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The Failure of Selling Resources.

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by Room_101, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. mathsmutt

    mathsmutt Star commenter

    It's also sad that many people here appear to be selling products made for free using the superb Math Resource Studio software from School House Technologies - a publishing licence is required to sell these.
    (I bought mine a few years ago, prior to using TES as an outlet.)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
  2. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @mathsmutt,

    Thank you for your feedback. Please can you contact the Customer Services Team about the resources if you believe that there is an issue with copyright infringement. We rely on our members to let us know if there is an issue with certain content. Please can you email help@tes.com. Thank you.
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  3. Compucademy

    Compucademy New commenter

    Not everyone who makes resources has the security of a job, and schools often pay for textbooks. So, expecting to be paid for our expertise and effort seems entirely reasonable to me.
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  4. wordsmithDFA

    wordsmithDFA New commenter

    I'm quite new here so I don't have very much to say. Other than, if teaching resources should all be free - then download my free ones and see how much effort goes in. Then imagine that effort x50...that's how much goes into ones I 'dare' to sell to people who buy my 20 resource bundles...

    I like the analogies used above. If everyone could sing like Adele she wouldn't be a millionaire. If everyone was brilliant at making resources then I'm sure they would all be free...
  5. bekastks

    bekastks New commenter

    Looks like a lot has already been added here. But I would just like to say the comment about paid resources not selling is just not true. I have noticed that my free resources get downloaded so much! I do try to have a good amount of free resources because that does seem like the thing to do on TES. Are my free resources AS GOOD as my paid? Some of my free resources are just as good so you get an idea of what else you could buy, but some are good, but not as great as my paid. I put days and days of work into my paid resources. They take a good long time to create. Why should I give away work that has taken me so long? And I have sold paid resources. It took me about a year to begin selling paid resources, but I have begun to update my resources to reflect the market on this site; they HAVE started selling! I only have about 50 resources uploaded too, and part of those are free. It's not accurate to say the resources won't sell because they are paid. I know some authors do very well on TES. Personally, I don't think I'll be making bank here; I do better on other sites. But like I said, I am selling resources and know some who are doing very well!

    I agree with the point that teachers should be paid more... It seems like this is an issue everywhere. However, teachers should be able to sell resources whether or not they are paid well. Professors sell their books that they have published. When I worked at a child care center, all material had to be bought by the center owner. I'd bring in my own materials to supplement if I wished. Were furniture, toys, learning materials etc. ordered by the owner from Lakeshore Learning or wherever donated? Of course not. We had to be first aid and CPR certified.... Did the trainers provide first aid and CPR training for free? No, the owner had to pay for this as well. Professional development courses had to be paid for. These things weren't coming out of the teacher's pockets; they were coming out of someone's pockets though. They weren't free services. When I opened my own home child care, I had to pay for everything for the children; a good portion my income went back into supplies for children.

    Also as mentioned, no one is forcing teachers to use their money to pay for resources. They can CHOOSE to pay; they can CHOOSE to download free; they can CHOOSE to create their own resources. The beauty of paid or even free resources is that it saves teachers so much work. The days or weeks that I spend creating resources will not be spent by these teachers. And they will be saving even much more time with paid resources because they will more likely include more than the free resources.

    Sharing is caring, and I don't mind sharing some resources. I won't feel bad about charging a small amount on some things for my hard work though. I won't share for free something that took me so long to create. It is everyone's choice whether or not to buy. Nothing is forced.

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