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The Foundation Stage (Reception) NQT club 2008!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by LucyD84, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I've just noticed that there is a Year 1 and a Year 2 thread/club/support group started....so i thought it would be good to have one for Reception NQTS too!

    I have just been offered a job teaching Reception in September (i qualified last year and have been doing supply for a year whilst trying to find a job!)

    I thought this would be a good place to start sharing our worries/concerns/ideas/questions etc!

    At the moment my biggest worry is tomorrow!...i have to go in and meet the parents of my class! eeek! (i haven't met the children yet!)

    Any other Reception NQTs out there? :)
  2. I've just noticed that there is a Year 1 and a Year 2 thread/club/support group started....so i thought it would be good to have one for Reception NQTS too!

    I have just been offered a job teaching Reception in September (i qualified last year and have been doing supply for a year whilst trying to find a job!)

    I thought this would be a good place to start sharing our worries/concerns/ideas/questions etc!

    At the moment my biggest worry is tomorrow!...i have to go in and meet the parents of my class! eeek! (i haven't met the children yet!)

    Any other Reception NQTs out there? :)
  3. Me!

    What a good idea...how fab to have a place dedicated to us reception newbies!

    I was teaching reception on my final placement but it must be sooo different to teaching them when they've just come up from nursery.

    Guess its all about setting up routines, making them feel happy, safe and settled as well as very short carpet teaching inputs initally...?!

    Best of luck for tomo!

    I haven't met my class or parents yet either but I'm sure parents just want to know their child's teacher is a kind, responsible and approachable person. :)

  4. Me too.

    Great idea.

    Met my parents yesterday, they all seem about 18 (i'm older!!!) so might get called nanan a few times.

    The kids were fine just played in the classroom, the parents were ok too mangaged to answer most of the questions was truthful and told them i was only just starting at the school so dinner money type questions that i couldn't answer i passed on to someone else!!! only one parent asked where i had worked before again i told her "i have done loads of supply but this was my first full time post" didn't actually mention the NQT bit!!!! let them work it out for themselves.

    Going in tomorrow to read a story with my class and make name tags for pegs and label books. Want to see what resources they have before start my planning too.
  5. Me too! have met my class and parents and it all went fine! I'm having a majoy frenzy of finding and downloading resources now lol as I have my topics for the year! Great idea to have this thread! :)
  6. Welcome to the club! :)

    I also seem to be having a resource finding frenzy at the moment! I haven't actually downloaded or printed anything yet...but i seem to keep finding myself trawling through ********** for hours at a time writing lists of what i must print and laminate!!

    I will be very relieved when my "meet the parents" is over! My main concern is that i look a lot younger than i actually am (i'm mid twenties but am always being told i look 18)..i bet they all think "she's not old enough to teach my child!"

    Thats a good reply about Supply Bernard..i think if they ask me where i have worked before i will just tell them that i've been practically everywhere on supply!

    What sort of questions did the parents ask you? Was it all things about lunch/uniform/what to do on the first day etc? or anything more in-depth/harder to answer!?
  7. And me!!!!

    Met half of my new class today, exciting stuff!

  8. Hi, me too! I met about half the parents and children for my Reception class today, all went OK. The current teacher did the talking in the meeting then I chatted with them afterwards 1:1. I don't have topics etc yet so havent really thought about resources. I plan to have a look at Letters and Sounds first as my placements were nursery and year 2, haven't done a lot of phonics. I am thinking lots of play and circle time type getting to know each other activities for the first few weeks.
  9. Hiya everyone! So pleased you set up this club!! I haven't and don't think i'll be meeting my new class until the start of autumn term but they coming in only for mornings or afternoons for the first 2 weeks, so will have more of a chance to get to know them all individually! Apparently they are an 'interesting' and 'confident' class though!! Ha! I've been so lucky today though and been given planning (which obviously I can adapt) and teacher gave me loads of other useful stuff too. So have a better idea of what to do with them in first few weeks now too - play, observe, assess and get to know! As far as ideas for planning and books go, I'm going to invest in all of 'The Little Book of...' books cos they are fantastic in my opinion. Does anybody know of any websites that are a good source of whiteboard resources? Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!! I'm soooo excited!!!
  10. Oo! Can I join too?

    Been into school lots the past two weeks. Had meeting with the parents and they're really not that scary, they really just wanted to put a name to a face and tell you everything and anything about their child whilst you stand there thinking do they really expect you to remember all of this? I too failed to mention that I'm an NQT but instead talked endlessly about all the 'experience' I have had.

