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The 'Get it off your chest over a glass of wine thread'.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nick909, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. dnm

    dnm New commenter

    cup of tea, am up early tomorrow!
    SLT and ridiculous meetings about meetings, forms to complete that are then filed somewhere useless to be forgotten, children who need something explaining 17 times because they don't listen and then a visit from said darlings parent as he was in trouble and it wasn't him. so after explaining he was involved and then upped the situation by decking his friend, parent says argh and leaves, no sorry or ok.
    but do love my class and having loads of fun but there is not enough time in the day! [​IMG]
  2. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    A glass of re -again!
    Parents: No it is not alright to show them your way because they don't want to do it the way they have been taught. OK,, so you didn't do it that way but we do! No here is no excuse not to find 5 minutes to hear him read when you want me to hear him every day.
    Children: I am not your mother. She may pick up and clear up after you - I don't.
    It is not your mum's, dad's, gran's cat's or dog's fault for not putting your reading book/PE kit/ diary/lunch in your bag. You know you need it, just bring it.
    When I talk you don't and you will have to cross your legs all day unless you learn how to say please when asking to go to the toilet.
    That covers about the first session before break -I will train them - I will! [​IMG]

  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Parents...... Who try to drag you into their disputes with other parents in the class. No I am not here to sort out your social life and to listen to you moan. I am here to teach your child.
  4. TO HT...

    No I have not annotated my planning. I WILL NOT annotate my planning, because I have done this job for years and have never needed to before (except as an NQT).

    I write my planning for you and I tick off your silly 21 point list of things I have to include. I never, ever, ever LOOK at the planning whilst teaching, because I DON'T NEED IT!!!!! It's for you.
    I could be doing better things instead of the planning, such as having a rest before the next stint with 30 kids. I could even be having a conversation with my husband or my own children.

    You have a life, because when you go home (before me every day), you can leave your work behind. Mine is with me in a bloody suitcase cos there's so much.

    Stop matching my short term planning to my long term planning, and stop demanding that I have class targets on the wall 1 week in, individual targets in place by the end of this week, and that I will know exactly where my class will be at the end of the year and have target set for this by...erm... last week.

