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The IfL: why should we keep it in business?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Marley811, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. No I meant dwarf, as my last comment appeared to go straight over your head.
    But you are a troll, so a dwarf troll then?
    Teacher is a noun, not a verb and anyone who knows anything about FE (where does that place you) knows that ITT is traditionally called teacher ed.
  2. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    Which operating manual did you read that lot from?
    FE Lecturers and their support staff have delivered excellent provision for ALL their students over many years, This may come as shock to you, we do not need another Government orchestrated body to tell us how to do what we have been doing very well for a long time. By the way most of us prefer to be called Lecturers, that is what we were appointed as.
  3. You people are priceless. Do your homework!
    "traditionally called
    teacher ed" Does that mean you are a teacher trainer teachered? And you don't support the IFL?

    "What educators say about IFL online workshops:
  4. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    I have read your little tirade on IFL, MMMMM! Where to begin.
    Whilst on-line freebee's for lessons may be a temptation to some Lecturers, I think there are many other reference sources I would prefer to use should I run out of my own ideas.
    Library where the research for lesson possibilities are endless (GIVE IT A TRY), my work colleagues, specialist subject journals, also, I have over many years produced a bank of lesson plans with Lecturing and student materials to dip into as and when the occassion arises.
    To me IFL is at best a "Teach your Granny to suck eggs" institution and at worst it is a means of control forced on the education process.

  5. That is a pretty shameful way to talk about fellow professionals who do see value in having and belonging to a professional body.
  6. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    Teacher Ed
    If it is there preference to value IFL then good luck to them.
    I do not see IFL as a professional body, it came from nowhere and its heading back there.
    I feel no shame in rejecting the validity of an entity with offers so little.
    A 'professional Lecturer', does not/should not, need that kind of hand holding.
    If the Government had not made it compulsory to join it would have never happened in the first place.
    It must be a generation thing, I see no point in it at all.

  7. Love the dialogue, but you are on the wrong thread. The thread where it is happening now is
    The IfL: why we should, can and will keep it in business!!!
  8. Don't we all.
    So you don't believe in sharing resources and helping fellow professionals, nice.
    Something you earn must always be given, otherwise it doesn't exist. Most professions have a body or organisation through which professional identity is recognised, you may have a point about FE teaching not being a profession though.
    Still no idea what your generation is? Sorry.
    Are you saying 'your generation' is the only to work hard and recognise how to succeed? If you seriously believe that I doubt you have the intellectual capacity to teach.

  9. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Don't invoke me pal, I am and always have been anti-IfL.
    If this were paper I would tell you to roll it into a tight tube and insert it where the sun don't shine.
  10. And until you decide to spell me correctly I am ignoring you!
  11. Come now, admit it - you both the repartee!! Banned? for anhonest expression of support for the FE Professional Oganisation? Who could ban lil ol barney for that????
    SERIOUSLY, get with the programme folks, and don't be a foll with eyes closed.
    IfL is the future - you don't think the current government will last do you?

  12. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    "The intellectual capacity to teach". From you, this is an interesting statement. The quickness of understanding, really?
    I have taught as a Lecturer since 1982, I always understood that my job then and later as manager, that my departments job, was to help the student to learn. In other words it was and still is about them and not us. You are all about us.
    As for my generation, I did not expect you to understand, to simplify, it was how we as a generation were prepared for life. Now do you?
    Professional recognition can only be given when earned, judging by educational performance in the compulsory sector I see very little output that warrents recommendation. Joining IFL will confer nothing other than self congratulation, which is not recognition.

  13. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    There is no viable reason to do so.
  14. I was picking up on your observation that your generation was the only one with a 'work ethic', hence my comment that if you really believe that then you do not have the intellectual capacity to teach. Because that is so obviously not true. It was also why I was interested in 'your generation'.
    Still doesn't really help me. Were you 25, 37, 49 or 54 when you started teaching? You see your 'generation' could be the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or any variation thereof.
    Why don't you expect me to understand?

  15. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    Quote: I was picking up on your observation that your generation was the only one with a 'work ethic', hence my comment that if you really believe
    that then you do not have the intellectual capacity to teach. Because
    that is so obviously not true. It was also why I was interested in
    'your generation'.
    You read what you wanted to read rather than what was written (possibly). My comment was from frustration at an education system that makes everyone more work for less output, lower quality provision etc.
    I am 64 years of age, still firing on all 4, still working full time, still enjoying my work, never take sick days, last 4 years no days off.
    Your comments indicated a lack of understanding of what I said, by the nature of your response.
  16. My apologies, but I can only read what you write, I have no interest in 'reading what I want to read' - only in reading what others write
    Or a lack of your capacity to write what you mean, I suggest you read it back to yourself.
    Most people with that proud statistic die shortly after retirement, there is no great sin in being ill and taking time off, indeed if you bring your festering germs into my staffroom I will tell you so!!

  17. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter


    I enjoyed your last remarks, I have said it myself to others. I do not usually get the flue etc so I do not spread germs. If I die shortly after retirement I will come back and haunt you on the forum. The ghostly specter of Lexus300.

    As for the rest, we should agree to differ.

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  19. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    Are you on something? If not, you should be.
    If I want to make a point and use someone elses words to do it, I prefer poetry.
    Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon [​IMG]Cannot find a handy picture of WO.
  20. Don't worry, Mr/Ms lexus300, I'm afraid Mr BB is a little confused at the moment. He's dropped a bit of a clanger over his membership of the IfL. He paid up his fee and then found out he'd joined the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh! Not our IfL in London at all, which was the one he'd intended to sign up to.
    So now he's having to sort it out and it's proving to be much more complicated than he had imagined. They keep on trying to sell him some takeaways and every time he has a crack at explaining that he's joined the wrong IfL, they go on about their 'online facilitated workshops' and avoid the issue of a refund.
    The only relief he's getting from the stress of it all right now is his cyber chats with his friends on the TES forum and - here I have to part company with you on the matter of poetry - his repeated incantations of those famous versifications from Mr McCartney. They act as a sort of liturgy for him, lexus300, giving him solace at a time of personal vexation, and we must just help him through it if we can. I've advised him to look on the bright side - if there's no joy on the refund front he could always sign up for one of their online takeaways.
    I don't think he's on the sherry, as you suspect.

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