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The Failure of Selling Resources.

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by Room_101, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Room_101

    Room_101 New commenter

    All I see is that resources that people put a price tag on don't get bought and therefore don't get used.

    I notice that - desperate to force people to buy resources (?) - it's no longer possible to do a search for only the free ones.

    The result is simply that good resources don't circulate and ideas get locked up into an unused vault, locked in by the fallacy that you're going to get money someday. A few questions for you all - especially those who have rushed to put a price tag on their wares:

    How are pupils benefitting from this?
    It seems another fallacy of the idea that you can monetarise everything. Maybe somethings need to remain "free"?
    We were given so many resources in our training and all along the way - is it justified to turn around and say "OK, thanks, from here on in I want money for what I've freely received"?

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  2. Urbanfaerie

    Urbanfaerie Occasional commenter

    I agree
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  3. sabyrne

    sabyrne New commenter

    It is possible to search for free resources by selecting Sort and lowest price. It is not possible to know if other authors' resources are selling. Reviews are mainly given for Free resources not paid ones. The review criteria appear to be different for paid and free resources. You are free to make a choice whether you pay for resources. I suspect that in general more time and effort go into designing paid for resources.
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  4. sabyrne

    sabyrne New commenter

    How many resources have you shared? The resource that was stolen of mine was originally free on TES and was downloaded thousands of times, but I object to someone else now selling it.
  5. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    I think part of the problem is that the TES Resources started as a free service with no real quality control. There were a few occasions when I searched for resources but seldom found anything worth using. If you're going to introduce charging for something that used to be free, the product has to first demonstrate its quality. I'm sure that the paid resources are all of high quality but it would have been better, I think, had that been demonstrated first when they were still free.

    This is, of course, the optinion of someone who has not uploaded resources, free or otherwise, here.
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  6. blowswind

    blowswind Occasional commenter

    Hi Alex. Did you enjoy Return of the King? Did you pay to watch it or should that also be free?

    When you received resources during your training did you believe those were created freely and given to you as an act of charity? Or were they created by somebody as part of their paid employment and given to you as a fee paying student?

    How much of the stuff in your classroom is free? Are you free, do you educate children without taking payment for your time?
  7. studeapps

    studeapps New commenter

    Ok, I'll bite.
    Do you have any evidence for - "All I see is that resources that people put a price tag on don't get bought and therefore don't get used."?
    "How are pupils benefitting (sic) from this?" - Quality resources that people spend time on, and wouldn't be created otherwise.
  8. mrajlong

    mrajlong Senior commenter

    I can assure you I am not failing in selling resources, though obviously not to the op. I assume you have also written to ******, URBrainy, Teachit etc to suggest they give everything away for free, or even perhaps a children's author. I sacrifice all of my spare time to author what I beilieve are quality resources at a fraction of the price of say Rising Stars and if they can then save another teacher's time for the sake of a few quid then even better. Getting used to the occasional person whinging about this and I will refrain from getting as angry as I usually do. What planet do people live on where a persons hard graft and sacrifice is there to be taken for free. Maybe suggest to a cabbie they give you a free ride cos your house is on the way they're going. Please, try this! WE ARE AUTHORS AND THIS IS OUR PLATFORM. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Just like every other free market on this planet - this is your right. I will look forward to perousing all of the free resources you put on TES in the future...
  9. mrajlong

    mrajlong Senior commenter

    T win kl
  10. MissHallEnglish

    MissHallEnglish Occasional commenter Forum guide and community helper

    It's your choice to download for free (which you can still do by sorting for the 'lowest' priced items in the search bar) or have a dabble in premium resources. No one is forcing you to do either.

    I would say that generally, people are not failing. I understand the resistance to buying resources when largely the TES has been know for free sharing. However, I don't hold it against anyone who would like to earn a little bit extra for the hours and creativity that goes into creating quality resources. As professionals, we all know time is precious and that sometimes time can be hard to find, downloading resources (free or premium) can be a life-saver.

    The resources I have as premium resources turn over a couple of pounds each day - I'm not making millions, nor do I think I will.
    My free resources still get regular downloads and great feedback.
    I'm sharing the resources that I'VE created - some are better than others and the ones that I don't feel need a lot of tweaking - 'pick up and teach' resources, I sell for £2. And yes, before anyone asks, I have a business account and all the relevant tax documentation.

    I've recently downloaded some premium resources which I've used and enjoyed teaching with. Likewise, some of the free resources I've downloaded over the years, have been invaluable. Just like all the text books I've bought out of my own money, when teaching certain texts... ;)
  11. blowswind

    blowswind Occasional commenter

    Interesting that the previous post by the same person on the same topic was also supported by the same poster.

    Also interesting to note in the supplied screenshot that the poster appears to be a self employed tutor.

    Is the real frustration that premium resources are eating into the tutoring profits? Or have you attempted to sell resources yourself and failed? Either would better explain your anger than the "How are pupils benefitting from this?" line... but while we're on that... tell us how the pupils benefit from your freeloading when you're busy profiting by selling your services to their parents...
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  12. richardtock

    richardtock New commenter

    I'll attempt to directly answer some of the questions you have.

