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The fertility treatment thread

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by EBC, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Same here, Clomid had no side effects for me. Well, except the first month, where I was a bit teary and a little peed off - but nothing really.
    Let us know how your appointment goes.
    As for me, we have decided thatf IUI just doesn't have enough chance for us. I have been ringing around people who have been through treatment and all went straight to IVF. I think fear stopped me from agreeing to it first. So after careful consideratoion and chatting to these women, we have booked in to a new hospital and will go for IVF.
    I have a cyst that needs to disapper first, but after that...the journey begins!
  2. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    Hi - bit of a lurker here but feeling touched by the support you're all giving each other, so thought I'd join in! In my grand plan I would have been pregnant by April/June of 2008 and be preggers with my second by now!

    Well that didn't quite go to plan and here's a detailed story...

    Since having a coil fitted in 2004 I have had irregular, strange, PMT-savage periods. Had coil out in 2005, went back on the pill and the irregular periods stayed with me. Libido started shrinking as PMT went up! Was having 21 day periods and 7 day gaps while docs fussed around with various pills. Some worked better than others. Got tested for everything under the sun: PCOS, thyroid probs, etc... Was told to come off pill, get pregnant and it would sort itself!

    Well January 08 I got fed up and stopped taking the pill completely. Periods became 20 days, gaps 10 max. Was told to give my body (even more) time to settle. As if 4 years isn't enough!

    In the September I started recording temps and noticing no differences at all. Also recording EWCM and periods but still unsure of cycle length as periods still so irregular. Tried honey, acupuncture (both of us), Raspberry leaf tablets etc... but eventually got appts at the fertility clinic on referral - about April of 2009 it was.

    Hubby had 2 sperm tests and came back at 3% and 6% morphology, but good mobility and numbers. Consultant, after a few bloody tests and OPKs said I don't ovulate. So that's a double whammy. Then had, in Sept, a HSG dye thing, which bloomin hurt and they suspected one tube might be blocked, but needed the consultant to have a look. Because I have these long periods (down to about 11 days on, 15 days off) they said that could affect the test. Met with the consultant who explained that IVF is our only route, with ICSI and we filled in the forms to apply for funding. Doesn't look like they'll even bother with Clomid as it's male fertility issue also, but they'll probably find some way to postpone it longer. I don't see the point in the clomid in our case really.

    SO, on the 22nd January (Blimey everything takes so long!!) 2010 I am going in for a Laparoscopy thing which I am dreading. General anaesthetic - aghhhh!

    That's us then - I'm 29, hubby is 34, been trying 2 years with male and female issues. JOY!

    Mantra.... Must stay positive when all those around you are getting pregnant... One friend took 3 weeks to get pregnant after making the decision, another has just announced she's pregnant and she's got a 5 month old, other friend has had 2 kids in the last 2 years, plus my arch enemy now has a baby since trying the "we'll come off the pill and see what happen method"!!!

    Sorry to go on....
  3. That is reaaaaallly frustrating isn't it. Hopefully it wil be you in the near future. x
  4. Hiya. I took six rounds of clomid before conceiving. I was diagnosed with PCOS, has HSG to 'clear' my tubes (nice) and didn't ovulate. I also took metformin. I felt very tearful and low whilst taking clomid, so I started taking them at night before going to bed in the hope that the worst of the side effects would be during sleep. This seemed to work. It's hard to know if it's the drugs or just your state of mind!?
    I really feel for everyone on this thread. From experience, you feel like it will never be you and it's so unfair that others (least deserving nearly always;)) seem to get pg at the drop of a hat.
    I had a total meltdown one night after a friend, who knew I had been trying unsucessfully for three years, invited me over and announced she was pg in the least sensitive way...she basically shouted it in my face (or it felt like that anyway). That night I went home and sobbed hysterically for hours. My poor hubby could so nothing to console me. I fell asleep crying.
    It turns out I was pregnant then, and we now have a beautiful four month old daughter.
    These stories always made me feel happy/sad. Happy that it can happen, sad not yet for me...but I hope it gives you some hope xxx

