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The 'Get it off your chest over a glass of wine thread'.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nick909, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    HT - So quick to criticise any Maths session without a million differentiated questioning/activities, SEN challenges, models and images, next steps and 'hands on learning' -- why don't you do some demonstration lessons with our classes so we can see exactly what it is that you want?
  2. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Learning Objectives - If I am teaching, for example , doubling and halving surely it is obvious!
    Success criteria - can you do what you have been asked to do? (all be it differentiated for your own ability).
    Adding all this and listing resources (if I am using a power point, worksheet, maths game, cubes etc - it is blatantly obvious I will need them) is adding hours to my weekly planning. [​IMG]
  3. I love this thread! I thought it was just my school - we all complain about how much we are expected to do, on top of teaching, planning, marking work, assessing work, writing targets, assessing again.
    Then there's the kids. No I don't have your jumper or hat. Is it named? No? Hmm! No, you're in year 1 now, its working time, not choosing time. You don't want to do it? Thats fine, we'll finish it at playtime.Put your name on your work - how do I know its yours otherwise!
    Plus my laptop has broken - do I get a replacement? Not yet...it's coming. HT walks around - why are you not using your SMART board? Hmm, I think I need magic to make it work at the moment.
    And, its Sunday night and I've just remembered some maths assessments I've forgotten to do. *** it!!!!
  4. I go to school early, I leave late, yet still feel guilty- why?

    Levels on each child needed by mid Oct- I've barely known them a month! How the f*** am i meant to 'level' them?

    Got a cold? Ill? Still expected in school. HT has cold/ill- has day off? grrrrrr
    I'm an NQT, feel like I should know & be able to do everything as quickly & efficiently as people who have done the job 10+ years- inadequacy, thy name is me :(
  5. Oh lardy.... [​IMG] I'm touched.... Let me know when the Millions roll your way. In the meantime, I'll continue to learn from you and develop my own brand of Lardy Cynicism!
  6. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Target setting for y4 in Oct/Nov.
    No, I don't know what level these kids will have achieved by the end of this year, never mind what they will achieve in year 6...I've only just got to grips with the levels they are at now.
    So when I look at the levels they came out of KS1 with and add the expected 2 on, why is that not good enough? Speaking from experience you'll be after us boosting the expected levels next year anyway.

  7. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Targets *******
    Some children peak early then level off, some are late starters, some cruise, some just can't
    be assed, some have parental targets which don't match ours, most don't care, they just want to do what they have to do here and now.
    Why can't they just enjoy earning? Why pressure them just so the paperwork looks OK?
    They should be thinking about how to do what they are asked to do in each lesson - not what this might mean in months/years time.
    What next- choose your career path at 7?

  8. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Sorry Learning. Although some do earn from parents for doing what they should be doing anyway.
  9. Love this thread..
    Long awaited hospital appointment finally arrived, luckily its as early as 9.30,
    'you WILL be back by 10.30 won't you, as you need to cover year 4 whilst the teacher has his perf man.'
    Errr! do i have a crystal ball?
    Suppose i could try... 'excuse me Mr very, very busy consultant,please deal with me quickly as i have to cover someone urgently at 10.30'.
  10. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    TreesK - You have a designated TA? Our admin, photocopying and other 101 non teacher tasks have to be completed by our class TAs. Except oh I forgot the head wont let them do it in classtime either. Of course the worst paid members of staff wont mind doing it in thier own time, good will and all that Head teacher. What they wont? Oh well I suppose the teachers will have to add it to the 101 other things they spend their spare time doing. Designated TA? I wish!
  11. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Harvest Festival!
    Who bloody cares? Why does no-one ever question why we still have the bloody things! Why does everyone look at you like you've just suggested bringing back corporal punishment, whenever you dare to question the event's relevance? Yes, I know it's traditional, but so is slavery and witch-burning. It's only the doley parents who ever turn up anyway, plus the odd nan. Haven't we got better things to spend class time on, like learning and that, rather than painting pictures of potatoes and writing Autumn bloody acrostics?
    So don't bloody moan when my class just pitches up and yells their way through Cauliflowers Fluffy for the umpteenth year in a row, okay. Those manky old tins of mandarin segments and stewing steak could double up as good weapons, you know.
  12. Staff meetings that could have easily been done in 10 mins, not the whole hour...grrrrr
  13. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    [​IMG] Sounds good doesn't it? Only the poor soul is part time, snowed under and frankly unavailable. And we don't have class TA's. Just an occasional appearance from someone twice a week for 40 minutes... anyway I think we are agreed that teachers would really like to be able to use whatever TA time we get, in the way we think fit.
    And while I'm here... : If I send a child to the office because they have stomach ache and feel sick, I really don't want them sent back with the message 'tell him to sit with a bucket' . No. I have been there, done that and now I want him SENT HOME to throw up in peace.
    Great Monday everyone?
  14. jocool35

