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The Great Apprentice Scandal - Panorama Sun 8.30 pm BBC News channel

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by MrJob, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. yet. I think the IFL will be shocked and appalled to see the direction some apprenticeships are taking - a very, very long way from the quality, honesty, professionalism and integrity they continually talk about. The IFL need to open their eyes and see what FE is really like today! The real issues of professionalism lies with providers (who vary greatly) not FE lecturers. Wake up IFL !
    I am fortunate not to have seen anything like this at work, I have only seen real commitment from the companies I have come across.
  2. Yes I agree some providers are terrible.

    One sniff of money and they all jump on the bad wagon! They don't care about the young persons damaged future ,money, pure and simple.

    Apprenticeships are watered down taught in some instances by people who can't write a simple essay.

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