  5. Hi there,
    It's good to see this thread Think I'm the lame duck and the old lady here though. DH (42) and I (nearly 41) have been ttc for 7 years and have had 6 natural pregnancies, all ending in early miscarriage. We've also had trouble getting pregnant - in the early days, I was getting pregnant once a year, then three in quick succession and now it's been about 3 years since I had a pregnancy. I have PCOS and a clotting condition, DH's swimmers are variable, but mostly OK. We've had six rounds of clomid, one round of IVF, one ICSI with immune treatment, a round of IUI and are going to be moving on to donor eggs after the February break. I've got a couple of friends (and my own sister) who were successful with clomid - it definitely seems to work for some people. I felt OK on it mostly - over-responded on every occasion and was told not to ttc (ha - like that stopped me) but it didn't work (I wonder if the over-response made the egg-quality less good. On one occasion, I had a lot of pain after ov and they scanned me - lots of fluid round the ovaries - went away within a day or so.
    Good luck to everyone!
  6. ((((((Hennups)))))) sounds like you've been through the mill. I really hope this is your year xx
    Emla, congratulations on the birth of your little girl. That's fab but I have to say your friend sounds like a right insensitive cow! xx
  7. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Welcome to all and thank you for sharing your stories. Its nice to hear others are going through/have been through the same situation.
    Appointment tomorrow so will let you know how we go.
    ebc x
  8. Hope you're appt was good? x
  9. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Thanks for the info on Clomid [​IMG]

  10. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Exactly- that's so true!
  11. Hope things are ok ,EBC? xx
  12. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Sorry for the delay, not on purpose.
    We had our appoint yesterday, all well I guess. Consultant seemed really nice, clinical and to the point. She drew diagrams of my cervix and womb and clearly explained hoow IVF works.
    She went through all our test results and all were fine, both sides. So the next step is that I call them to book another scan and bloods on CD 1-4. These will check how my ovaries are working, and the scan is called HyCoSy.
    If all is good and as expected then we go back day 7-13 for yet another scan and sort out what drugs will be best for me, and begin taking them. So nothing to say until CD1 again.
    How are you all doing?
  13. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Glad to hear the consultant was helpful EBC. I'm having a HyCoSy soon too- beginning of Feb so I'll let you know how it goes x
  14. Glad to hear that all went well EBC and good luck. Are you on a waiting list for IVF?
    Well, Clomid didn't work for me this month...so fingers crossed for next. It is tough when so many friends / family seem to get pregnant at the drop of a hat. I tell myself that I'll doubly appreciate every moment of being a Mum, if I'm lucky enough.
    Take care all!
  15. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Kittens: it sounds will be doing the scan at the same time. Where are you having it done? I'm in London.
    Clueless - yes we are on the waiting list for IVF for Oct 2010. We are considering paying for it ourselves, that was what the last appointments were about. No waiting list, just next cycle. Was all for it- till they gave us a rough price all in all. Decisions Decisions.
  16. impis

    impis New commenter

    Sympathies, Ladies - I feel your pain!
    30 years ago I was in the same situation. Mr Imp was firing blanks, and I was undergoing investigation too.
    When in hospital, I met a woman with 10 kids. We got chatting. She said that she'd had problems concieving to begin with too. I asked her how she't turned things around.
    "Simple," she said,"I changed the stud.
    I chose to keep my stud and we went on to adopt a gorgous 3 month baby girl. 5 years later we had a bit of help from the hospital fertility clinic, and were able to concieve almost naturally.
    One of my colleagues is part way through her second attempt at IVF and I so hope it will work for her this time. She'll make a great mom.
    Chin up, Ladies - you'll get there, one way or another, I'm sure! Just don't lose heart!

  17. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Thanks impis for the reply. xx
  18. Hello! I've come to join your thread! I'm 37 - nearly 38. Just failed my first cycle of IVF - am entitled to two more cycles on the NHS. Just found out that I may have to wait 6 months before my next cycle. Also heartbreaking was that they used 2 'a' grade embryos - why didn't they work?? The infertility is because of me - mix of low progesterone, low ovarian reserve and blocked tubes. The blocked tubes is upsetting because the main cause of this is through having an STD - I can't think of ANY situation where this may have occured and had to have all the tests which were negative. My partner and I were planning to get married - but I've decided to put this on hold. I feel guilty because he is fully able to have children and I may take away his opportunity to have his own biological children - he is four years younger than me. Has been good to return to school this term and not think about it all too much!
  19. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Oh skippy, I feel your pain. It is soooooooo hard this journey were on.
    I was told you have to wait at least 3 months before next try. At least you have two more free attempts. Our NHS said only 1. Where are you in uk???
    Please keep strong. I wont say don't think about it, because thats all I do.I think your story is what worries me. What if it doesnt work? We have decided to go privately for our first attempt, so as a plan b, we have the one go on the NHS.
    Keep us posted, were here for you to let off steam, or cry, or moan and eventaully share some happy news.
  20. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Please don't feel guilty, skippy. You can't help your illness. You're not taking away his opportunity - he has chosen to be with you. My OH and I were long married by the time we started trying - we don't know why we haven't succeeded but if I don't want children without him and he doesn't want them without me.
    Good luck to everyone.

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