    You petty micro-manager.
  5. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Loving this thread, this one will run and run! (Just noticed, last night I posted, "I am hear to teach you!" That's what cheap plonk does for you!! )
    Seems to me that we are all finding it even more stressful that normal this Autumn. No wonder so many NQTs want to pack it in already!!
  6. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Is it just me, or are photocopiers more and more resembling Hadron Colliders?
    Can I please just photocopy a few sheets by pressing a maximum of three buttons rather than go through a load of ridiculous options/paper density/page alignment/shoe size/atomic mass, only to still somehow get half a page blown up onto A3?
    I wouldn't mind, only the f*cking thing still jams on a daily basis despite all the technological upheavals.
    Photocopier Manufacturers: I think you need to re-assess your priorities. When the office needs to close for half a day for staff need to attend a photocopier 'training session', you might have overdone things somewhat.
    Cup of strong coffee. Unfortunately, 'special' coffees are weekend fodder only.
  7. I think this sums up my school perfectly... maybe it is my school.... or maybe not, you can spell far too well!
  8. Just coffee, I'm afraid (but it is only lunchtime...)
    I'm coming at this from a secondary point of view, but I share many of the issues already raised. In addition...
    KIDS who think that homelessness will never happen to them and that those who died in WW1 is something to laugh at. Those that believe that a new academic year means that they can forget everything they've ever been taught. Those who think they'll just be awarded GCSEs for turning up.
    STAFF who continue to bombard me and other colleagues with new stuff to teach which is not even in the subject I'm trained for! To GCSE level!! With two groups!!! The same staff who fail to provide CPD or any outside training so we know what we're doing; 'just come and ask me' isn't good enough - the kids deserve better, why don't you teach it?
    The feeling that only three weeks in and I just want to hide. Only another 4 weeks...
  9. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    New annoying staff!!! Because she got 15 min less PPA than some of the staff (bare in mind she has a small group of 7/8 and the rest have a class of 30) she has complained so SMT have worked out the time we are entitle too to the minute and instead of just having the morning out of class (9 - 12.30) we are having 10.15 - 12.30. Apparently we should still be happy as officially we are only entitled to 2 hrs 9 min. Thanks!!
  10. Especially when they are the new deputy head and sticking their nose into everything. Ours used to be quite a calm school - now all of a sudden everyone is feeling got at/intimidated and stressed. All because of one deeply annoying 'know-it-all'.
    Aah - feel better already...
    Now I will open the wine!!
  11. ARGH... no drinks just chocolates (and lots of it) although now reaching for the wine mid rant...
    TEACHERS!!! *** I said I don't like my class.... I didn't say I wanted to go sneak into there house and stab them in they sleep.... I meant they bug me and they need stamping on... BUT I will adore them by Christmas... You don't need to go and tell the HT that I am damaging my children and they will know I hate them. Nor does it mean that I am in the wrong profession because I am clearly opening my children up to hatred (!!!) take your pyscho babble and stick it!!! My class adore me... ask the kids if you don't believe me you interfering cow!!!!!
    TEACHERS!! Whoopdedoop you mark during your breaks and dinners and keep up to date with everything- I eat during dinner and I have breathing space for my 15 minute break, normally most of which my kids are coming up with further questions and me talking to them in my own time- SandL box ticked if not the books. Your marking does not make you exceptional it just makes you seem like a robot- how do you go the full day without a drink???
    HT!!! You don't need to listen to interfering teachers especially when you know my kids are not being damaged because they are too busy LEARNING (you know the job you pay me to do). And no I don't want to analyse the SAT results as I am too busy motivating my kids throughout the day!
    CLEANERS!!! My room is a flipping mess because I am always in meetings and I need time to spend in my classroom I don't need ushering out at 5 each day... and extra 10 minutes would not kill you- especially when I am dusting sides (a job perhaps you should have done during the holidays at least).
    INSPECTORS!! We are 3 weeks in blinking hell give us chance!
    RANDOM OPEN DOOR OBSERVATIONS!! Yes my class turn around when you enter the room because you they know you should not be there! Yes they are on task and no what I am doing does not match my planning because I sprawled all over my planning and scrapped it. Ask to see my copy- I would love it if you could figure it out whilst I carry on doing my job (one I can do well thank you!)
    GOVERNORS!! Yes the school looks flat, we have been doing assessments for one of the 3 weeks in- how much work do you expect to be on the walls and mounted (!) already. When was the last time you worked in a school?? Let us teach for another week then have a rant.
    KIDS!! I am going to say instructions once and thats it!
    SMTS!! I am bored of policies please talk to me about something else, a day is long enough without a lecture at the end about a blinking document!
    JOB VACANCIES!! Yes I am going through fertility treatment but yes I would like further responsibilites- no there is no point going for it because all that is going through your mind is just thinking about me wanting a baby and going on maternity leave.
    Rant over... thank you... think I needed that
  12. Please pass the bottle in this direction....whose idea was it that tutors should just keep recruiting with no upper limit? (FE here).. consequently I am teaching groups of students without enough chairs and tables for them all to sit down on/at in the classrooms....as for the ICT teaching why is it not deemed necessary for each student to use a computer during the session? And as for the fact that as I stood at the whiteboard the rain dripped on my head through the hole in the roof...[​IMG]
  13. Apologies about my grammar there... clearly ranting makes my written English become shocking
    TEACHERS!!! *** I said I don't like my class.... I didn't say I wanted to go sneak into THEIR house and stab them in they sleep
  14. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I think you need my bottle of red more than me, It will probably help more than sympathy.
  15. HT!!! Why does the parent who happens to be a governor get brought straight to my room before school for "a quick word" without any warning when any other parent would have to wait to see if I'm available? And the quick word was more like 15 minutes, by the way!
    PARENTS!! It's been said before, but why do they think they know better than me which spelling group their children should be in? I'm not bothered who can learn a list of spellings by Friday, but would like to have better spelling across the curriculum.
    And it's chocolate for me!
  16. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

