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The 'Get it off your chest over a glass of wine thread'.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nick909, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    That's not meant to be a pop at you, Milgod.
  2. Hahahaha, AMEN to that! Vomit makes me want to vomit- and after some landed on my floor the other day i had to take my whole class outside- never mind the maths lesson!!
  3. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Ha! No worries. I always have that at the back of my mind which is one of the reasons I get them out as quick as I can.
  4. Nick- was thinking the same thing about parents getting their children changed for a club. We had it and we had to get them forcibly removed- perhaps one for your head milgod. The problem is though- parents have too much say. Don't want to go into too much detail but the things we have to do just to keep our parents happy when really what we should be saying is, "thanks, but no thanks", or "actually, we are the professionals here, please trust us to do the job for which we were trained". Grr.
  5. Exactly!!!!

    Makes me sooooo cross.
    School = Life stealers.
    I am starting to resent the fact that i hardly ever go out at the weekend due to -
    A) Having too much to do
    B) Being too tired
    C) Worrying about being more tired if i go out!
    I'm only in my 30s, I WANT A LIFE!!!!
    There is constantly something to do, constantly something i need to remember, constantly something i've forgotten. My brain will soon burn out. How on earth will i ever last till retirement?
    Why is it that teacher will run around all day looking after everyone else, but nobody looks out for the teachers? Surley it is obvious that this will have an effect on the chn we are teaching. Someone needs to be looking out for our wellbeing-how selfish of me to suggest such an idea :)

  6. Just sipping a baileys with ice.
    HT- you get paid 50k a year, yet your gone 2 minutes after the children. You agree with everyone who talks to you but we are not all right, so grow some balls and tell us who you really agree with!!!
    Other teachers and support staff- Get into work you lazy gits- it is what you get paid for. We are 4 weeks in and you have been off sick for 2 and a half and the rest of us have had to cover for you with no extra thanks.
    Assistant head teachers sharing a class- have you nothing more important to do than help the secretary answer the phone and unpack stock orders for your 40 odd grand a year when your out of class?
    Thick TA's- You used to be a dinner lady in what way does that qualify you as a TA? I have to write up all your observations because you can't spell but hey-I dont have a life i love doing this at the weekend.
    TA'S reluctant to change-you might like your file that way but tough!!!! We are doing it my way now!
    Everyone who doesnt understand how much work goes into EYFS.I am first in and last to leave but I have it easy because I have no marking hmmm. What abut updating my profile each week and sticking for England in the learning journeys. I have to set up inside, outside and get a million resources together each morning. Everyone thinks we play all day yet including the year1 teacher who hould know better especially as my class over took hers last year in writing because of the progresss they made in R and lack of it in year1!!!! But they only play after all
    Rant over-feel better now ahhh
  7. green_ink

