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The great myth of the financial crisis and the even bigger myth that redundancies are really happening. Apart from 1 school who made it happen

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by bbg22, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Last year, my partner was made redundant from a school along with two others (all teaching staff, out of a very big staff). These where made on the grounds that it was believed that the LEA was forced to make spending cuts in most of the schools, and especially this one due to declining numbers. However, the intake in the school was as great as last year. Additionally, it was made to all to believe in the staff that cuts where to be made in all the schools in the LEA, yet there where in actual fact no other redundancies in any of the other schools in the area, yet the senior management team made it it out that they where initially under pressure to get this done from the LEA, and illustrated that all schools where making redundancies.
    In addition, the school had a number of resignations since the redundancies where made, as it was felt those staff could be kept if this happened. However, these staff had not been kept and the other positions have been replaced. In addition, other new positions where created the previous year, prior to the redundancies being announced.
    In addition, there are tonnes of jobs and promotions in education at the moment, and the financial crisis in my estimation is well on its way to recovery. I have never heard of redundancies before among teaching staff, and the reality seems that there are more promotions and jobs than ever before. Everyone one meets is getting promoted or a new job in education at the moment. The media seem to be merely exaggerating the extent of cuts to keep people on a hamster wheel. Do these seem genuine? Has anyone witnessed many redundancies in education, or does this sound like a case of playing politics/pulling the wool over people's eyes in the midsts of media hype? Are there any grounds to make an unfair dismissal claim?
    Opinions welcome
  2. There was a big round of redundancies in the school I taught in last year, linked to over staffing in particular areas and lack of cash (6th form funding being cut etc). Cuts were made across the board, we lost 2 posts from SLT, a few middle managers (Heads of subjects), a number of teaching staff and also support staff like cover supervisors and teaching assistants. There were 3 other schools in teh authority who also underwent a restructure of some sort.
  3. I have been made redundant 3 times in my career. And I've never had a penny in redundancy pay as I've always been redeployed. So redundancies have always happened in some places at some times.
    If you think that times are good for getting jobs just talk to any of the many thousands of unemployed NQTs. It is not a bed of roses anywhere.

  4. Hello BBG22
    I suspect you’ve been living in a parallel universe and
    there’s been a break in time space continuum and for some reason you’ve ended
    up here. Millions to one. I realise you’re new here on the third planet and I
    suggest you spent some time having a little look round. You’ll soon see what’s
    going on with regard to redundancy and session only pay etc. It’s an
    interesting subject; you’ll like it.

    <font face="Calibri" size="3">As for your idea that the down turn is almost over! Well, let me take you for what we on Earth
    call a beer and I&rsquo;ll explain it all to you. </font>
    <font face="Calibri">Lots of love. Badger xxx

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