    Bit worried that my school doesn't plan topics for the foundation stage, it is all truly child initiated so the first few weeks I think I'm going to really spend lots of time observing their play choices and their likes/dislikes to inform my planning. The other reception teacher is a NQT too so we're both in the same boat although I'm slightly fretting that there will be no experienced teacher to raid for ideas and advice but I'm sure thats where eveyone on here will come in useful! Have had 5 of my children in each morning this week and that has been great, some are so ready for school, others not quite so much!
  11. Hi everyone!

    Well i survived this afternoon...met the parents and children! Luckily it was quite informal..we all gathered in the hall and i just wandered around and chatted to parents individually and they introduced me to their child etc :) None of them really had any questions, they just wanted to put a face to the name and let their child meet me :)

    A couple of them directly asked if i was newly qualified..and a few others just asked where i had worked before- i just replied by saying i have been doing supply teaching for a year in various schools and am really looking forward to getting settled in once place!

    I only had one set of parents who seemed a bit "problematic"...complaining that their child cant start full time from day 1 (apparently they have already complained to the Head about this!) and a few other little awkward comments!

    Mickey: i like those "little book of..." books..but they're quite expensive i think to buy lots of them!

    As for whiteboard resources:

  12. Hi all,

    I too am a reception NQT. I am lucky, as I am covering maternity, I have been in my school since June - at least I have got to know all the staff, where everything is, routines etc. I graduated last year and have been doing supply for a year, until I got my job (finally) on April fools' day (thought they were joking at first - hehe).

    I haven't met my new children yet, we are having trnsition day on Friday morning, so that the children will know who their teacher is before the parents know, when reports go out!

    On tip I would have (from experience of writing them this term on very little evidence) is make sure that you note down what children are good at, what they enjoy etc, it will give you something to write about in their report to make it more personal - I stuggled when I had to do this as I had only been teaching the children for 2 weeks before reports had to be in!! I know we have to do observations, but make sure there is something in there that you can use for reports too!!!

    Our school has whole-school topics, which completely random and **** - I think that when the new HT comes in I may suggest that these topics are not suitable for these children. E.g. one of our topics is gold (term 2) - now I know this can be connected to xmas story, pirates, treasure. But I am very aware of making sure that in light of the new EYFS document that the planning is centred on their interests!!!

    What are everyones topics that they have been given? Also has anyone got any plans that I could look at as to what to do in the first couple of weeks when the children first start school?? The teacher I have taken over from has completely wiped her laptop, so I cant even look at that!

    Thanks MrsT
  13. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Yay - I want to join too :) Hello everyone!!!

    I've been an NQT in nursery since last October and as of September I'm starting at a different school in reception where I'll complete the final half term of my NQT year. Really looking forward to it, but wondering how different it will be from nursery. I'm going in next Fri morning (during my current ppa time) to meet the team and talk about what will happen in September. The school is 2 form entry and me and the other recpetion teacher will share one big room with a carpet area each. I've been told the planning is already in place but will just need to tweak it to suit the children or add any better ideas... sounds promising :) How many children does everybody have in their class? Mine is just 22 so far xx
  14. Mine is only 20! What a lovely sized class! Can't wait to go in during the holidays and make the classroom my own! My planning is already done too, just needs tweaking to suit the needs of the children.
  15. Me too. I'm taking my first post in September in Reception. My first topic is homes. I've been doing supply in the Reception class for the last term in my school which has helped as im probably not as nervous as i would have been. I am worried about September though as it'll be different starting from scratch.
  16. Hello everyone! Welcome to the club!

    I will only have 17 in my class! :)

    I still have no idea about planning/topics etc! I keep getting told i will be given all this info..but everyone still seems to busy with their current classes..i think i will have to wait till this school year has ended until they all get focused on september!
  17. I will have the full whack 30 in my class! Woohoo! Looking forward to it though. Just wondering about these year R words. Does anyone know what the deal is with them? Do they take them home and learn them a few at a time and then do like a spelling test type thing with them? Thats kind of what i saw on placement but just wondered if anyone knew how to introduce them at beginning of year?
  18. Hello nqt's !!!
    Im thinking of applying to do my teacher training, but im worried about it all !! its going to take me 4-5 years, as i have to start right at the bottom and get my maths, english and science(i think) and then do a degree and then go onto teacher training !
    Im 31 years old am i to old ? ! is it hard ? is their alot of planning to do ? how do you know what to teach the children etc...
    Sorry for waffling !
  19. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Hey cb76 - your age is not an issue at all, most of the people on my course were a lot older - there was even one woman in her late 50s who had been a house wife all her life! If its something you want to try, then I would say go for it. It is lots of hard work but you get there in the end. You'll get taught lots at uni but probably learn the most from being in the classroom observing. The planning seems tough at first but gets much easier once you know what you are doing.
    Do you have children of your own? xx
  20. rouseau22

    rouseau22 New commenter

    Im going to be a floating teacher from sept. then i get the january intake class! im excited to start!


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