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The IfL: why should we keep it in business?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Marley811, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. No new pay settlement for me and my colleagues, sadly. Three years now and still no sign of an end to our pay freeze. You are a lucky chap, cheflecturer! IfL fees paid and a pay rise!
  2. I'm not so sure. Certainly employers will not want to pay. But the cost could simply be absorbed into future pay rises, (in other words we will still end up paying). What employers don't want is to be caught in the middle of industrial action.
    And of course nothing could suit the IfL more as it would guarantee their future existence.
  3. On the grounds I have said repeatedly that I work in a college, I imagine I am very much in FE.
    Oh and no you haven't Pobble - don't try and look big in front of the children.
  4. I'm sorry - who are you? Don't you think it would be the decent thing to introduce yourself before stamping your feet and asking questions of me.
    Rude man!!
    And get your facts right, the coalition didn't 'scrap the national subsidy for IfL', the previous labour govt did. This govt believes in licences to practise and is talking about them in many sectors and in the 'big society' it is the individual that pays so entirely consistent with policy.
  5. Well you must be sleep typing - you responded!
    And I don't remember you saying you were in FE. Just that your employer is paying you all sorts of stuff the rest of the sector isn't getting!
    Like paying your IfL fees and a pay rise - when the sector has had a 2 year pay freeze in place!
  6. You might want to go back and re-read my posts as you are mis-quoting them.

  7. Not me, I've never said that.
    And 'the sector' is hundreds of individual colleges - some of us have had pay rises.
  8. Oh dear, am I?
    I am distracted by rat sitting, having introduced two babies to my old baggy rats this morning. Too much squeeping to keep on top of who said what as precisely as I would normally!
  9. Introductions? I don't hide behind a pseudonym 'cheflecturer', so a bit less of the sanctimonious carping about manners.

    Now to the issues.

    I am glad you agree that it would be wrong for colleges to pay the IfL fees.

    I stand corrected re. the abolition of state handouts to the IfL. You are quite right that Labour broke with its own policy contained in a memorandum appended to SI 2007/2116 that stated in clause 8.4 'The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills will fund the professional registration costs of individual teachers, so there is no cost burden to individuals or colleges'.

    The present government believes in the importance of voluntarism, there is nothing voluntary about IfL 'membership' for many trainers and teachers. I have no problem with registration and monitoring of CPD, but neither require the existence of a wasteful, self-serving monstrosity like the IfL.
  10. So you have lost QTS with the end of the GTC and no one else can get QTS after 2012? And no one had QTS before the GTC? And the GTC wasn't just rubber stamping university recommendations ...... oh Shirty, you do get yourself in a twist!!
  11. You are the lowest of the low - in direct reply to a poster ....... spin it any way you like - you said it!!

  12. Bless you!
  13. I'm curious now cheflecturer...

    What do your students make of you?

    No, really, I'm interested.
  14. I imagine they see him as the Gordon Ramsey of the lecturing circuit.
  15. Oh come on, enough sniping! Let's all be friends.

    The DfES used to print the QTS certificates... I guess they will again now.

  16. Unbelievably accurate. Couldn't agree more and I qualified through an M-Level PGCE (PCET) in 2009. Do not understand the point in the IfL but to my shame I have renewed my membership as I'm looking for another job!
  17. Does IfL only apply to England? I have never heard of HAVING to legally obtain QTLS in Wales or Scotland.
  18. Does IfL only apply to England? I have never heard of HAVING to gain QTLS in Wales or Scotland's FE sector.
  19. Latest posting from my college....
    Here is the latest position regarding the requirement for IFL registration. The College has received the following advice from the Association of Colleges: a)
  20. I should think that FE college employers are rubbing their hands in glee at FE lecturers getting so worked up over having to spend 70 quid a year on IfL membership, as it distracts FE lecturers from the real issues of lack of full time permanent jobs and casualisation of the 'profession' through temporary contracts and part time or hourly paid work; lower pay than in schools or sxith form colleges; shorter holidays than in schools or sixth form colleges; and lower pensions than in schools or sixth form colleges because annual pay is less.

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