are surprised at the sea change from LEA- as we have always had a clean bill of health from them.

    Certainly there seems to be legislation over moderation which we are legally obliged to follow. However our LEA seem to put their own spin on it and have embellished the basic legislation a little- re. copious evidence.

    You certainly have to know your way around the documents to be able to argue points and resist pressure.

    It is starting to be an uneasy alliance I feel. I think this is because LEA advisors are, in turn, being asked for evidence that they have jumped through hoops- although quite who is their ring master, I don't know.

  6. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Our LEA is quite warm and fuzzy towards us since we made noises about opting out. I believe that some parents have opted out in some schools (Our LA slipped up and mentioned this then quickly changed the subject. I think mentioning a grant and then helping us get it despite being passed the deadline was a bit of a carrot!!!) Just with other parental rights although few seem aware of this, a parent can opt out of the EYFS or soemthing like that. Also our LEA is a rich London borough with a high number of inde schools. Having said I felt during or last chit chat they were starting to push a little but no one seem to notice that. It does seem that you've got it spot on Hedda. Every inde school will need the equivalent toa legal adviser focused solely on the EYFS & LEAs so that they can sit and wade through the documentation rather than teachers and the smt. A pushy bursur/bursor (sp?) can work miracles if they are au fait with it all. It's a shame that the inde sector doesn't fight back. I was hopeful during the summer and the early autumn but I suspect that the ISI will aim to show it's more EYFSish than the state people just to prove that they have the right to act as an inde OFSTED.
  7. mac

    May I ask you more about the grant from LEA?

    I will understand if you feel unable to go into any detail.
  8. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Hedda see your inbox. :0)
  9. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    We break up on Friday at 1pm[​IMG] and for the first time for some years we have a full three week break...
  10. There is a new forum called Independent .

    Look down the left hand column.

    See you there?
  11. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Hedda see your inbox.
  12. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Hi All. I know there is an Inde forum but I wasn't sure if all view it regularly. Just what to shar. We had our LA in and she's more ISI than ISI! She told that a local inde school was having an ISI EY inspection next week so she would pass on any info asap so we can get some insight. I did point out to her that everyone seems to be having arough time with the EYFS. She didn't argue and actually said that surprisingly the maintained sector were having as much trouble as the indes. I didn't point her to this forum but did say that I noticed that. I was quite surprised by how readily she admitted things weren't all rosy.... She had a very realistic frame of mind and accepted that we were focused on getting through our inspection as well as trying to actually do our job. She was actually quite plaesed by what she saw with us and empahsied that as a formal inde we should be able to maintain our approach as long as we accepted the statutory elements of the EYFS. She even agreed to put her thoughts in writing for us so we can use the document as evidence. We'll see if she follows through but if she does pass on any useful info from the other school about to be inspected I'll try to share asap.
  13. A voice of reason.

    Thanks mac
  14. Thanks mac, that sounds quite reassuring. I am having to apply a 'common sense' approach to EYs and my rule of thumb has always been - are they (and their parents) happy? Are they making progress? Am I doing the best I can? I still have lots to address but there are only so many hours in a day! Keep us posted. [​IMG]

  15. I am writing here as I feel inde colleagues might identify with expecations of fee paying parents and how they view the role of the teacher, but aadvice welcom from all posters

    I am cutting anad pasting the next bit so apologies in advance if it looks odd as I cannot get the preview to load.

    Have been working with a mature nursery nurse who is twenty years my junior, has been used to being a room leader in day care.

    My style is the exact opposite and I aim fro approachable but professionally detached.

    had a chat with her that in a school setting that is usually the teachers? role and would be policy to happen at a more formal parent interview. I explaianed that we don't do a "handover" beyond exchanging pleantries.

    I don?t know how to move this forward. Am I just old and stuffy?
  16. Hi all,
    Just to let you know we got the call last Monday for inspection and were inspected on Monday/Tuesday just gone. It went really well! We had two inspectors and they were very thorough with paperwork and the usual questioning about assessment, but they seemed to listen to how we were doing our best to combine what the school wants and eyfs statury elements.... obviously until the report comes out I don't know all the fine details but my individual teacher feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
    Good luck to all those who are expecting inspection during these difficult and very confusing times!

  17. Congratulations

    Enjoy yourself this weekend
  18. Actually, I am abit confused now.


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