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The Great Fire of London

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Imtellingonyou, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Imtellingonyou

    Imtellingonyou New commenter

    Can anyone suggest a WOW start for my new Year 2 topic of the Great Fire of London, this is my first time at doing the topic but can't seem to think of a way in.

    Any help greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. What about setting up a role play area in the Classroom - Pudding Lane. You could make some bread, Great Fire of London Cakes etc. for the role play area.
    As an exit point to celebrate the end of the topic, all the children could dress up in 17th Century costumes and relive the Great Fire of London.
    During the topic the children could make a Tudor house and then you could create Pudding Lane using the houses and then set it on fire to see how quickly it spread. Good Luck fabulous topic. [​IMG]
    Here are some excellent web address that I have used:-
    <u>TES Links</u>

  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Don't know if this is any good but I did a nice display with red, orange and yellow cellophane for the fire with fairy lights behind it to make it twinkle. The kids did an assortment of tudor type houses, pudding lane could be signed. What did I use for smoke? .... Oh, some pieces of grey and black fabric pinned on.
  4. We started by following a 'long lost map' around the school resulting in finding some smelly cheese hidden under a bush in the playground. Hence talk about why someone would bury/hide something so strange... :)
  5. Excellent! I shall enjoy this with my noisy, lively bunch!!
  6. EBC

    EBC New commenter

    Bumping this up because I love the idea of the buried cheese. I've written a letter to go with the cheese but wondered more about the map idea. We've recently had building work done so I wanted to say the the builders found this...but any more ideas would be great on how to introduce it?
  7. I've also been thinking about my topic hook.... a bit long winded.... well alot!!! but here goes...

    I'm reading a few fire myth stories. one of them is off scholastic education (they have quite a few if you don'y have books), then "rabbit who stole the fire" and "the tiger child." We will then make a fake fire for our topic table which will go MISSING/STOLEN!!! We will write our own "the (something) that stole the fire" story based in England. That bit is just as an assessment for story writing though to be honest but a nice way into fire going missing!! But then we find Barnaby Bear and a note on our table where the fire was. He apologises for stealing the fire but explains that it looked like a real fire at the time and didn't we know that fire was dangerous. HE goes on to say that on his trip to London he found out all about a huge dangerous fire that happened in 1666. He asks us to find out about fire uses and dangers.... so we will make a poster or leaflet to show what we learn (This will be our Lit focus on information texts.)

    After we did such a good job on fire safety Barnaby says he will take us on an adventure. He says that he not only likes to travel... but time travel... SO I was thinking of putting Barnaby in a little crafted tardis/time machine so he can keep travelling back in time to 1666 and bring us things back/clues/teach us about it....

    I've not actually thought about how am I going to go about all this yet, so actually would like a tardis making idea :-/ but anyway, thats what I'm going to be cracking on with this week so we can launch it next week!
  8. I have a mantle if the expert plan email me bramleyapplecreative@yahoo.co.uj however loving the smelly cheese!!!
  9. EBC

    EBC New commenter

    Sorry ebramley..
    "I have a mantle if the expert plan...."
    .what does that mean? [​IMG]
  10. I must be having a total dizzy moment....but who is meant to have hidden
    the smelly cheese?
  11. Samuel Pepys. Parmesan. Google it (him not the cheese!)

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