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The Great A-level Debate today at 3.30pm

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by TES_Community, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    Over the last few months, we've been discussing the proposed changes to A levels mooted by Ofqual. On 15 August at 15.30, TES deputy editor Michael Shaw and THE news editor Simon Baker will be online to discuss this year's A-level results and what they could mean for reform to the qualification, as well as what changes we can expect to see in clearing this year.
    Get your questions for them in now

  2. Cor that was a big deal.
    All of my questions/comments were refused.
    So much for free speech.
  3. Looking at the date this was posted, the date in the post must be wrong TES (3.30's an odd time for non-term time too).
  4. Still haven't had a response from TES about why my comments/questions were refused.

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