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The 'I love my cat(s)' thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ilando, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. I love my cats because

    • they are a constant source of love and friendship.
    • they don't care that I always have lots of marking to do- all three of them climb onto my desk and laptop and insist on going to sleep lying on all the work. Great excuse not to do my work :)
    • All three sit on the side of the bath and love to pat the bubbles- still can't believe that after 2 years, they still do this every single day.
    • I love their smell (family and friends think I'm weird) it's a comforting smell that I never want to be without.
    • They listen to all my troubles and secrets without judgement and they will never betray my confidence.
  2. My girl cat chirrups like a bird, her brother sounds just like Simon's cat when he wants feeding. I get so cross with her for deferring to him every time I put food out. He is twice her size and I know he begs for food at houses nearby. Why do my cats ignore their water bowl? Either they try to slurp from the tap if someone is cleaning their teeth or hands or they drink the most disgusting puddles of water outside, in plant trays etc.
    How do I post a picture?
  3. Just copy and paste the picture :)
  4. Thanks. I can't do photos from this device but will try next time I use a laptop.
  5. Cat update...she's now sitting on my slipperless feet and warming them! Another reason to love her!
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    This doesn't work for many people unless they are copying from a photo already posted on the internet somewhere, and then copying it straight into here.
    It's a bu88er!
  7. I love the way my cat chirrups when she comes in.
    She also runs to meet me when I come back from a walk. It must look odd: me, the dog and the cat all trotting along together.
    I love the way she tries to hide when other cats walk along the garden fence. She just sticks her head in the shrubbery, working on the principle that if she can't see them, they can't see her big fat bum sticking out. Mind you, it's worked up to now!

  8. [​IMG]
    Ta da! Here is Frank.
    Oops. It seems to be a rather huge photo!
    He was called Fluffy, an unimaginative but apt name. No one wanted him from the rescue kitty place as he is a bit neurotic and will sometimes wee in the wrong places...
    I love Frank. He says miaow all the time. He is big boned and a bit chubby. He covers the whole house in fruffly bits of hair. But he is still the best cat in the whole of cat land.
    I must confess I like to "name" every cat I see...<img alt=" /><img alt=" />
  9. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    It works for me, with people [​IMG]
    I approve of your cats logic.
  10. Aww Frank is gorgeous!
    I name every cat that I see too, usually with really bizarre looks-related names.
    In our old house we had 3 black cats that visited and looked really similar, named; Mr Longface, Mr Bigeyes and Mr Red-Collar!
  11. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    It's so funny how we give our feline 'interlopers' names too. We currently have on our feeding books: furry boy and wee greedy boy.
    We used to have 'Daisy', but the family who owned her moved. One of our cats has never fully recovered from this. He and Daisy played like whirling dervishes in the garden, she called round for him every day and though he is a territorial wee mite, he loved her and never tried to chase her away. He pined mournfully at the window for over a year, once the family moved and he's never quite got out of the habit. He's got a little bit fat as a result of NOT having his little playmate. He's lonely to this day. We have done our best to compensate, but it's not the same.
  12. Mychuck, I love looking at all the cats too. Beats looking at the teaching stuff like resources and the forums with people squabbling over shoelaces and phonics.
    You are right he is lazy. The vetinary nurse weighed Frank and said he was over 14 kilos. I got a stern telling off so when I returned home Mr Pinkshoes got a stern telling off. When we went back to Kitty Fat Fighters we were told by the vet that whilst overweight he was actually 6.7 kilos and there must have been something wrong with the scales. Like a whole other fat cat sitting on it?
    Sigh. I wish I could hang out in the garden with my cats all day.
  13. mansonlovescats

    mansonlovescats New commenter

    This is my cat Wilfred. Got him from Cats Protection when he was about 5 months and semi-feral. He's one of those cats that shakes/vibrates his tail when he's really excited. He also 'dances' at the same time when he's really really excited!
  14. Fierygirl

    Fierygirl New commenter

    I can't seem to copy and paste a picture but I love Fierycat when she curls up with me on the sofa and I have to cuddle her or she grabs my arm, when she decides it must be bed time about ten minutes before I do and I find her waiting for me, when she sprawls over my chest, when she gets into every box that comes into the flat, and when she wakes me up to get her breakfast by sticking her tongue up my nose - ok, not so much that last one!
    Best of all, she's my little team mate - I adopted her from a re-homing charity and she was totally neurotic but now she definitely knows she's the boss.
  15. Wilfred! He is fabulous. I love his facial expression like "Oh hi there, I'm just hanging out on the bookshelf... not stuck at all..."

    This is great. More cats please!
  16. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Zoz - havana
  17. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Wilfred, Frank and Murdoch are quite splendid cat names. [​IMG]
  18. Lets see if I can make pictures work!

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