  17. Lardylegs - I love your reply - you are my kindred spirit, especially the cake comment and muddling up their names!!
  18. First off, lardylegs, I salute you! You've hit the nail on the head.
    *pours a large glass of white & begins her rant*
    Parent Governor - I do not tell you how to do your jo, so please don't patronise me and tell me I'm approaching the disciplining of your little angel wrongly. I have a class of children to teach, if your darling interrupts me and is rude, he *will* get told off, and eventually will be up in the HT's office. If he behaved better, he would get praised.
    HLTA - Yes, I do things differently to the other teacher in our phase. Doesn't mean what she does is better. WALTs, WILFs, WAGOLLs.... ***?!!?? Children do not achieve more simply because they write them in their books - it takes too long and for some of the darlings (see above!) it could well be all they manage to get done in a session of independent work.
    New Y3s - You are in KS2 now.You do not need to read your work to me at the end of the lesson, I can read it myself. Saying "I can't find my...." will result in me saying "I haven't got it" I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER! Go and find it yourself.
    Year 6s: Homework/reading books/PE kits are your responsibility - YOU need to have themin school, so don't blame mum/dad.
    Parents..... 1) I don't know where your precious darling's jumper is. I don't hide them, or take them home. I tell children to hang them up, and I tell you to make sure they're named. I'm a teacher, not a lost property officer. 2) I am sure your darling was upset by what someone else's angel said to them yesterday lunchtime - but if your darling doesn't tell me at the time, I can't solve the problem. And no, I don't want to spend all my breaktimes today trying to unpick the issue and interviewing witnesses/suspects. 3) I set homework because I'm told to. Spend 30 minutes on it - as I told you three weeks ago in our newsletter. Don't let it take 6 hours and spoil Granny's birthday meal. Teach your darling to manage his/her time - I agree dancing/rugby/Cubs are important, but you know when they happen. I don't get away with not plannign beacuse I was at the pub all weekend. 4) Yes, we do art. Yes, we use paint. Yes, children spill it. Make sure your darling has an art shirt, as you were told in our newsletter three weeks ago. And, yes, I do tell children to put their art shirts on.
    Headteacher: (where do I begin?) No, I don't want to use my PPA to teach someone else's class. I want to drink tea (and plan!) No, this new timetable isn't working. Teaching across 6 NC levels (W to 5!) is not easy and I do need support in the classroom to do it. I don't care that you did it before you were head, because I know you had an incompetent head who didn't monitor you in the way you monitor me. I do not want to sit around at a staff meeting when I'd normally be at home drinking wine. 7pm is not a reasonable finish time - some of us have people at home that we want to see. There are no new displays in my classroom because I have no TA support to create them.
    Everyone: Yes, I do want children, but no, I am not pregnant. I wish I was. I'm bl00dy miserable because I thought I would be by now, and that I'd be at home watching daytime TV and waiting for a new arrival.
  19. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    HT- When you side with a parent once it makes us wary. When you do it again and again we dont trust you and think you disloyal and yes that is a knife you can feel in your back, it matches the ones you stuck in ours.
    HT-No we wont stop whispering behind your back and come to you when we have an issue, because for all your open door, I can take critisism ballony, you really cant and just sulk/ pick on us for the rest of term.
    HT-People arent enthusiastic and are knackered, because you keep heaping on more pressure when your every sentence begins "When Ofsted comes this term..." and your constant monitoring and weekly feedback.
    HT-You really **** me off when you tell me that something isnt right, but then admit you dont know how I could improve it, because you only ever taught Y6.
    Visiting behaviour advisor- I really enjoyed and agreed with everything you said especially the bit about teachers needing to like kids, but that doesnt mean that when you overhear me saying that I am struggling to like a particularly nasty child in my class, that I hate all children and am some monster with 2 heads. No I am only human and like all humans there are some people I love and some that I loathe. However I am a proffessional and will always grit my teeth and treat them the same. Anyway I dont think 1 out of 30 is bad going.
    Large chocolate bar!
  20. U must work at my school. Our new deputy thinks she is God. I cannot bloody stand her. I dnt think anyone can. She takes credit for everything u do, while telling u that u did it/ are doin it wrong! Take a look at yourself!
    And yes i am pregnant, and its nice to think someone cares, however, u dnt, its fake! I can still do my job, and i can still plan, mark etc! Plz dnt belittle me.
    In fact - just sod off, no1 wants u here! U r makin the dopey HT look gud! And thats hard work!
    GRRR! Drinkin vimto, but goin 4 a curry! x

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