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The 'Get it off your chest over a glass of wine thread'.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nick909, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I am fed up with having students dumped in my classroom and only being told the day before they actually arrive. Specially students with attitude problems.

    I am fed up with feeling inadequate.

    I am fed up with being made to feel inadequate by those teachers who are permanently cheery, even in the staffroom, and they go to great lengths to let everyone know how cheery they are.

    I am fed up with the teacher at my school who looks down her nose at me.
    I am fed up with feeling bad for skipping out the door at 3:45 on a Friday.
  2. Parents who think they can tell you:
    (a) What your job is.
    (b) Be how to do your job.
    (c) Both a and b simultaneously.
    (d) Anything they please.
  3. To the over paid, under worked, not necessary, none class, based Dept Head, who walks the corridoors with a file under his arms whilst, the over worked, under paid, stressed out teachers, run round like chicken with no heads....
  4. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    With a big glass of red -
    Parents, I do not have the time to find extra worksheets and activities you can do at home - look in WH Smiths. If you reinforce the idea that your child should listen and complete tasks in class, doing what I want them to do and not what they want to do, the extra work at home will not be necessary.
    At the end of an after school club do not request politely that your child hurries up, wait until they have finished faffing about, just TELL them to do it and do it now -I want to go home!
    I am not a bank, if you send money or purses in please label them and please let me know what the money is for - I am not a mind reader.
    Please do not complain if your child is not in a club or attending an out of school activity if you cannot be bothered to read the letters sent home which are still in their reading bags 3 weeks after the event!

  5. Head teachers than give you performance managements targets that are impossible to meet about progression but then say that if we push them too hard in FS and KS1 that we wont have the value added in year 6- arggggg
  6. Ok, over a glass of Berocca as already have evil twingey throat and 2 mouth ulcers......

    Parents coming in and interrupting whilst you are about to do the register to basically have a go at you because x has lost half of his PE kit which was brand new and named ( makes a nice change!) and it's obviously my fault because that's my job isn't it and also making up some codswallop about the said child not being alllowed to do PE because half his kits was missing- er no, they haven't done PE with me as we had a training day and the cover teacher got them all to do it in bare feet with uniform on so blatantly untrue.

    Other parent asking at end of day what happens with letters as their x didn't get the one about clubs, I explain and say to x let's show Mum where your letters are and there are today's and magically the 'missing' ones about the clubs 'That wasn't in there this morning'- right so you are accusing me of lying- Grrrrrrr!!

    Flipping staff meetings that go on til 5.15 the day before we have lesson observations filled with people that don't have the good sense to shut it and that we've already discussed half the things already so i have to stay til 6.40 sorting my knobs on lesson with a very sore voice!

    Flipping coughing,sneezing & generally sick children sharing all their germs- thanks for that!

    Time stealers- staff that wander in & basically ask you one thing then precede to want a full on chat- can't you see I'm busy and trying to get my marking done so I can get out of this darn place at some not so God forasken hour.

    Sorting out staff squabbles esp the one where the one staff member thinks they work so much harder because they are there latest at night- er you wouldn't be if you stopped talking and organised your time better.
    Flipping cover teacher who loses all my plans & is like a whirlwind not makring work etc!
    Things flipping changing every year- we had one target syterm,worked quite well, changed it, didn't work so well now need to change it again- for goodness sake stop reinventing the flipping wheel!
    Realising that SLT actually doesn't really know where we are going because no- one above them can give a straight answer re anything!!!

    There, feel better now
  7. To the DH who told us to all label our visual timetables 'The Learning Journey' as it is more child friendly than 'timetable' (pass me the bucket please)
    Shall I always change the language I use to be more child friendly - perhaps when teaching maths I should change the word 'vertices' to 'corners' as it is more child friendly - oops no as we must teach them the proper vocabulary!
    What is wrong with the word - 'timetable' for f****s sake?
  8. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    Just allow yourself, for one moment, to imagine how marvellous it would be if it was suddenly banned. No homework to organise, photocopy, set, mark, collect, chase up, replace when lost,explain, justify to parents who say it's too easy, justify to parents who say it's too hard....
    Absolute bloody complete and total waste of time. Worse - an evil tide of schoolishness spilling over into children's home lives where they should be occupied with homely pursuits such as falling off bikes, settting fires in the park and watching telly.
    I have loathed homework as a pupil (though no homework at Primary - and look where that got me!) and as a teacher and , by far the worst, as a parent. Still it grinds on in a weekly ritual of nonsense.
    And there's no wine in the house.

  9. White wine
    Feeling guilty!
    Feeling guilty because I'm spending so much time doing work that I feel should be spent with my own child, but knowing that if I don't do the work work work and spend pleasurable time with my child I'll feel guilty too.
    Being unable to strike a balance.
    Being expected in a small school to wear 35 hats, literacy coordinator, curriculum coordinator, CPD coordinator, governor, history blah blah blah and also then been able to plan, mark and assess, and no thanks for the bloody hard work I do.
    Sometimes a simple thank you, you're doing a good job would brighten my day!
  10. Large glass of indifferent wine (all the local shop had)...
    Feeling slightly relieved that I won't be going away this weekend so I have time to plan next week - that can't be right!
  11. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    I think I'll put a notice up in the Staffroom saying, "I don't have enough things to do. Please list more things for me to do below....." This will save all the *****-footing around that happens every week, the furtive slipping of sheets of paper into my pigeonhole, as yet more people give me yet MORE FLIPPING THINGS TO DO!!!!!!! (Raise achievement in ICT, annotate guided maths sessions, submit planning for KS2 phonics sessions, record and evaluate collective flucking worship..... that's just this week.......)
  12. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Oh. and another one... "Create stimulating learning environment...." With what? Not allowed to spend any money, are we?
    Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Wine, that's the thing, on special offer at Tesco.
  13. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    No, not wine, beer, alcoholic ginger beer, that's it... You can whisper to the barman, "I'll have a Ginger Beer - Crabbies......"
  14. Just Bailies and a whopping, great big, emormous ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH
    (boy, that made me feel better)
  15. My two pet hates .... I had to check I hadn't posted this post!
  16. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    Learning intentions stuck in books of children who cant even read them (nor would they even if they could!) Everything else I can pretty much let it go over my head, but the whole walt/i can/lo red dot smily face orange and green lights drives me nuts! We all survived without it, because we had teachers who (and this may sound familiar) understood where we were up to and knew what they had planned to teach that lesson without having it all written down fifty F*****NG times! Grrrr! I do feel a bit better now at least...back to the beer and the rest of a sunday night with no more school stuff :)
  17. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    Being monitored.
    Hate it. Hate that I care what they say.
  18. Glass of wine to chill out before tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. Work for 7:30am, two break duties, parents evening until 7:00pm. When am I going to get my breaks? Not that I ever have time to take them anyway. Exhausted already due to onslaught of work. APP assessments for writing, reading and maths, target setting (year group and individual targets). Spend hours marking every night - when most of my children can't even really read it/care. I wonder who I mark for sometimes. Co-ordinator duties, when half the staff are so ambivalent towards what I'm trying to push through. Don't blame them either, but it's been handed to me to deal with. Worried about the National Strategies website being "turned off", what will we have to deal with in its place? Why the bloody hell do the government have control over this anyway - too open to bias. Worried about the tory stance. I'm working 70 hours a week, we get paid barely anything. I have no work life balance, at all. I feel guilty taking a break at home/school/anywhere.

    I love teaching, why can't I just teach.

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