    green_ink New commenter

    Thank you for your lighter chests everyone, you have made me realise I m not alone.
    Paper! how much paper we use as aschool aargh! And what is the point of getting the chn to be recycling it into a different bin than the rubbish bin when it all gets emptied into the same black bag at the end of every day.... I could cry!
    Extra bits to fill in, highlight, distribute, plan for, assess for, stick in to books and refer to... and no I don't know which sheet you wanted where because I can't remember because there are so many!
    Half the children in the class can't read the sheets and are never going to tick off the objectives they've achieved.. what is the point of writing a next step or a question in the marking which (again half can't read) and they never have time to answer because the next lesson we are onto something new, barely writing the date and title before rushing on to the next thing, or explaining the success criteria which we will return to at the end of the lesson if we ever get to the lesson after I have explained everything you might/should/could have learnt by the end of the lesson and that this builds on what we might/should/couold have learnt in the last lesson...
    "helpful" staff yes I know I look useless but I really don't need helpful reminders about what to remind the children of at the end of the day because yes I did remember it is PE/trip/swimming tomorrow and I was going to tell them when I am ready! Please don't come and tell me when I am in the middle of trying to explain what I want the chn to do and now because I don't want to seem rude I'm listening to you but I can also see Jonny pinching Sarah, rubbers being thrown around and hear the noise level rising behind you...
    Intervention - I so agree with lardy legs - I find it incredibly irritating that chn go out and come in all afternoon and have no idfea what they are doing, that they come in and announce loudly who Mrs T needs next even though I ve JUST got the rest of the class settled and now they're fidgiting and trying to remind everyone else... Does that mean that the chn who go out (yes often the same ones all day every day) will only ever remember maths and literacy from their school days when they grow up?? The other subjects have a place too!
    school trips aargh! yes of course the little darlings are excitied about the exhibits and the buttons to push in the museum, yes I know we were late because of the weather/traffic/missing lunch box but if I could just gather them before we move on I could try to minimise the disapproving looks from the explainier and ask them to stop and listen, and calm/placate the various members of the General Public who chose the wrong day for a quiet reminisce and look severely put out by the idea of noisy kids pushing, and if we could just stop for a minute so I could check that the lingerers at the back are'nt heading for the shop which we don't have time for and were asked not to bring money for, and no Sam it isn't lunch time yet so STOP ASKING every 5 minutes in that whiney voice!
    Sorry longer than I thought, better get back to the marking/planning.... seriously, I feel I might actually implode sometime soon, and all that will be left is a small puddle on the floor..
    the death certificate will simply say 'teacher' as explanation.
  8. Deep breath.... I swear some of the teachers in our school really hate children. Please don't have a full on bellowing go at them because they made a mess when playing, just get them to tidy up. They're children. They play. *breathes*
  9. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    1. Parents who come in every single day. Morning and afternoon. Specially when they interrupt you doing the register to tell you that their child has a conker in their bag.
    2. The child who as soon as their parent is in the room, they become a thumb sucking whiny baby, yet magically in the classroom, they wouldn't dream of whining or sucking their thumb. Equally as soon as a student comes in, they are clinging to and leaning on the students leg while your teaching, even though it wouldn't ever cross their mind without said student there.
    3. I'm tired, stop asking me when you can show your **** cardboard / sellotaped thing you brought in from home that resembles nothing from this planet.
    4. The huge pile of marking on my desk I caught my head riffling through today. Oops.
  10. LOL!!
  11. Gosh- don't read some of the threads by some whingeing year one teachers whose FS teachers *do* just play all day, lol!
  12. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Haha!! So agree!
  13. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Would love to hear some gigglefairy - please?
  14. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    There's a whole other thread on this https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/439682.aspx with some good tips on.
  15. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Actually I love this thread too. I'm here in a hot flush - the wine you know, or maybe the growing anger and frustration?. I just want to talk to Year 2 teachers under pressure to 'add value'. So are we! How can little Ashley be a 3A at the end of year 2? What will he be when he gets to year 6? And anyway you say he's only a 3C reader! That doesn't compute to me. He's actually not a genius, really. If you make him a 3A now what progress can he make for the next two years? What progress can you make? Have you actually read the APP statements? I can show you child speak versions galore if you don't understand them! If you have most of your children achieving above age related expectation every year then you are either kidding yourself or you should be sharing your secrets with the rest of us!! Just because your school is a separate infant school you can't grow your statistics indefinitely, you still have to be realistic in your expectations and 4 sub-levels in year 2 seems to be more than good - its a blooming miracle! Or maybe the reception/year 1 teachers are just rubbish? In our school year 3 have to take the fall so everyone else can show progress! And please tell us the truth about the bad guys! A clean slate is a great idea and we offer it unconditionally but forewarned is forearmed. It would have been so helpful to know that Peter and Sam hate each other with a passion and do not work well together on the same table! Why did you not tell me that Sarah had a weak bladder - and why didn't the parents until 4 weeks into the term?! SMT how can I fit in pe lessons if you don't give me hall time? I can't do lit/maths/guided reading every morning if I have to do PE too, or maybe I should just block PE into the last week of half term? Don't make me stay late after school on my PPA day, I want to have my dinner before 8 at least one working day each week, even if I can't go to bed until 12 for all the marking and target setting and annotating and ..... and ...... and ..... and now it will be later because I've started blogging instead of picking up the resources I was looking for!
  16. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Thanks Waterfin
  17. The point being that, given my school's marking policy, I can't use half of them. :(

    My current favourite is marking a piece if marking by typing the feedback (2 positives and an Action to do now). Not quick as such, but baring in mind that I HAVE to "deep mark" their writing, I find this takes half the time of writing the feedback. :(
  18. This has happened in my class in the last couple of years, mind you 1 or 2 pupils surely can be expected to make excellent progress in the year...
    My levels are agreed with my KS2 teachers by the way before being sent to the LA as part of whole school moderation. This helps as then they can't moan when 'Ashley' doesnt make good progress in KS2.
  19. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Can I possibly ask you what planet you might have recently arrived from, to allow your child to leave the house and walk to school without putting a coat on, given that it has been raining heavily and steadily since about 9 o'clock last night?
    You vacuous halfwits.
    When I was young I was forcibly dressed in a balaclava, unfashionable C&A coat (with detachable hood) and mittens from about September onwards, regardless of the weather. The fact that it was all removed and crammed into my school bag the instant I was out of sight is irrelevant.

  20. A whinge over sushi tonight...

    It never, ever ends. I CANNOT keep up with my marking. I don't like spending so much time working :( but I love my job... Catch 22 I guess.

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