    1) I think the premium resources sell for more then you think. Also: most people have both premium and free concurrently. I know I do. I will add a resource for free if I think it's a fun game (like my Pointless which has seen 20,000+ downloads or useful). I add stuff for money, similar to cate above, that's more 'pick up and teach'. I've put a lot of time into these resources, making sure they're the best they can possibly be and if you want to save yourself some time and use my stuff, you are welcome to do so.
    I mainly use the money to do things like buy glue sticks for my class and other stuff I need for teaching.

    2) How does it help students?
    Quite significantly.
    I actually think the age of TES has been a mixed blessing for teaching. Teachers, especially trainee teachers, have been brought up with unlimited free resources. I was. I used to be massively guilty of picking up resources because they were free and available, rather than thinking about the learning journey my pupils would go on from scratch. Why think about all this when there's a full PowerPoint you can pick up for free and not worry? Who cares if doesn't exactly fit the learning you want to provide?
    My practice now starts with most lessons planned from scratch. It's made a massive impact on my teaching. This takes masses of time. I work most evenings and weekends on the resources I make, being able to get a small amount of compensation for that makes me put more work in. Makes me less likely to slip into lazy habits. It also now makes me share stuff. You only have to look at my output over the last year compared to the previous 4 to see this.

    I appreciate premium rubs people up the wrong way, but I believe my resources to be at least as good as a textbook, or most professionally produced materials.
    Once I have completed more, I will be looking to package them for schools, like lots of companies do. But until then TES premium is a nice middle ground for me.
  13. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    I completely agree with this sentiment in that it has improved my teaching so much with the work and effort I now put in to my own resources instead of looking for free ones.

    There are lots of people moaning about premium resources who need to remember:
    1) They don't have to buy them
    2) It's exactly the same as buying in to other things - Other websites charge to get their resources, companies charge for their textbooks and authors charge for their books whether these be stories or CPD style books. These are all made by teachers for teachers in the exact same way resources on TES are. Why should we not be paid for our hard work?
  14. TheGingerTeacher

    TheGingerTeacher Established commenter Forum guide and community helper

    Oh... The resources aren't selling? Hmm.... No one told me...... I better let my customers know....

    This moaning is getting so old. I used to try and respond to these kind of threads with all the valid points and logical explanations. But some people will not change their minds and want to complain. The internet is nothing else, if not a place for people to whine that the world isn't the way they want it to be.

    Right better go tell my accountant he's fired...
  15. Owen134866

    Owen134866 New commenter

    I have no problems with other people selling their own work, but it would be nice to at least have the option to filter out paid resources. The current way of searching by 'lowest price' isn't very effective, as I would prefer to search for free resources that are also highly rated. As both of these are in the same 'drop-down' menu, they can't be combined.
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  16. Urbanfaerie

    Urbanfaerie Occasional commenter

    Erm, not really sure what your point is? I also object to someone selling your resources.
    My personal view is that teaching resources should be free. Teachers should be paid enough that they don't need to charge for resources.
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  17. studeapps

    studeapps New commenter

    1. Is there any evidence for - "All I see is that resources that people put a price tag on don't get bought and therefore don't get used."?

    This should be forwarded to Tes, not posted on an Author's group. Tes are in charge of how their platform works, and I am sure they would be interested in your feedback. As an Author this is not relevant to me, so is not in the right group.
    Your personal view is that teaching resources should be free. That is your prerogative, however I do not hold this belief. I also believe that teachers should be paid for teaching rather than doing it as voluntary service. Teachers should be free to be paid for their job and any other paid work in their free time is their right. This is my personal view. However, this is an Authors' group and I think to encourage teachers to give free resources would be a good thing - but needs suggestions. How would you encourage me to give more free resources than I do?
    I've developed several free Apps (for instance to monitor the noise in a classroom). In some cases schools stop the adverts displaying without using inApp purchases, meaning I am not paid anything for my work. Can anyone justify the actions of schools where it prevents me earning a living on the App store? It should be noted that this App is free of charge, I earn a very small amount from displayed adverts or where people pay to remove them. I'm concerned that if teachers believe that teaching resources should be free we will remove incentives for people to push technology in education forwards - I can't afford to develop Apps for no remuneration. If anyone can answer please do as I would be interested in your answer.

    I think this thread should be moved to a more appropriate forum. As it does not really belong in an Authors' group
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  18. blowswind

    blowswind Occasional commenter

    Have you run that proposal past Pearson? Scholastic?

    What else should be free? TAs should volunteer their time? Not you of course, no you should be paid (where do your wages come from by the way?)

    It's not enough for you that TES already cover the costs of hosting thousands of free resources. It's not enough that you have a choice about which of the thousands of free (and paid) resources you may use to save your time. No, everything you desire should be free to you.

    Your attitude is reflective of the times. A time of entitlement and one-way "sharing". Yet somehow this attitude claims a mantle of righteousness. Bizarre.
  19. sabyrne

    sabyrne New commenter

    I am a retired teacher.
  20. Urbanfaerie

    Urbanfaerie Occasional commenter

    No I haven't because I've never met any of them or been in a conversation with them. If I did then I would.

    Anything required to do ones job. For example, teachers should not have to use their own money to buy marking pens, physical resources for classes etc.
    Of course not.

    Of course I should be paid. Are you suggesting I shouldn't? And my employers pay my wage.

    I think that I should be able to do my job without it costing me.

    Not at all what I said.

    Not one way at all. I share with my colleagues on a regular basis (and with any other teacher who needs something that I can provide). What exactly is my 'attitude'?

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