    jocool35 New commenter

    Wow, where do you start...
    I've just got back this evening from a late-night-opening session which came about after I pointed out that I don't finish my normal work until at least 6 pm when the building shuts. The head wants new displays up in the corridor with everything "minimum double mounted"! After sorting out 4 differentiated tasks for guided reading, three levels of differentiation for maths, marking, etc., and not even getting round to tomorrow's literacy lesson, I started on the display sometime after 6. Thanks to the slow laptop and erratic printing available, I got as far as printing out what I need for a corridor display and that's it. The head recently told me that she used to cut out her double mounted display materials 'While she watched Eastenders'. I don't watch Eastenders. I pursue other interests, or spend time with loved ones, in my evenings, mostly!
    I have an email from the union which clearly confirms for me what I already knew- while of course we need to have an input into display, and some individuals might enjoy spending their own time on them, it is not our job to do things like double mounting. How has it become acceptable for us to be working until 8 pm (so a 12 hour day for most of us) to do these tasks, when we still haven't done some of our actual teacher tasks? This makes me very angry.
    Here are some other things that make me angry:
    • conversations during meetings between a small number of people which could be had outside the meeting and the results/ decisions reported back another time
    • being required to transfer data from one place to another several times a year (again, confirmed by my union that this is an admin task and not mine)
    • a lack of acknowledgement of the number of hours in a day. I think they think the sky would fall in if they just said "We realise this isn't technically possible. Please just do as much of it as you can, and we're grateful for your hard work".
    • Perpetually broken photocopiers
    • IT systems with a mind (with Alzheimer's) of its own that are never fixed
    • Neither of the above bullet points being allowed to be a reason why something is not done, or has been done badly
    • Children removed from my class (before September; he should have moved up with his whole class into mine, but was mysteriously moved into a parallel class at parents' request) without me being given an explanation. The mother of said child once accused me of racism when I taught her elder daughter (I moved where she sat in the classroom. Along with 5 or 6 other children of varying ethnic backgrounds...)- if this was cited as a reason, the school has basically agreed that I am a racist by moving him, and I find this offensive and unfair.
    • being looked down on by people who choose to spend their whole evenings and most of their weekends working, and so get more done than I do
    • watching NQTs think that all of this is normal and not having the confidence to speak out
    • pressure, albeit gentle, being exerted on us at staff meetings to provide after school clubs, with very infrequent recognition that teachers give up their own time to do this
    • The two or three children in my class this year who actually think that it is OK to help themselves to things from my desk drawer that I have confiscated from them because they were playing with them in lessons. I'm horrified by this - though I suppose it is a tribute to most of the children we teach that I am so used to honesty in such matters!
    • Having an apparently inaudible voice in the classroom, even when they are quiet...
    • Knowing that, despite having 13 years experience, my opinion is worth next to nothing in the context of staff 'status' (though that has its benefits. No inspectors are interested in talking to me!)
    • Having to get colleagues to move a piano twice a week to facilitate piano lessons and the simultaneous use of the hall, when the school site manager has known piano lessons were starting since sometime last summer
    • The office taking money for music lessons and not telling me or giving out receipts, so that I send out 'you owe us money' letters to people who have paid, and lose track of those who haven't
    • The above bullet point ever being my responsibility, ever
    • Never having enough books or resources for the 3 classes in a year group
    • Parents who have what they perceive to be a negative conversation with me (I didn't know that the dad was ill and had to get to important hospital appointments because I didn't study mind-reading at university...) and then go and complain to the child's previous teacher who of course 'sorts out' the problem, and the head
    • Er......
    • That's It.
    Well, maybe I've just decided that I should stop moaning now and go to bed and forget about it for a few hours! Thanks, fellow ranters![​IMG]

  15. Hmm...

    Mine would be something along the lines of being strangely unhappy and not enjoying teaching. Overall, I've really enjoyed it up to now and dedicated so much of myself and my time to it. However, I'm starting to have doubts and just not enjoy it - unlike before, I'm actually starting to not enjoy teaching children. I'm hoping that this will all pass and be just a phase, if not, I'm screwed.

    More alcohol!
  16. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    It is the extreme requests for differentiated EVERYTHING which is causing us so much stress. Maths - at least 3 levels, phonics for the ones who didn't learn to spell in Rec/Year 1, umpteen guided reading groups, literacy, French, all sorts of intervention groups being extracted from lessons then coming back 15 mins later without a clue what's going on. Then the endless quest for levels, targets, criteria for learning, etc etc all to prepare for "When Ofsted come", no wonder we need a drink when we get home. Counting the days till half-term now.
  17. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    First day of football club today. I run it for Y3-6. There are about 45 children in the club who all pile into my room to get changed after school. I'm fine with that, we all help tidy up at the end and I'm happy.
    However, there are always parents (of new Y3 children) who insist on coming in to my classroom without asking and start getting their child changed for football! It drives me bloody insane! They take up loads of room, of which there isn't much anyway, in addition to it being weird and stupid. I have to politely ask them to allow their child to get changed by themselves and wait outside.

    What do they think the children do when it's PE time? Do they think the teachers/TAs change them?
  18. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Yes, Yes and yes! 4 maths groups, 4 English , 4 guided reading, 1 child with autism who has separate planning, Interventions for 5 children, 4 with P levels ( in yr2/3,), etc, etc.

    Today I rebelled - loads to do but have had enough. Left school at 4, have done nothing at all at home. Will probably regret it tomorrow but it feels great tonight[​IMG]
    After today - a large glass of wine needed...
  20. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Not to mention entirely inappropriate. I doubt many of them have CRB checks.

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